Übersee-Henning’s Diary of Latinoamérica Part 4


Nov 28 2007, 13h43

A part of the Übersee Records-crew went out to explore the two beautiful cities of Montevideo and Buenos Aires - a trip full of music, passion and excitement!

Check out our fourth part along with the first 3 of course on our MySpace!

Hasta siempre!

Day 7:
Returning to Montevideo is more difficult than we thought. The Subte is on strike and everybody needs to use busses and cars. Damned! Our landlord gives us a ride to the Buquebus-port and on the way we even get the CD of „Bombon Assesinos“. That song was played by the fruit and vegetables guy who parked his remodeled coroner-van in front of our window every morning. That songs is stuck in our heads for good now. I’m not quite sure if that’s a good thing... The trip is getting towards the end so we use the ferry ride to plan the last two days with No Te Va Gustar and Abuela Coca in Montevideo.

Day 8:
You wont believe it but Henning is invited to the biggest radiostation in Montevideo for an interview. He does a real good job in Spanish – live on air! The Uruguayans want to know how their bands perform in Europe. Well, you know the answer.

We meet with the producer of the Abuela Coca DVD to check out some of his material and to trade some of ours with him. The studio is a inspiration itself. Graffiti all over the walls and a second floor with a little recording studio of Abuela Coca's Cholé.

In the afternoon we meet with Nico. He’s a recognized Radio DJ and a real expert. He drives us around in his old VW 1200 and shows to us the places where for example No Te Va Gustar had their first great show. The venue Teatro Verano is right by the beach and the stage looks like a gigantic shell – it's a very nice place.
We wanted to film a brief questioning of what the kids at the Ramblas (boardwalk) thought of No Te Va Gustar and you won’t believe the result: they started singing 2 songs and almost everybody had some NTVG merchandise at hand... Wow!
In the evening NTVG invites us to a barbecue in their band house. The fantastic evening ends at a Reggae show where members Emiliano and percussionist Jappo play in a side project to NTVG. They love music, that’s for sure. We are surprised how many people come to a secret Reggae show in Montevideo. In Germany you couldn’t get half the people.
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