• Set List

    Dez 13 2008, 18h39

    Fri 12 Dec – Neil Young, Wilco, Everest

    1.)Love and Only Love
    2.)Hey, Hey, My, My (into the black)
    3.)Everybody knows this is Nowhere
    5.)Spirit Road
    6.)Cortez the Killer
    7.)Cinnamon Girl
    8.)Oh, Lonesome Me
    9.)Mother Earth (Natural anthem)
    10.) The Needle and the Damage Done
    11.) Light a Candle
    12.) Unknown Legend
    13.) Heart Of Gold
    14.) Old Man
    15.) Get Back to the country
    16.) Just Singing a Song (Won’t Change the World)
    17.) Sea Change
    18.) When Worlds Collide
    19.) Cowgirl in the sand
    20.) Rockin’ In the Free World

    1.) A Day in the Life
  • Long ass post not meant for reading

    Nov 23 2007, 20h24

    Sean inspired me to make a list of my top albums. This isn't a top albums of all time per say, because that concept of “all time” makes me think of death and freaks me out.

    Rather, this list just reflects the albums that have had the most impact on my life at a given moment. They're in no particular order, and each has a memory attached for your enjoyment.

    Of course, from the very start, I have to separate the band that has had THE most influence on my life thus far, and probably forever. There are certain bands that just click with you. They make you see life in a special sort of way; in a way that you rarely see and only lasts for a short period of time. A lot of people don't get this band, and a lot of people do. The point is, they may not even be that spectacular as a band, and yes there are better bands out there, but Wilco unlocked something inside of me from the very start. So in their honor, they get a separate little place here.

    Yankee Hotel Foxtrot


    Being There

    A Ghost is Born

    The Appleseed Cast- Low Level Owl 1&2

    In the Doylestown bookshop, this new and beautiful music found its way into my ears. While looking at some books on Eastern Religion, Paul informed me that this was indeed “The Appleseed Cast” and that he had their Low Level Owl Albums but they were lost somewhere. I ordered both on amazon and listened for the next six months on a regular basis. “On Reflection” was and still is, my motherfucking anthem. Every droll rum can be played on my dashboard with optimal precision.

    “Blind Man’s Arrow” was supposed to be used in a movie I was writing and I still think of the scene every time I hear it: A beaten and battered ALEXANDER PALFY emerges from his trailer park to a honey brown skyline, cue opening credits.

    “View of a Burning City” will be playing loudly when the world ends.


    A cold, icy trip to Barnes and Noble. Their was a small amount of buzz around this new Canadian band who made an album amidst death and winter in Montreal. Sounded fascinating. An overweight B&N specialist lead me to the “A’s” in the rock section, and no Arcade Fire was found. After searching frantically through ALL the letters, there it was- a slim little paper case tucked away in the “G’s.” I remember listening to this album so much, I even brought it in the bathroom with me. In fact, I specifically remember taking a poo and listening to ‘Crown of Love’ when it dawned on me that this was something remarkable (the album, not my poo).

    The Beatles

    A long car ride to a funeral for a co-worker’s wife made for my first listening experience of the white album. I couldn’t help humming “I’m so Tired” and “Happiness is a Warm Gun” at the ceremony. How could I sing Catholic Hymns like “Ave Maria” and “Lonely Shepherd” when “Mother Nature’s Son” seemed so much more appropriate? You heard it hear, “Long,Long,Long” is playing at my funeral.


    I always felt like the coolest motherfucker on the planet when I listened to this one. I’d push my black Jetta to the max, blast “Sissyneck,” and expect everybody to give a shit.

    As a few of you know, I was buried alive to the tune of “Ramshackle” and emerged from the ashes with “Jack-Ass” in the limelight.


    Starting smoking Parliament Lights, quit smoking Parliament Lights, started smoking Camel Lights, fell in love, didn’t work out, quit my job at Target, and found Jesus.
    “Dear Chicago,” and “Hallelujah” helped so, so much.

    Keep It Together

    My warm little break-up album. The fall air had a smell that will never be recreated. Along open expanses of air and sky, I sang “In your red balloon you were a super high tech jet fighter, floating over planet earth, come back down here I’ll show you where it hurts.” I sang that shit like I wrote it. “Jesus on the Radio” spawned an eternal love for banjo.

    Summer Sun

    If you ever have the opportunity to drive to Tampa Bay with your parents during the Christmas season, please take the opportunity to listen to Summer Sun the ENTIRE time. This is still the very best Yo La Tengo album, without question. Palm trees dressed in big tacky bulbs, a choppy Gulf of Mexico, and stolen Paul Mall cigarettes to the tune of “Beach Party Tonight.” Go listen and imagine.

