• Dream metal team part II

    Fev 21 2008, 18h35

    Well, it's been a while since I made a list of my favourite musicians so it's about time to do it again. I had a hard time with creating this list (especially in the guitars section) and the final line-up reflects my favourite genre more than personal preferences (Tony Iommi would not play death metal).

    So, this is is the final version of my ultimate dream metal team. Rules are simple. Actually, there is only one rule - only musicians who are still alive are allowed (Otherwise Chuck Schuldiner would be the first choice of course). Let the name-wankery begin!

    Vocals: Jan-Chris De Koeijer (Gorefest) & Frank Mullen (Suffocation)
    Lead Guitars: James Murphy (ex - Death, Obituary etc.)
    Rhythm Guitars: Samoth (Zyklon, ex - Emperor)
    Bass: Steve DiGiorgio (ex - Death and tons of other bands)
    Drums: Pete Sandoval (Morbid Angel)


    And what do you think?