In session on my Dandelion Radio show in August: Slideshow Freak


Ago 6 2009, 11h38

In session this month: Slideshow Freak

At the start of 2009, I reckoned I’d be happy if three things happened. Manchester United to win the Premiership, The Labour Party to get its act together and prevent the horrific prospect of another Tory government in the UK, and Slideshow Freak to record a session for my Dandelion Radio show.

Two out of three ain’t bad, I suppose, and the four tracks that appear in the session in August are Slideshow Freak at his very best. I can pay no one any greater tribute than to say I’m not even going to try to describe what his music sounds like. You may have heard him in a previous show and you’ll certainly have a chance to in the future.

The session consists entirely of as yet unreleased material and coincides with the free download release of his ‘We Should Swing’ EP on the always amazing Filthy Little Angels label. There’s also an amazing collaboration with another of my show’s regulars Lord Numb, and you can hear the result of that on my colleague Pete Jackson’s show.

So essentially, there are now three things you should do:

Go to and listen to my show, then listen to Pete Jackson’s show. (And all the others for that matter).

Go to and get yourself the Slideshow Freak EP, taking the opportunity while you’re there to get hold of the new Micropenis and Science Bastard releases.

Go to to hear other great stuff this guy does.

Your ears will love you forever.

Mark W
Slideshow FreakLord NumbmicropenisScience Bastard


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