A day to remember


Fev 19 2007, 16h09

Oh yes. "That day" Cambodia 02.12.-07.12. Lumphat - Phonom Penh.

Like the title of topic, a day to remember, where all my music taste changed in one thought, at one day.
I have to go in Cambodia for some community sevice. While i was driving a car (I was pizza guy), on some radio station (among all other words which I didn't understand) I heard "Harry Krishna". It was music show on that station so I figured that Harry Krishna is some group/project/artist. The guy that run a show was very excited, he was talking fast, with a lot of entusiasm. I was thinking "okey, I head a lot of things, this is one more..., how bad it can be?". But reality is a little bit different. Song by the title of "People" started.....ended.
At that point I was overwelmed. "Such a perfection", I said. Thousend thoughts came on my mind, one by one, very fast. And in a split of a second, I saw my "freedom". It was not a being a "delivery guy" or doing "community service". I crashed a car in the tree, and gave all the pizzas to poor "People". Why? you ask. Because of one line in their lyrics, which I "understood" in that veary moment. It says "People suck ass". Why would I doing work for some guy, that is always on my neck..., threts me bad... I say "fack him". That was the greatest moment of my life so far. While I was standing on the streets, I saw a huge horde of people coming in a way. They were cheering "people such ass!!!" I thoght "can this be true?", and felt such a strong feeling of "being one with the others", and I ran as fast as I could to them, because I felt a strong connection with them. When I came there, I met a guy, who became my best friend, "Rakyyushi". He gave me some information. We were at the Lumphat then, and we were going by the foot to the Phonom Penh. Why? Because Harry-Krishna has a show there, of massive magnitude. A normal man cannot walk by foot to the other part of Cambodia, but we can! Even if you like we were no humans (for that matter). We were driven by the emotion and adrenaline. With thouse two in a pocket we can to anything.
Days have passed, we were walking, and camping, discissing about the HK philosophy.
The day has come. We were entering the Phonom Penh. Our group that was coming from the north, and tripled size since Lumphat. We were all going to the one place, one stage, and waiting for one moment.
Oh yes. The moment has come. There were total of 500 000 PEOPLE there! Show has started! Light were down.
A flat light appers on top of Harry. Same overwelming as i felt in a car. "People" has started. Crowd and Krishna were singing in the same time. I think even the Vietnam heard us singing. Crowd going nuts. The felling was huge, and it cannot be described with the words.
Later on, after the concert I was cathcing a breath, and while I was resting I saw people going in some direction. I standed up and take a look. Harry and Krishna were singing autograms and shirts. I was no longer tired and I tried to go to them by going through the crowd. "I must touch them", "they set me free", i said to myself.
Greatest moment of my life has come. I touched Krishna, and our eyes have met. Her look was all I needed in my life....joy, love.... Everything you need was there.

Now, I'm teaching about HK philosopy, and looking for a new HK concert.


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