The Resistance vs Young Modern


Set 12 2009, 21h26

Wait what? Am I comparing Silverchair's Young Modern against Muse's The Resistance?

Muse and Silverchair are both one of my favourite bands. They've both released 5 studio albums. I remember when Young Modern came out. There were cries of "sell outs", "jumped the shark", "its too poppy!", "where is the old silverchair?", etc.

Now that "The Resistance" is to hit tomorrow, I'm hearing cries of "lol, silly!", "poppy", "where is the old OOS muse?", etc.

I've listened to both Young Modern and The Resistance, and I can see why there were cries about said albums. Silverchair went from grunge high-school lads to epic orchestral rock in diorama, to Young Modern.

I don't know if it is some form of elitism, liking a band before someone else likes them (hint at twilight haters) or the fact that people are stuck in a rut... Musicians change, and if they don't, they would suck. Creativity in music (and every other form) means constantly changing. 3 more OOS would suck. 4 Frogstomps would suck.

Maybe its some ego contest. "Look at me, my music taste is much better than though, which means I shouldn't actually like something that has become mainstream. You can wallow in your pop cesspool."

Stop being such pricks. There is a reason a band becomes "mainstream", its because the music is good. point. You, yes the elitist, might say, "it has become mainstream because they've lowered their standards for more music ears. i'll stay up here and listen to portishead".

I call bullshit. I like music, because it rocks my socks, all forms of it. I listen to Black Eyed Peas' I gotta feeling, whilst having Rachmaninoff on queue. That's how I roll. Music is like movies. Yes, I like art-y movies that require some thought and time to process, but I also like romcoms because how it cheaply and unforgivingly plays on our emotions. Music and movies is like wine. Wine that has aged, tastes awesome. You sip it gently appreciating all the tastes and smells, but that doesn't mean I enjoy a cheap bottle of wine just to get drunk (for example).

In the end, what I'm trying to say is: musicians change, tastes change, see an album for what it is, not what has preceded it.

The Resistance rocks. Young Modern rocks. Grow up.

p.s. yes, I'm not accounting for personal taste, but hey. you know what I mean.


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