• Something great

    Fev 28 2009, 19h42

    Fri 27 Feb – Kaidi Tatham

    The show was just great, though typical with all performers, it started 30 min later it felt like they made up for it and more.

    You could see Kaidi was really enjoying it, looking surprised at some moments by his band members individual plays.

    in 2007 I asked him on Myspace when we could expect him in Amsterdam. He replied Soon Come. Well finally Soon had Come. And I was not disappointed.

    Now I can scrap him of my list of Bugz crew 'to see'. Two down and the rest will follow.

    BTW that drummer was crazy good.
  • New PPP not so Promising

    Set 30 2008, 23h57

    Tue 30 Sep – Platinum Pied Pipers

    So I went to the Platinum Pied Pipers concert in Paradiso, Amsterdam and must say I was a bit disappointed. They were working the Sa-Ra angle with the sound and I simply didn't feel it.
    Sa-Ra is a group you feel or don't feel simple as that. PPP (2005) was a group that if you could not feel it you still liked it, this time it wasn't the case.
    Maybe I just missed Tiombe Lockheart (excuse me if I wrote your name wrong) I don't know. The singers didn't get the crowd in my opinion. Saadiq was more on the background vocals then when I saw their performance in 2005.
    I won't say it was bad, but I expected something better and further advanced then what I got in 2005 not more but definetely not (this) different.
    Maybe this explains why I didn't like most of tracks after 2005 including some remixes.

    Sigh, I think I lost another great group if there whole album is like this. there where 3 songs I liked out of all of them (about 9-10)2 of them were 'oldies'.

    I won't give up on them (yet)
  • How live went

    Ago 12 2008, 17h14

    Sat 9 Aug – Bacardi B-Live Mr. Wix Edition

    I got in a bit later (around 1.15) but Daniel Haaksman was slamming record after record. Just crazy. Only the top room was hot as hell. I think I lost a few pounds due to sweating like a mad man. He crowd disappeared a bit after MC Gringo started performing. This live performance was just weak, my friends and I decided to leave the room because of that.
    The main room had a performance by De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig which I just missed. They had a band in there. Grrr. After that Mr. Wix would spin but because I have seen him spin often I decided to skip it. Not only because of that but the main room was just too packed. I would have hardly been able to dance.

    After Mr. Wix Le Le performed, I only saw the last few songs. And this was my first them seeing him/them. I didn't like it. I simply didn't like it. It almost killed the mood for me. Because I was waiting for Scottie B. Finally he came on and it looked promising but after I lost the connection with the music, and the room as getting emptier by the minute. With about 45 left we decided to head upstairs and dance with Beesmunt Soundsystem and they were rocking, it was a good finish to the night that started of great had a dip but came back due to the Soundsystem.
  • Back up running again

    Dez 5 2007, 8h25

    Since ther was an issue with Winamp 5.5 and the scrobbler I couldn't make my charts. But I'm back now baby.
  • It was sweet

    Jul 21 2007, 12h43

    Fri 20 Jul – Via Brazil

    I liked it, in the beginning there were allot of guys but later that got balanced. Lilian Vieira couldn't make it cause she was sick so it was only dj's. For about 80% of the songs were from Brazil or inspired by.
    It wasn't a real brazillian party even tough there were some Brazilians there. But it was stil great. And sugar factory always has enough girls to dance with.
  • Some footage I took

    Jul 3 2007, 16h12

  • Some footage I took

    Jul 1 2007, 15h50

  • DETOX IS ON!!!!

    Dez 11 2006, 15h12

    Dre announced detox is coming to us september 2007!!!!

    Dr. Dre
  • Spinning in Amsterdam

    Dez 10 2006, 12h32

    Oh, he was doing his thing on saterday in Sugarfactory in Amsterdam, I missed him and the crew (bugz in the attic) when they were in town due to personal reason, but I wasen't planning on letting him slip this time, the crowd got going late but nevermind them, I was going crazy. I hope he comes back soon and them I'm bringing the crowd who knows him and will freak on everything he plays.