    On the Beach

    “She sat for some time, fixed and still, legs folded, hands cupped- a Bloomingdale Buddah on a Wednesday afternoon. A cold wind blows while she rolls her eyes and attaches her rhinestone flecked denim jacket. I stare at her, trying to make eye contact as if a recpriocated stare would fill the space between us. She glances over with thin razors for eyes and I know in her head she’s telling me to “fuck off.” So I do, and turn my attention to an old Neil Young song and a book of poems.” That about sums it up for this one.

    Dark Side of the Moon

    I was in third grade doing homework, reading something about Native Americans, Ancient Egypt, or some other worthless historical tidbit. Dark Side of the Moon kept me company on my giant RCA portable CD player. I still remember my imagination running wild as I fell asleep to “Brain Damage.”

    Later on in life, around the time I was 16, 18, and actually pretty recently, I would have the stereotypical smoke sessions to Dark Side of the Moon. A few times we’d get so stoned, that we would throw my friend Josh’s personal belongings out his third story window and watch them smash on the concrete below. A dozen eggs and potted plants meeting the pavement to “Eclipse” is something to behold.


    Another CD to smoke to. Most of the time, we couldn’t even feel our faces. Josh always knew all the words, and I would just giggle in a corner with the strobe light near my face. We always played it straight through in order, so there are certain milestones we’d reach. For example, by the time “Kim //& cookie (Interlude)” played, we’d be deep into some philosophical conversation that we’d forget we were even listening to Outkast. All of a sudden these black bitches are talking shit in our living room and we’re all freaked out.

    I’m almost positive I lost my virginity to “Humble Mumble.”


    The climatic White Stripes album. An album that went perfectly with unabashed, uncaring, vainglorious youth. One time I was playing “Ball & Biscuit” at ungodly levels through town and some skinny bearded bald man gave me a strange look. It was right around the killer guitar solo about 5 mins in, and I remember wanting to point at him and yell, “this is me being young, motherfucker! Go back to your J. Crew cave.” I just beeped at him instead, but he got the message.

    I always got air on the bumps of Old New Road while listening to “Girl You Have No Faith in Medicine.”


    The three-year bedtime album. I never identified with a song I had so little to identify with as I did (and do) in “Jacksonville Skyline.”

    Kid A

    At the peak of my mono I was feverish, comatose, and delusional. Probably not a good idea to play Kid A on repeat. I remember having visions of that vampire episode of “Are you Afraid of the Dark?” when the song “Kid A” first came on. I’m still a little freaked out when I hear that song. Nonetheless, this is and probably always will be my favorite Radiohead album. Me and Jill would always blast “Optimistic,” doob tube and smiles abound.


    What a great summer I had when I first heard the Weezer album. So young, so free, so fucking nostalgic I AM! But really, it was youth at its finest- first love, first kiss, first cig, first drunk, first theft at CD UNIVERSE.

    The Essential Bob Dylan

    I felt very mature when I first listened to Dylan. I was kind of proud or something, like I was some kind of connoisseur or learned audiophile. I cleaned my room one April in Saturday and listened to this double disc for four hours. A great introduction to Dylan. “Maggie’s Farm,” “Subterranean Homesick Blues,” and “It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue” were favorites at the time.

    Chronicle, Vol. 1

    This greatest hits album has been playing since I was an infant. My dad would always play “Down on the Corner” on our weekend trips to pick up my brother.

    A few summers ago my dad won close to 40 grand playing the Pennsylvania Lottery. I was in desperate need for money at the time and didn’t know if I was going to be able to afford the transition from BCC to a real college. Problem solved.

    Along with helping me out for college, my parents gave me $2000 to buy a new laptop and get clothes and what not. The first thing I bought was this Creedence CD along with a knock off pair of Dylan’s 1965 Ray-Bans and a blues harp harmonica in the key of C. I would play the shit out of that thing while listening to Creedance and Dylan. I felt like a millionaire.

    Tepid Peppermint Wonderland

    The very first album to grace the walls of my apartment. I was finally free to do whatever the fuck I wanted and all I wanted to do the first day was drink a six pack all by myself in a room devoid of furniture and play The Brian Jonestown Massacre as loud as possible. “Servo,” “Straight Up and Down,” and “Anenome” were my drugs.

