First good discover of 2008


Jan 3 2008, 22h43

Well actually it's not a 'new discover' that I made recently, as I already knew quite a lot of songs by talented artist Sarah Brightman.
However, I only listened to two of her albums (La Luna and Eden, which, by the way, don't really represent her true talent properly, though they're still very good albums) and so I didn't notice her well.

I don't know about the other fans, but I think that her album Fly is a TRUE masterpiece, along with her latest album Harem (a new album will be released this month, but I'll mention it later).
Songs like Beautiful, How Can Heaven Love Me, It's A Beautiful Day and Fly have soon become some of my all-time favourite songs.
She does very good cover songs too, and the first examples that come to mind are Deliver Me, Eden or Here With Me (soo much better than Dido's version, especially the beautiful ending part).

I couldn't be more excited about her new release, 'Symphony', also beacuse I heard some songs and samples and they all really impressed me.
Especially the song Fleurs Du Mal seems to be a damn good song, with some gothic influences (which, I think, will characterize the sound of the whole album, judging by the album cover and the names of some of the new songs, like 'Gothica' for example).

I'm telling you.. if you happen to like opera music with some light pop (and, sometimes, rock, like in her 'Fly' album) influences, then you definitely ought to listen to Sarah's music.
That's my first advice I'm giving you this year ;)

This is an awesome clip of Sarah performing 'Fleurs du Mal' for the first time (I think), not very long ago. Although you can tell it's playback, that's the only flaw of this performance.
It's almost a metal song :D I couldn't adore it less.


  • jonatasongs

    Ciao, Umberto! Davvero, il cd Symphony è una opera bellissima. Anche Fly è una opera bellissima. Credo che tutta l'opera di Sarah c'è un senso così particolare, una idea da lavorare. Un concetto. Sarah ha detto que Symphony è to create consonance with harmonious textures that still hold true to a common thread running down the centre of the album (mi dispiace, ma la mia traduzione inglese-italiano non è buona e non ho il tempo di tradurre dal inglese al portuguese e dopo all'italiano). Qui, a Brasile, tutti i fan aspettono il nuovo cd. Ci crediamo che sarà un sucesso!

    Jan 16 2008, 0h42
  • Nightevacoil

    Yes, I agree with everything you said! Fly for me is a wonderful CD--lot's of variety. Even the weakest moments are better than a lot of her other material I think. I really liked Harem too--those two are probably my two favorites as well :P. A very different album than Fly, but very nice too. Have you heard Symphony yet? I just bought it, and I must say, Fleur Du Mal might become my favorite Sarah song! I have not listened all the way through yet, but it does seem to be a great album so far.

    Jan 30 2008, 0h58
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