abstract actually have no idea how to tag this ambient ambient noise ambient techno artcore atmospheric atmospheric black metal atmospheric sludge avant-garde avantgarde black metal black metal from france british burzum chillout cmi cold meat industry cosmic cyber black metal dark dark ambient dark soundscape deep depressive black metal doomcore downtempo drone ambient electronic electronic black chaos electronica esoteric dark ambient experimental experimental black metal experimental electronic experimental rock experimental techno fairies playing punk in the night first wave of norwegian black metal folk metal france french french black metal futuristic german germany glitch haunting idm industrial industrial black metal japanese jrock made for dark souls martial industrial minimal minimalism misanthropic black metal neurot noise norwegian norwegian black metal occult black metal old school funeral doom orthodox black metal pagan black metal pagan metal peter andersson pizdez-music post rock post-black metal post-hardcore post-industrial post-metal power electronics psybient psychedelic psychill raw black metal ritual ambient ritual and dark ambient ritual dark ambient sad as we are satanic satanic black metal scandinavian sludge soundscape soundscapes soundtrack space ambient swedish the blackest of the blackened frosty moon impaled winterdemons dwelling in an icy… tortured hateful extreme doom metal total fucking power electronics tribal dark ambient true black metal uk viking metal werewolf karaoke