    If you haven’t seen the movie Digg!, please let me know and I will let you borrow it, even if it means airmailing it to Sweden.

    A Rush of Blood to the Head

    That’s right, Coldplay motherfucker. Before they sold out to the Totebag wielding Starbucks sipping, yacht riding contemporary adult listening demographic, and married iced vagina actresses, Coldplay knew how to make great music. “Amsterdam,” and “Politik” helped me cope with whatever self-inflicted bullshit I was putting myself through at the time.

    Fire Theft

    One of four albums I bought for my first trip to Montreal and the first album I loaded into my ipod! I took my ipod everywhere and listened to the Firetheft like it was the only album I owned. It’s a great CD if you haven’t heard it. I enjoy “Sinatra,” “Chain,” “Backwards Blues,” “Waste Time Segue,” and “Uncle Mountain.”


    The second of four albums I bought for my first trip to Montreal. Perhaps one of the most memorable times I’ve ever had in my life. You’ll read about it someday, I promise.
    Anyway, I kept trying to play this CD in the car but Josh kept requesting lame shit that I’ve heard a million times like Led Zepplin and Sublime. I had to play it when he was asleep, which was good because it goes well with quiet mountains.

    My Morning Jacket- At Dawn

    This album is right up there with my boner for Wilco. I first heard “At Dawn” at dawn, which was pretty fucking amazing. I was in Montreal (third of four albums I bought for the trip) grabbing some coffee at six in the morning. I was up high near Mt. Royal and had a great view of the entire city. The whole place felt so strange and beautiful- strange people, strange smells and the sky seemed to stretch on for miles.

    I also used to play this on the way back from Y100 with Jen. We were starting to really like each other and I’m pretty sure it was me introducing her to this album that fed her infatuation.

    The Flaming Lips- Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots

    The first time you hear the Flaming Lips, they sound so strange and intriguing. I remember me and Steve taking hits from the gravity bong when he played this for me. “Fight Test” made so much sense! “I’m a man not a boy, there are things you can’t avoid, you have to face them.” So true man, so true. “Do You Realize” is one of the most beautiful songs around.

    Europe 72

    I like the Grateful Dead, and I think a lot of people would really appreciate their music if they heard this album. It’s one of the best live CD’s I’ve heard, the quality and content is just amazing. I remember blarring “China Cat Sunflower” through town and just happened to drive by a whole mass of tie-dyed Dead Heads. They were all cheering and singing along to the music. It was a great feeling and I felt like Jack Kerouac or some shit.

    Return to the Sea

    I must have played this CD a thousand times at Anthony & Sylvan last year. As Paul already knows, I cried listening to “Swans(Life after death).” It was my first day of work and I stopped to get an energy drink at the Indian store. I grabbed a scratch-off ticket, “cash cow” I think it was, and went back to my car to drink my drink. While “Swans” was playing, I scratched this little ticket off and won $100. I felt so good, and the moment was so pure that I fucking had tears in my eyes.

    When we went to see Islands, the singer came down into the crowd to greet us. We walked over and right away Paul screams, “This guy cried while listening to Swans!” I shook his hand and he kind of avoided eye contact and walked away.

    Demon Days

    A great summer album. Every song is listenable and has a high replay value (GamePro slang). Masterfully produced with great beats and lyrics as well. I love the apocalyptic theme and everything else about the album. “Kids with Guns,” “Last Living Souls,” and “O Green World,” are so conscious of what’s going on AND you can dance to them! “Demon Days” is also a great song; very spiritual.

    By The Way

    Reminds me of the special little beach trip I took. Pretty much played this album non-stop the summer it came out, and I still listen to it all the time. I think it’s some of the best RHCP. It’s very unique and is filled with hooks. “Cabron,” “Minor Thing,” “Venice Queen,” and “Dosed” are stand out tracks. I like that the album is mainly about California without shoving it in your face like some of the other RHCP albums. Like instead of “Dani California,” we have “Venice Queen,” which is obviously about a woman from Venice Beach, CA, but is more subtle in its approach.

    The Velvet Underground

    I’m still confused as to why The Velvet Underground doesn’t get any radio play. Not that radio matters anymore, but why can’t B101 play “What Goes On” instead of playing “Tiny Dancer” for the fifth time that day? This album is filled with cool shit like a few songs about heroin; a stream of consciousness poetry jam with an insane little organ (the murder mystery); a song about losing yourself and your mind, presumably while on drugs (I’m Set Free); and a loving little song about Jesus (Jesus). I’m actually not surprised as to why the VU don’t get radio play (although they should).

