• Top Artists This Week

    Jul 23 2007, 15h08

    Okay, it's MONDAY already, and I want my top artists for the week chart to update but it still shows the same thing as LAST week, which is the statistics from the week before GRR!!! It shows Tammy Trent as my #3 artist and I'm pretty positive I haven't listened to her all last week (well, maybe once or twice).

    This week some new CDs are going to really show up: this weekend I found a cool sale rack and picked up George Huff's Miracles for my wife (I like him too, though), and then for me I got Wake the Nations by Ken Tamplin and a CD called Ultimate Music Makeover - The Songs of Michael W. Smith which has tracks by All Star United, Sarah Kelly, David Crowder Band, Plumb, Tree 63, and Todd Agnew on it. There's even a track of Stryper singing "Friends"! hehe it's pretty cool.
  • Listening to enjoy, not to scrobble

    Jul 20 2007, 16h59

    Today I finally seem to have returned to a state of listening to music to enjoy it, and not to convince of what my musical tastes are. :) I've been trying to make sure I listen to the stuff I wanted to scrobble, but today it's different. Maybe part of the reason is that I got Todd Agnew's Grace Like Rain, The Black Crowes' The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion, and U2's All That You Can't Leave Behind from the library and wanted to listen to 'em. I'm also listening to a lot of BarlowGirl and Supertropolis because I'm likely to get to see them in concert (BarlowGirl show, Supertropolis show) in the next few weeks. Of course, the reason I got the Todd Agnew CD is because we saw him last week (I've got BarlowGirl's other CD - BarlowGirl - on the way to my library... woo-hoo!)

    Anyway, it's nice to relax and listen to music for enjoyment again. ;)
  • honesty

    Jul 18 2007, 22h56

    I find that I'm being overly "honest" about my tracks played on, to the point of stopping my media player from running when I'm not at my computer and playing the same song on my GoGear so I can keep MediaMonkey running. Although one night early on I left things running after I went to bed so I could make sure Petra got a fair shake. :)
  • Todd Agnew: Muggy But Fun

    Jul 18 2007, 5h00

    Mon 16 Jul – KXOJ Summer Concert Series

    We got to the Riverwalk after the opening band, the praise and worship band from Grace Church, had already started. The amphitheater was pretty packed, despite the fact that rain was threatening all afternoon (in fact, some parts of town had been getting heavy rain and hail just a few hours earlier). So we wound up pretty far away, which explains the fact that we could barely make out what Todd Agnew was saying when he was speaking. His vocals were loud and clear when he was singing, though. He performed a number of songs off his CD that was to release the next day, plus the radio hits that everyone knew and was able to sing along with. The temperature was warm, but not as warm as it would have been if it wasn't overcast... and it was pretty muggy, so the climate was less than ideal... but it was a great performance adn a fun concert.

    Can't wait for BarlowGirl coming up in a few weeks!
  • Celebrate!

    Jul 17 2007, 22h57

    Congratulate me! Today I finally finished giving star ratings to all 5810 mp3 files in my collection (I only did the and stuff... I have some / that I haven't bothered with).

    Yay for me!
  • Obscure artists

    Jul 16 2007, 15h09

    I wonder how many artists have found and maintain their own wiki pages? I've noticed that some artists that are on the obscure side... say, Ron Perry (a Christian parodist who rewrites mostly old songs like )Blueberry Hill and Mony Mony)... don't have anything up at all. In fact, some artists like Tammy Trent, who is really NOT that obscure, don't seem to have anything up there either. I actually set up the beginnings of a page for Hack Bartholomew by copying stuff from his little Web page and cleaning it up a bit.

    I told my friend Sam Scales that she should set some stuff on her page, but I see she hasn't done so yet. She just emailed me back with questions that she could probably figure out better exploring the site than asking me about it, primarily "What is this?" It's a way to promote your music FOR FREE, is what it is!
  • My problem with scrobbling

    Jul 13 2007, 16h42

    The problem I'm having, as a new user, is that I desperately want to give a true picture of the kind of music I like, but that's next to impossible in the short term. For example, right now I have a CD from Tammy Trent that came from the library. It has to go back in a week. Is she a staple of my listening? Well, not really... I only actually own like two songs of hers. I do enjoy her music, but I think a false picture of my music is appearing because I'm listening to the CD quite a bit.

    On the other hand... Petra is a big favorite, but I have very few plays of Petra. Why? I don't know... just been listening to other stuff lately. So Petra's getting shortchanged.

    The same thing happened when I first installed Media Monkey... it still has TobyMac as one of my top most-played artists even though I haven't listened to him extensively for several months. About ten times through the new CD I had just gotten and Media Monkey thought I was a junkie. :)

    (Come to think of it... I ought to make sure I throw a Toby song into my playlist so he'll get a scrobble...)
  • Welcome to, me!

    Jul 12 2007, 19h29

    So, I discovered today, or at least I signed up for it today. I've heard of it before, but when I learned that I could scrobble directly from my favorite media player, MediaMonkey, and my "now playing" would automatically be out there on the Internet, I knew I had to try it. We'll see if I love it or if I get bored with it after a week.

    My favorite bands are Petra (a long-time favorite), Jesus Jones (also a long-time fave but not quite as long), and my new favorite, ApologetiX. Funny... yesterday when I put into the radio thingy that my favorite band was ApologetiX, it told me it was going to play some music from a similar artist... and it played Petra! Funny!

    Some other faves: Collective Soul, TobyMac, Pillar, Newsboys. Lately I've been loving the Krystal Meyers and BarlowGirl CDs I just bought; I need to pick up some more of that girl pop/punk stuff like Superchic[k].

    I also really dig on some of the older stuff like Kansas and Boston, and also bands that are not named after geographical locations. I love Stevie Wonder's vocals and songs. Phil Keaggy is always great... I just picked up the first Glass Harp album on CD and liked it OK, although I don't know that it will become a favorite. I love the smokin' Glass Harp version of Do Lord that I've heard (not on the Glass Harp debut CD).

    As you can see, I have very eclectic tastes. I have some favorite one-off albums, too, like The Globe and The Last Temptation. I listen to lots of and , but I listen to a fair amount of mainstream and as well. Should be interesting to watch my playlist over time!