My Top 10 Survery: My Year in Lists


Mar 3 2008, 17h04

First song heard, first song loved, current favorite and (current) favorite album.

1. Radiohead

First: Karma Police
Love: Idioteque
Favorite: Paranoid Android (but this changes daily)
Album: Kid A

2. Blur

First: Song 2
Love: Girls and Boys
Favorite: Beetlebum
Album: Parklife

3. The National

First: Fake Empire
Love: Slow Show
Favorite: mr november
Album: Alligator

4. Supercar

First: Storywriter
Love: Last Scene
Favorite: A.O.S.A.
Album: Futurama

5. Bloc Party

First: Banquet
Love: Helicopter
Favorite: This Modern Love
Album: Silent Alarm

6. Interpol

First: Obstacle 1
Love: Specialist
Favorite: Stella Was a Diver and She Was Always Down
Album: Turn on the Bright Lights

7. Pulp

First: Common People
Love: This Is Hardcore
Favorite: Common People
Album: Different Class

8. Modest Mouse

First: Polar Opposites
Love: Teeth Like God's Shoeshine
Favorite: Edit the Sad Parts
Album: The Moon & Antarctica

9. The Smiths

First: The Queen Is Dead
Love: The Headmaster Ritual
Favorite: What Difference Does It Make?
Album: The Smiths

10. Death Cab for Cutie

First: Title Track
Love: Your Bruise
Favorite: We Looked Like Giants
Album: The Photo Album


  • NoProof91

    Nice list. For Bloc Party my personal favorite song would probably be Uniform or She's Hearing Voices. And I should probably listen to some of these bands sometime. XD

    Jun 26 2008, 16h39
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