    Chutes Too Narrow

    Long before Garden State and all the gayness that came with it, I was listening to The Shins on WinAmp. That’s right, I’m the first one who EVER listened to the Shins. But whatever, I love this album, it’s so loving and catchy and poppy and fucking great. “Pink Bullets” is where it’s at.

    Seven Swans

    Thanks Paul for introducing me to this album (and Sufjan in general). I remember being completely stoned driving home with you from Geoff’s when you played “All the Trees Will Clap Their Hands.” When I first heard that song, I remember thinking how it was probably the most beautiful song I had ever heard. This album is just so damn good, and so pure. It made me want to do good things, be a better person, and get a lil’ spiritual up in this world. Anyone who can make a Christian themed album without sounding like a douche has my complete respect and devotion. “To Be Alone With You,” and “The Transfiguration” are also favorites.

    The Cold Vein

    My all-time favorite hip-hop album.

    For the first time in my life I felt the pain and struggle of inner city black people. The album has a great concept, mixing futuristic imagery such as robots and mechanical societies, with the cold, gritty indifference of city life. Pure genius. It always seemed to be raining or cloudy when I listened to this album, which made it all the better. We spent lots of time listening to this one and trying to freestyle to its classic rhythms. Every track is spectacular, but I really love “Pigeon,” “Scream Phoenix,” “ A B-Boy’s Alpha,” and “Iron Galaxy.”

    You Forgot It In People

    Regardless of popular opinion, it was I who introduced Broken Social Scene into the mainstream conscious, NOT Pitchfork media. I was seriously listening to this album back when you could barely find it on amazon and it had the blue cover. But whatever, who cares. I really enjoy BSS, but none of their other albums come close to this one. “Lover’s Spit” made me look at the world in a different light, if only for a short ride home in rush hour traffic. “Pacific Theme” puts me at ease and “Stars and Sons,” “Looks Just Like the Sun,” and “Cause=Time” are unmatched.
  • Bleeding My Heart Show

    Ago 1 2007, 2h58

    Dear The New Pornographers,

    Why did you sell your best song,The Bleeding Heart Show, to the shittiest "University" in existence? The University of Phoenix is probably the most illegitimate educational institution in existence aside from The Allentown Business school, which, when I went to visit a few years ago, used the back dumping area of a Dollar General store as its student commons. Not to mention the fact that they were using a fat, tattooed prostitute as a model for their art class.

    When I see the University of Phoenix commercial and hear the beautiful chorus of The Bleeding Heart Show, it makes me so sad. The Asian girl running through the leaves is obviously ivy league caliber and wants nothing to do with UOP. The commercial itself is only about 18 seconds, a testament to the lack of any sort of endowment at the UOP, and not nearly even enough time for proper exposure of such a beautiful song. At least when of Montreal used their music in an Outback commercial(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Mvm6KfJDE0), the commercial was long enough to enable the common layman to associate his bloomin onion with homoerotic indie rock. And when Wilco recently used music from their new album "Sky Blue Sky" in a series of Volkswagens commercials, it, well, didn't do much of anything except give me a pretty big boner.

    Anyway, next time you want to sell out to industry, do it with some self respect. Sell out to Johnson & Johnson, or Macy's. At least they don't give false hopes to inner city blacks in hopes of a college education. It's bad enough they have to contend with the hood, now they have to contend with deceptive enrollment fees, asbestos, cougars, and a lack of employment due to the fact that no one will hire a UOP grad.

    Employer: Let's see here, ohh University of Phoenix! Arizona huh?

    Applicant: Um, no, Martin Luther King Blvd, behind the Petco.
    (End Interview)

    Unless of course they apply to UOP in which case they may have a good shot at becoming a faculty member, with or without their degree. As long as they can jimmy a scantron machine and are able to recite 18 seconds of "The Bleeding Heart Show."

    Best Wishes,

  • Devendra Announces Thunder Canyon Tracklist

    Jul 27 2007, 23h00

    From the Album "Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon"

    01 Cristobal
    02 So Long Old Bean
    03 Samba Vexillographica
    04 Seahorse
    05 Bad Girl
    06 Seaside
    07 Shabop Shalom
    08 Tonada Yanomaminista
    09 Rosa
    10 Saved
    11 Lover
    12 Carmencita
    13 The Other Woman
    14 Freely
    15 Remember
    16 My Dearest Friend

    I'm guessing my Myspace message inspired track 2, but I guess we'll never know...
  • Myspace Message to Devendra Banhart

    Jun 14 2007, 22h46

    I heard Devendra Banhart was looking for a name for his band, so I sent him a myspace message with some ideas for not only band names, but song and album names as well...

