Top 10 WORST Albums of 2007


Dez 18 2007, 18h06

The worst of the worst. These are the worst albums I had the misfortune of listening to in detail this year. Feel free to express your opinion on why you agree or disagree with me. It won't change my opinion of these albums---I thought long and hard about my decisions, but I always enjoy listening to the assessments of other people.

10.) TODAY - Angela Aki

9.) LOVE PiECE - ai otsuka

8.) How to Use SEXY - Goto Maki

7.) My December - Kelly Clarkson

6.) Jordin Sparks - Jordin Sparks

5.) The Weirdness - The Stooges

4.) Made in Twenty(20) - Boa

3.) Volta - Björk

2.) never+land - misono

1.)The Tempest - Insane Clown Posse (I didn't have to listen to this to know it was bad. It's an ICP album; therefore, it's shitty by default).


  • Ustareth

    Thank you for commenting. The reason why I dislike Angela Aki is due to the fact that she's a Tori Amos rip-off and her music is just a bland interpretation of that. Essentially, she's what Tori would be if Tori had no creativitiy. And BoA---let's not talk about her. She hasn't put out a good song since 2004. BoA is no more than a puppet releasing watered-down, generic tracks. She needs better songwriters.

    Dez 19 2007, 13h51
  • Twentyonejeepee

    Bjork is awesome.

    Dez 24 2007, 3h26
  • Ustareth

    Björk is quite awesome...just not this thing she tried to pass of as a good album.

    Dez 24 2007, 3h50
  • Twentyonejeepee

    fair enough

    Dez 27 2007, 9h16
  • acatisfinetoo

    [quote]I thought long and hard about my decisions[/quote] You were doing well until you got to: [quote]I didn't have to listen to this to know it was bad.[/quote] If you haven't heard it, how do you know it's bad?

    Dez 30 2007, 12h02
  • Twentyonejeepee

    because it's fucking insane clown posse and no logical person would fail to recognize a pattern that consistant

    Dez 31 2007, 0h38
  • Ustareth

    Twentyonejeepee hit the nail on the head.

    Dez 31 2007, 5h20
  • Ushiroyubi

    i couldn't stand Volta either. all production tricks... no essence.

    Jan 2 2008, 3h23
  • acatisfinetoo

    Okay, I'll play along. Let's just say there is a pattern between all ICP's previous albums. Want to explain this pattern to me? I mean, I listened to ICP daily for a couple of years, but I'm somehow missing this pattern that you seem so eager to condemn the band for. What is the pattern? Is it the swearing? I would hope not, with a band named Jackie-O [i]Motherfucker[/i] in Twentyonejeepee' top 10. Is it the (largely ill-perceived) bigotry and hate? No, it can't be that. You couldn't accuse a band of that on a list of the WORST Albums of 2007, could you? It can't be the violence, not with that much Cannibal Corpse on your charts. So what is it? Enlighten me.

    Jan 4 2008, 12h08
  • Ustareth

    You mean the consistent mockery they make out of rap? Being consistently terrible MCs? Because their lyrics are consistently nonsensical and overall unbearable to listen to (for me)? Is Violent J really worth anything because he consistently throws together crappy rhymes and pre-composed beats about murder, sex, and normal teen angst? But you're right about it not being the swearing and/or violence---not with [i]this[/i] much Cannibal Corpse on my charts. And Cannibal Corpse is a [i]very[/i] consistent band with it comes to musical and lyrical content. However, I don't think I'd say that they're insanely talented. Cannibal Corpse aims to be as shocking as humanly possible and this isn't exactly hard to do. It doesn't require much talent to do what they do other than their musicianship, but at the same time, they're good at what they're doing. ICP (for me), on the other hand, doesn't seem to do anything [i]well[/i]. I'm not sure if I'm being clear enough in my explanation, so if you need me to try and be more specific, I'll try best to make myself understandable.

    Jan 4 2008, 15h31
  • Larvi


    Jan 5 2008, 4h51
  • manapsal

    was Ai Otsuka's album THAT bad? I thought it was really forgettable but not really unlistenable...and it's good to see people mixing up metal and pop, but you need more DM than bland Cannibal Corpse crap

    Jan 17 2008, 22h37
  • Twentyonejeepee

    icp are the pinnacle of misdirected aggression and dumbed-down appeal.

    Jan 21 2008, 4h32
  • melancholy__

    It'd be better if you described why you disliked the albums but okay. XD

    Fev 23 2008, 23h43
  • Ustareth

    In the future, I'm going to start writing full assessments for why I like or dislike albums. When I made this list, I was in a hurry, as I wanted to get them out before the year ended.

    Fev 23 2008, 23h45
  • Axiemeister

    I disagree with you on Volta. But I'd like to hear what you have to say about it first. =) Also, is Jordin Sparks' album THAT bad? No Air is annoying, but still.

    Abr 22 2008, 14h11
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