Part 7


Jul 29 2009, 21h21

Damn, it's already been 8 days since I started writing this. Last two weeks I've been mostly listening to free jazz and krautrock so my posts reflect this.

Zabba Lindner & Carsten Bohn is a collaboration of two German drummers. Their only album really is a firework of percussion. Five songs of mostly tribal and military drumming played on various percussive instruments. The only non-drumming parts are a piano intro on track 4 and piano outro on track 5. Vollbedienung of percussion is a very good album for lovers of seventies music.

Kluster was a German trio playing experimental electronic music. Their music is a combination of dark ambient, industrial and avantgarde. As far as I've been able to find out, Kluster was among the first bands (if not the first) to play industrial and dark ambient music (since they were founded in 1969 and started recording music the same year). Their albums are difficult for listetning since songs are often minimal, atonal, bleak and improvised on guitars, drums and various sound processing devices. If this sounds like your cup of tea, get Kluster.


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