Dez 21 2005, 20h27

There are no words to describe last night's Foo Fighters concert. But I'll try anyways ^^,
Where to start..
First, the first support act, Humanzi. They were..ok. That's all I can really say, I was just waiting to get to the next act.
Futureheads were pretty DAMN awesome. Best songs were hounds of love (of course) and man ray, the final song. They were good, but the crowd didn't really get going, we were all looking forward to the foos a bit too much.
Foo's set: First of all, for the final show of the tour, they pulled out ALL the stops for the stage. We had christmas trees and EVERYTHING. No-one else got those, so screw you people who saw them other places! They opened with In Your Honor, then followed with No Way Back, After that, things get a bit...hazy in my mind, so I THINK the rough order of the songs they played was:

In Your Honor
No Way Back
My Hero
Best Of You
Times Like These
Learn To Fly
Up In Arms
The One
Have It All
Stacked Actors
Big Me
Monkey Wrench
Cold Day In The Sun
All My Life

That's all they played, but the order is pretty much screwed after the first couple. Ah well.
Highlights? Pretty much all of it. But especially Best Of You (Yes that's right Martin it was bloody amazing) and Everlong. God DAMN It was good. It had the whole "slow and awesome" thing going on, until the quiet bit in the middle, when the rest of the band came back, Dave threw on the overdrive and they finished with the full LOUD rock version. And I can't forget Taylor's like 3 minute drum solo. Or Dave and Chris' duelling guitar solos either...
In short, best night ever ever ever ever ever.
Also, this is a shout out to the small girl who likes Futureheads a lot: my back will bear the marks of your elbows until I die.
Also hi to all the awesome random people we met, especially those from Cork whose names we can't QUITE remember, but are the only people EVER to like Belfast accent (wierdos ^^,), and also to Sara and Melissa from Kilkeel, who are also very awesome. But one of you has terrible terrible taste in music (apart from Foos), please god get that seen to. Also hello to that madman from Galway. Omaha beach, man. Omaha beach.


  • m0rph3us

    I saw Foo Fighters in Auckland about a month ago, and they were stunning. The set list was quite similar, Stacked Actors was amazing because they did a 5-minute improv jam mid-song.

    Dez 21 2005, 21h27
  • Toosuto

    Yeah! They do that a lot I think, we got it there (the drum solo was part of it!) and a shorter-but-still-as-awesome one in the middle of monkey wrench. There's so much more that I can't remember 'til people say things!

    Dez 21 2005, 21h36
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