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Jun 29 2010, 10h23

Mon 28 Jun – Scissor Sisters, DIAGRAM OF THE HEART

After their energetic Glastonbury set the previous Saturday, this gig could have gone either way. Fortunately the Sisters treated Manchester to the end of their triumphant long weekend.

As the new album, Night Work, had only been released the same day, starting with its title track was a bold statement of confidence and a gamble that paid off. Though the sound quality was ropey at first, it improved throughout the gig and the exuberant, infectious performance more than made up for any shortcomings.

Jake Shears was on top form, bouncing around the stage like the Energizer bunny and peeling his layers of clothing as he went (not that he had much on to start with). Ana Matronic was also great, equally putting in the effort and obviously appreciating an audience that loved her back. One of the biggest cheers of the evening was directed at Babydaddy, who is extremely popular with the hairier end of the gay crowd, on the line "Won't you just tell Baby Daddy,
I'm gonna need his love." from Laura. In a great little moment of showmanship, the Encore began with Del Marquis front and centre alone with his guitar, breaking into the Comfortably Numb guitar riff and sending the audience wild.

In fact, the encore was absolutely superb, just when we thought they'd run out of hits having played both I Don't Feel Like Dancing and Fire With Fire well before the end of the set. It consisted of Comfortably Numb, Invisible Light, and Filthy/Gorgeous which were all great. I'm particularly glad they played Invisible Light as this is my favourite new track and was amazing live, with the excellent Pink Floyd style laser light show streaming out across the Apollo. They even had the best confetti canons I've ever seen, which shot all the way back to the sound desk, hung in the air for ages and included fake Scissor Sisters dollar bills printed with "Make some cash - Fuck the rich".

Any UK gig for the Sisters is like a homecoming, they are so well loved here, and its great to see them back on form, happier in themselves and writing great dance pop songs again.

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  • soriyama

    I envy you very much... thanks for posting.

    Jul 4 2010, 14h50
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