The useless "indie" title


Mar 27 2012, 6h12

Over the past 5 or 6 years, I learned an incredibly unexplainable amount about music, aesthetic, songwriting, etc. One of the major lessons I learned was about how the title/genre/label "indie" literally means nothing when it comes to describing anything about the music (most of which, admittedly, sounds the same-as John Lennon would have said, at first about Paul's music from the White Album on, "granny music"). People who describe themselves as "indie kids" are usually hipsters (considering that the whole ideal of being indie is completely akin to that of being a hipster-"i listened to this before it was cool, they suck now anyways"), and don't really actually care about what they actually like when it comes to music-only what's cool, underground, hip-INDIE to like.

The blues, soul, rock, metal, grindcore, crust, psychedlia, folk (in the sense of Dylan's early or country stuff, or Woody, Seeger, or anything that is reminiscent of the Anthology of American Folk Music), country (especially outlaw country), doom, etc. - all these genres encompass an aesthetic that can be fully explained, and encompassed in that explanation somewhat, but more so in the music. "Indie" music does none of these things-a lot of it sounds the same in that it is "poppy," rarely creative or inventive, and essentially boring, and, at least to my ears, not exciting. The label itself was used as a minor descriptor, at least as far as I've come to see, in the '80's and early to mid '90's, about music that came out on independent labels including, but not limited to Touch And Go, [MERGE, Matador, XL Recordings,Rough Trade, Dischord, and could be stretched to include Neurot Recordings, Young God, Hydra Head and AmRep if "indie rockers" wanted to be known as listening to bands like Pelican, the Melvins, Wooden Wand, Fugazi, Neurosis, Killdozer, etc.

This is a rant I've been meaning to get off my chest for a while now, more out of annoyance at the fact that the "indie" title/genre has become so incessantly popular and stupidly, disgustingly used to describe so many kinds of music. As many musicians, bands and songwriters attempt to be original and creative, indie rockers/poppers/idiots will keep popping up all over the place, and rarely sticking around for a long time.


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