    Subject: Band Names! (and more)

    Here Are Some Suggested Band Names (or song titles/album titles)... for your band:

    -My Hell is Living in Miami Trapped in a Wool Sweater With Poison Ivy Blisters (more of a post-rock thing, but you can use it!)
    -Eternal AgroCrag
    -Cantaloupe Suite
    -Almost Pietown
    -Dirty Little Cactus
    -Mr Miyagi in a headlock
    -I just Built That Sunset (outta sunsets)
    -Christophers' apostrophe
    -Naked Nail
    -Autoshop Bulletin
    -Mountain Look Downward
    -Domestic Valve
    -Uncle Herbie's Anthem
    -Lukewarm Sweater
    -Itchy wool Sweater
    -Sufyawn Semens (I like the guy, but i just made that up and like it)
    -Alaskan Crab Hunter
    -Dream Mulch
    -Electric Vassoline Lantern
    -Vassoline Haircut
    -Mosstown Film-Festival
    -Warrington Film-Festival
    -Toad loves Toad
    -Sardine Salad
    -Sardine Salt Shaker
    -Very Long Year in the Mirror
    -Nerves Can't Smell
    -Cell Phone Stop Staring
    -German Shepard Wallruss
    -Stuffed Billygoat
    -Crippled Boy Grows Wings
    -Crippled Boy Grows Feet
    -Mauled Man Fleeting
    -Moles With Vision
    -Spittle Spool
    -Little Wool Hermit Crabs
    -Dust Mite City
    -Made it outta Wood
    -Swedish Citizen
    -Relishtown Board of Trustees
    -Rust Smile
    -Milk in a Sandwich
    -Milk in a pocket
    -Britsh Kid Loves Flight
    -Quest for ......
    -All my +'s are -'s (will be hard for people to illegally download!)
    -West Coast Pocketown
    -Dime Quarter
    -Nice, Nice
    -Pick Your treat!
    - What % of Us
    - Bread Hack
    -smile time happiness
    -I dream of Nieman
    -I dream of dreamin

    (end message)

    We'll see which one he picks!
  • florida

    Mai 16 2007, 2h45


    I will be in Florida until Monday, scrobbling tracks via iPod on some slimey beach. Miss me.


    P.S. Here is a Florida douche for your amusement:


    Mai 4 2007, 7h02

    I consider myself pretty ‘World-Wide Internet Savvy,’ as they say. Lately however, I keep seeing all these new "web 2.0" features cropping up all over the place. Most of them I find pretty useful and enlightening. When I see a new feature I'm unfamiliar with, I usually take a minute or two to educate myself via wikipedia or an Islamic fundamentalist blog, and everything is cool.

    One of these new features I can't come to terms with is the RSS feed thing that is appearing on every website. A few months ago I tried reading about them but got bored and started eating cereal instead. So tell me, what the fuck is an RSS feed? A way to get news? Some kind of live updating feed that lets you know about everything occurring on your favorite blog? A combination of these two things? Martin Short? A Peter Jennings podcast? WTF?! Please give me an answer and feel free to make something up because in all honesty, I don't give a fuck about RSS feeds or anything you say for that matter.

    just to get a few people talking: The Beatles
  • Sean McGowan: Purveyor of Internets, Purveyor of Life

    Abr 15 2007, 19h38

    I would like to take a moment to thank Sean McGowan for his contribution to the internets and my life. I’d like to thank him for his undying wit, generosity and optimism that exists so reverently on these pages of last.fm. For his unparalleled insight into independent music, specifically post-rock, baroque pop, and various forms of electronic Swedish music. Thank you for introducing me to Fields, Patrick Wolf,Sol Seppy, Guillemots,The Knife,
    Mum, (which is pronounced MooM as he so
    proudly articulated at a party while drinking a micro-brewed beer) and also renewing my interest in Radiohead.

    Thank you for your homosexual ambiguities, your heartfelt and sincere emoticons, that piece of gum you gave me at the Of Montreal show which turned to liquid because I was so fucking pumped and your gloppy green caterpillar creature. Thank You.

    Sean is a hero of the internets, a powerful force capable of spreading love and good-will through various electronic medium. Be it Blackberry, personal computer, or psychokinesis, Sean knows what we all need, and always delivers. Never before have I met an individual so willing to take the time to send multiple albums through gmail, or upload an entire artist catalogue to sendspace- all for the sake of his fellow man.

