• Warped Tour 2012-STL

    Set 4 2012, 5h44

    FUCKING HOT. Thankfully I brough a camel back and stayed quite hydrated while recieving free water from the water fountains (sorry if you got stuck in line behind me). Let me just say, with the release of Four Year Strongs newest album, I wasn't impressed. But I'm not going to be a "hater" and stop being a fan, music is subjective and there is no good or bad, just not my favorite. Out of all the concerts I have ever been to, this one was the one I first crowd surfed at and that was caused by this overwhelming feeling caused from "it must really suck to be four year strong right now". It was an undescribable feeling, haveing hundreds of people holding you up at once. FYS' set was great, played a lot off of rise or die trying. We stopped by and watched a little bit of Streelight Manifesto, hoped in the circle pit for awhile. Had fun as sort of a novelty I though it was hilarious that their bass player looked just like murder face from metalocalypse. I've been waiting for ever to see Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! all the way from paris france. They were actually better than I expected, I just wishing they had a better crowd seeing as they were playing on the ernieball bus stage thing. Same thing goes with Fireworks. Their set was great but the crowd was small and you could almost feel how bad they were bummed out. Its also not cool when you're one of the three guys shouting the lyrics back, and can actually here yourself. A BUNCH of other bands were sprinkled in there, no time to mention. Taking Back Sunday was PACKED. And the singer seemed either not enthused or drunk. What I'm trying to say was it sounded like he wasnt trying you know? Last band we stayed for was NFG. Of course I had to see my boys play on their first warped tour in five years, but I was pretty bummed out. Jordan just wasnt on/trying with his vocals. But I can totally understand because it was FUCKING HOT and warped isnt about sounding great, its about energy and having fun.
  • Pop Punks's Not Dead Tour-The Pageant, STL

    Set 4 2012, 5h24

    A little late, seeing as how I'm writing this almost a year later. But I digress, it was a show I will never forget. I never really got into Man Overboards music, but I like what they stand for (Defend pop punk) and the crowd seemed really into them. This Time Next Year was nothing short of fantastic. SO glad I finally got to see them live, and the vocalist was better than expected. Directly after their set while at the bar was when me and my buds ran into Chad Gilbert of NFG (see profile pic). Don't worry, he wasn't drinking but hanging out with friends. We approached him and asked for a picture. I feel kinda bad cause we caused attention towards him and he left immediatley afterwards and he WAS hanging out with some of his friends. But, The Wonderyears set was powerful, I only knew a few of their songs so couldnt really get into it (DOH!). Long story short, I went WAY too hard in the pit for Set your Goals as they broughtsome intense energey as they always do, so I only lasted about five songs into New Found Glorys set (which was also great) before I had to leave and get some hydration. I blame the beer before hand. It was the 3rd best performance out of the 4 times I've seen them.