Boys Reborn


Jul 6 2010, 15h22

Listening to the new Newsboys album Born Again on Rhapsody (you can listen to it free a few times through there too, or listen to it free all this week here). I like it pretty well! I'd say it's more reminiscent of Michael Tait's "solo artist" band called Tait that other stuff that Newsboys have released. I like it, in exactly the same way I like the Tait CDs - I'll spin it quite a few times, but it won't likely ever be a top-50 favorite. It lacks some of the color and quirkiness that historically have been present on Newsboys CDs, but it's very polished, very well-done pop-rock.

The cover of DC Talk's song "Jesus Freak" featuring KJ-52 on the rap part is pretty smokin', though! KJ brings a pretty aggressive rap style to the song!

(For the record... these songs are going to SMOKE live!)


  • Sportsnut

    It's a decent record. But you're right, there's very few "Newsboys elements" in it, which is disappointing. And I don't know if you've ever seen them live, but I've seen them 4 times - twice with Michael singing and twice with Peter - and the shows with Michael were no where near as good as the shows with Peter. Just my opinion though...

    Jul 22 2010, 0h45
  • TulsaMJ

    Yep, I've seen them a bunch of times with Peter, and... I guess twice with Michael. The first time I saw the Michael Newsboys, it was not long after he joined the band, and it was a poorly-attended concert in a big empty venue. It was kind of weak. The next time I saw them was months later in a packed house on Winter Jam, and it was AWESOME! And for the record, the Peter shows in the past couple of years haven't really seemed to stack up very well to earlier tours, for me. Since I wrote this journal entry, I've found myself listening to the CD most every day, without really intending to. It's REALLY grown on me. I think I actually like the digital-only bonus tracks better than some of the tracks on the regular unleaded version!

    Jul 22 2010, 2h17
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