    He was the first and one of the only one of my friends to console me on the recent break-up with my love, and he did so via a subtle and heartfelt text message. A text message. Who wants to speak after the loss of a loved one? A text message is everything you can ask for, and Sean understood that, he felt that. I didn’t even need to tell him what happened, as he had already discovered it on Facebook, probably while in between uploading a volume of The Encyclopedia Britannica to sendspace for a poor family of blacks.

    I was in Home Depot buying a light switch for my new bedroom when I got Sean’s message. The bedroom I just painted; the colors carefully chosen by the woman who was to share it with me. Now I was to share the oatcake and blanket brown walls alone. I was the only one to flick the light switch: once at dusk, once at dawn, and times in between while I masturbated in solitude. A soft beep in my pocket, and text traveling through space: 1 new message from Sean McGowan.

    I won’t reveal what the message said, some things lose their meaning when shared with others. In addition to this fact, I don’t remember. I can tell you this: there are people among us who hold something special, something unique and promising. Their presence echoes through the ages, they have a message, a purpose, a unique soul that permeates through to their brethren. They show us that life is full of hope, of beautiful music and laughter.

    Most importantly, they remind us that we are not alone, that they are there for us; that there will be someone other than ourselves to turn on the light.

    Thank you Sean, you will be missed.
  • Clinic Review?

    Mar 8 2007, 7h49

    Wed 7 Mar – Clinic, Mahogany, The Holy Fuck

    Amazing show. They came out in their scrubs and surgical masks. They ripped through the set with no breaks and a short little pause in between the encore. There was no "hi philly, we're Clinic." No bullshit. Ade just announced the song title and went on playing. I danced like I liked to dance. I sweat a lot. Some dude touched me on my leg by mistake and I didn't pay any mind. I touched a girl's boob by accident and she just thrashed to "Evil Bill." Some dude with a scarf spilled beer on the floor and that made it easier to move my feet around to the raucous beats. Everyone was dressed a certain way. They all looked like they were trying real hard to look relaxed. Another dude with a scarf danced in strobe-light tones like he was having a seizure. Some up-tight dude rolled his eyes at his short-haired girl friend. She had a wide face, moon-eyes, and perfect teeth. She danced and he slouched and rolled his eyes.

    The oyster crackers were good at quenching my thirst, especially with horseradish. Me and Steve talked about olde times, and olde girls who ripped our hearts out and gave them to selfish gods.

    There were some good beers on tap. I had a Philly Landyard or something that sounded like that. It tasted like fermented peaches and shark bites. The bartender looked like Joan Cusack, who "isn't hot at all." There was a Scottish gentlemen who brought coincidence to the table by drinking Scotch and hating on kilts.

    I only recognized about five songs from the set, but I danced like I knew them all. I danced like a black man with a dream and enough will to accomplish that dream; with no obstacles, societal concerns, creditors, or matriarchal checkpoints. I was free in my moment. I invented a cure for AIDS while simultaneously creating BAIDS, a stronger and uncurable strand of AIDS that spreads through bees. I starred in my own movie about starring in your own movie while filming an instructional documentary about directing and starring in movies.

    I did all of these things, and Clinic was amazing.
  • Join me, HATERS

    Fev 9 2007, 2h27

    Dear last.fm haters:

    I have always respected a man's choice in his music. Whether he choices to listen to Neil Diamond or Metallica while sitting at his computer or driving down the road, it is his choice, and his alone. I respect this simple fact. Who am I to criticize another's taste in music? At one point, my favorite album was Coneheads.

    With this being said, I would like you to join me in hating on music that I think sucks. This includes but is not limited to the following: Linkin Park, Nirvana , Coheed and Cambria, Panic! at the Disco, and [Fall Out Boy.

    While I listen to some arguably shitty bands myself, I believe in the wholeness of my heart that these bands are at the pinnacle of shittyness and should be hated upon. I know, I know. Nirvana did this, Nirvana did that. They're shitty, so shut the fuck up. This post is for haters, so if you're not at that level yet, go listen to Nirvana and lick your dogs anus while doing so.

    I have already been making the hate rounds on the last.fm board. Don't go crazy; subtle hate will do. If you need an example, refer to my hate posted on Nirvana. Suggestions for other bands to hate on is welcome.

    Join me haters, in this quest to hate on shitty music and the passionate, loyal fans that embrace it.