Gigs with Mick Moss, Duncan Patterson and Lisa Cuthbert (a retrospect)


Mai 10 2010, 10h26

Hey guys,

we're just back from the Finnish mini-tour with Mick Moss, Duncan Patterson and Lisa Cuthbert. It was a great trip for us both as a band and as people. Special thanks go to Mick, Duncan and Lisa for having us to share the stage with them and being nice and supportive to us the whole time. Cheers guys!

The whole experience turned out to be a really good one, so we'll definitely return to the stage sometime soon. Hopefully early next year, as soon as some nice opportunity raises its head. It might be Finland, it might be Europe. Hopefully it'll be both.

So thanks again to all the people who came to see us and Mick/Duncan/Lisa in Helsinki, Tampere and/or Turku.

Antti / Subaudition


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