Ago 17 2005, 23h56

I'm pretty sure no-one will ever read this (but I'm constanly bored so feel free to tell me if you do) but just in case: get Foo Fighter's "In Your Honor" right the hell now. Just go out and buy it. Download it something if the shops are closed (but buy it later) but yes.
That is all I have to say.
I don't like empty spaces on this thing. They come up in little yellow boxes, which make me afraid and sometimes angry (as some people may already know), hence this, my being in a group and my actually tagging something.
Hay look superscript and subscript. I am easily amused.


  • littletinyninja

    can i have your babies?

    Set 7 2005, 22h03
  • Toosuto

    No. Unless they're ugly and/or stupid. Then you can adopt.

    Set 9 2005, 14h37
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