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Sobre mim

They can't tell me what to do.
They can't tell me what to say.
They can't tell me what to smoke.
They can't tell me what to play.
So if you need someone's permission
To live your life just like you wanna
You have it, here, I give it to you
Wouldn't it be great if there was a war and nobody came?
(- Peace man)
'Cause we're too busy making love to play their insane game.



And if you're feeling
You've got everything you came for
If you got everything
And you don't want no more

You've got to just
Keep on pushing
Keep on pushing
Push the sky away



"One day you know you gonna be bones boy, so come make the most of it!"



"I don't want to be the one, The battles always choose, 'Cause Inside I realise, That I'm the one confused!"


I'm currently living in UK.


I'm interested in things, that are brutal, nerdy, hardcore, weird.


I wanna meet people, who are connected with music in any way!


Son of egotistical love.


Socially awkward.


Disrespectfully hairy :E


Stoned most of the time. Guys we gonna stay stoned for a while :V


Always forget that socializing with others for me must be activity based..


•CS:GO, Quake Live & Quake 3 Excessive Plus mod player
•Tech lover, PC gear unboxer
•Gaming mice collector http://youtu.be/igIfahn5n2U
•Youtube video creator-beginner
•Basketball & football lover
•Not a trve metalhead :o but a huge fan
•Scrobbling addict


I absolutely love these:

Quake 3 Arena
Counter Strike: GO
Heroes of Might & Magic 3
Diablo 2
Dune 2000

Age of Empires
Age of Mythology
Age of Wonders
Alien Vs Predator
Command & Conquer
Company of Heroes
Half Life 2, EP1, EP2
Metro 2033
Resident Evil
Supreme Commander
Warhammer 40k


Eat - Sleep - Metal detector


Life is too short to get involved in your complexes :/


Mostly i listen to strange, dark, melancholic, dreamy music.


I prefer post/atmospheric black, sludge, stoner, crust, hardcore punk, prog metal/rock, blues/psy/stoner/math/post rock bands in gigs!


Sometimes, while communicating, I may look, like i'm ignoring you, maybe i just didn't come up with what to say to you at the moment, or i got panic attack again, or i just muted myself for unknown reason, or..


To learn to be beautiful, compassionate, loving, caring, creative being.


Don't be weak.


Make a connection, not an impression.


Imagination, creativity, exploration, self-conciousness are desires


Trust that part of you which puts you on a journey, the longer it takes - the bigger the reward


NEVER ever stop express yourself, don't be a victim of others violence


I will treat myself better, will be with people who treat myself better, who help.


What Metal Genre Are You?
Your Result: Death Metal


You are one of the most deadliest genres ever! You enjoy gore, harsh vocals, and... Death! You hate those emo pansies and you are an hardcore person!!!!!!

Black Metal

Thrash Metal

Power Metal

Nu Metal

Emo Metal


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