Jan 26 2010, 15h44

1. What's your favorite song by 15?
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Under the Bridge

2. How did you get into 20?
Mike Gordon - Through Phish

3. Who is your favorite member in 1?
Dave Matthews Band - Dave Matthews is awesome. Carter Beauford is awesome. Tim Reynolds is awesome. I don't know, it's difficult to decide. I love them all equally as if they were my children <3

4. What’s your favorite lyric by 29?
Thom Yorke - I don't know what it is about it, but there's a line in And It Rained All Night that goes...

One little leak becomes a lake
Says the tiny voice in my earpiece

...and every time I hear it, I just think, 'that is really cool'. I don't know whether its the way he sings it, or the words themselves. I just like it.

5. Have you ever seen 22 live?
Keith Jarrett - No, but I would absolutely love to. I always think when listening to it how incredible it must have been to be in attendance at The Köln Concert

6. What's your favorite album from 10?
Cold War Kids - Robbers & Cowards is one of my favourite albums ever.

7. Do you own any merchandise from 3?
Bright Eyes - No. I don't think I really own any merchandise from any artist.

8. What is a good memory you have of 7?
Marillion - When I was about 11, I used to listen to Script For A Jester's Tear every night in bed for a couple of months. I just have good memories of laying in bed trying to learn all the words to the songs and singing along.

9. Is there a member of the same age as you in 2?
Phish - No, they're all old.

10. When did you first get into 8?
Regina Spektor - December 2007

11. Who likes 4 along with you?
John Mayer - My Mum

12. Which song did you first hear from 16?
Page McConnell - Beauty Of A Broken Heart. I bought the album off iTunes and listened to it straight the way through. From the first couple of seconds of Beauty Of A Broken Heart, I knew it was going to be a badass album.

13. What song made you fall in love with 5?
Radiohead - No Surprises. I knew a load of Radiohead songs before that, but No Surprises was the song that made me go out and buy their albums and such.

14. Which song do you not like by 18?
Chris Breemer - Not applicable

15. Why do you like 14's songs?
The Beatles - Some of it's down to how my Dad used to play them a lot in the car when I was younger. I also like how much of their later stuff is very lyrically and musically unique. They were not a sheep band, presumably because there wasn't really anything before them.

16. Where did you first hear 9?
Jack Johnson - I'd heard of him, and one of his songs was in an advert for something, and then one day I impulsively bought In Between Dreams

17. How long was 19 a singer before you liked them?
Shinji Miyazaki - I don't think he is a singer, but then I've only heard the music he did for the Pokémon TV show.

18. Does 6 have a song that gives you a bad memory?
Sublime - Yes, which is a bit of a coincidence because they are probably one of if not the only artist who have a song with which I have a bad memory linked.

19. When did you get into 17?
Aphex Twin - A couple of months ago. I can't for the life of me remember how though.

20. How long have you been into 13?
The Rolling Stones - Since a couple of years ago when I borrowed one of their CDs from my Dad.

21. If 11 had a concert 300 miles away, would you drive there to see them?
Paul Simon - I like Paul Simon, but 300 miles is a long way. I also don't drive.

22. How many CDs do you own of 12?
Pearl Jam - Urm, none, I think. I borrowed them all from a friend of mine.

23. Does 21 have a song that makes you cry?
Only one song has ever made my cry, and it is not by Newton Faulkner

24. Does 27 have a song that makes you happy?
The Clash - They have many. London Calling has lots of tracks on it that can make me feel good.

25. Does 23 have a song that makes you smile?
Jimi Hendrix - Probably. Lots of music makes me smile.

26. What's the last song you've listened to from 28?
Elkie Brooks - Absolutely no idea. iTunes doesn't know either.

27. Is there a song by 32 that you've listened to more than 30 times?
Herbie Hancock - Not according to last.fm. I've listened to
Driftin' 24 times, and I probably listened to Chameleon about 30 or 40 times before I had last.fm.

28. What is a song from 50 that you've only listened to once?
One Eskimo - UFO

29. Is there a song you are sick of hearing by 24?
Dave Matthews - I get bored of most songs by any artist fairly quickly, so probably.

30. What song got you into 40?
Eels - A friend of mine sent me Novacaine For The Soul, and I really really liked it, but never really pursued it. Then a while later I heard Susan's House, which I also really enjoyed, and that was what made me listen to more Eels.

31. What is your favorite single by 25?
Foo Fighters - I just looked at a list, and didn't realise that Miracle was released as a single. I'll go with that.

32. If 49 hated you, what would you do?
It would be weird if Miles Davis hated me, because he died just over a year after I was born. I mean, I'd be a bit upset, but I'd also wonder why and how he could possibly hate a little baby Adam.

33. What would you say if 41 or one of the members from 41 asked you out?
Jeff Buckley - I would inform him of my heterosexuality and aversion to going out with dead people.

34. Would you care if 26 had a boyfriend/girlfriend?
Alanis Morissette - No. Good luck to her.

35. Who has the best voice in 42?
Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds - Tim Reynolds was in a car accident and severed his vocal cords. Not him, then.

36. Do you think 46 is/are good looking?
Béla Fleck and the Flecktones - Good lord no. Especially Victor Wooten.

37. How many times have you listened to your favorite song by 36?
Metallica - I've listened to One four times since I've had last.fm, probably dozens and dozens more before that.

38. How many CDs do you own of 30?
Queens of the Stone Age - Four

39. Is there a song from 34 that makes you mad?
Blind Melon - No

40. Which member from 31 do you want to see go solo? If 31 is only one artist, what would you do if they joined a group?
Kings of Leon - Don't really know a lot about them. The singer, I guess? I doubt it would make much of a difference.

41. What does your favorite song from 48 remind you of?
Led Zeppelin - When the Levee Breaks reminds me of going swimming, because I listened to it once before I went swimming. Out of all the connections that my brain could make, I don't know why it made that one.

42. Did you hate 43 at first?
Primal Scream - Yes actually. There was a song that was always on Kerrang that annoyed me. I can't remember what it was though.

43. Does your best friend also listen to 37?
Van Morrison - No

44. Do you think your parents would like 33?
Haha, I tagged the music from Pokémon Gold & Silver under the artist 'Junichi Masuda, Go Ichinose'. I was listening to this Game Boy music really loud once, and when my Mum came into my room, she really didn't like it.

45. Does 47 have a song that makes you want to dance?
Arcade Fire - I was dancing to Keep the Car Running a couple of days ago. In my room. By myself.

46. Have you ever seen 38 in person?
Georgie Fame - Yep, saw him live about two years ago. Really awesome.

47. Do you like 44's name?
Jerry Martin - Yeah, Jerry's a wicked name.

48. Is there someone in 45 that you want to go out with?
Savage Garden - No

49. Do you know anyone that hates 39?
Damien Rice - No

50. Have you ever danced to a song from 35?
Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit's come on a couple of times in clubs, and I have danced to that.


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