Toodalimit's Top 20 Songs of 2008


Dez 31 2008, 18h59

These are my personal fav's from through out the year... Singles, Album Cuts, Unreleased/ Leaked tracks....

20. Single
This won me over for "Best Comeback Single of the Year"... Ne-Yo & Polow Da Don actually made a great collaboration choice. I'm not a fan of New Kids on the Block, but I can atleast say I like one of their songs now.

19. Love In This Club (Remix feat. Beyonce & Lil' Wayne)
One of the hottest remixes of this year... very sultry... Lil' Wayne was just that extra dab of radio they needed for constant rotation.

18. Chopped N Skrewed
T-Pain has really been getting on my goodside lately! First with "Can't Believe It", now with this song. And he hooked up with Ludacris... the production is fire... one of my club favorites!

17. Miles Away
Madonna joined forces with Timbaland & Justin Timberlake and came up with this wistful and wonderful track. One of my favorites from Madonna.

16. Mic Check
With an album that has been delayed for way too long... I fell in love with Keri Hilson after every leaked track... this one is great. Into the song the collaboration with Akon suprised me because I didn't see it coming. One of the hottest tracks from this summer.

15. Nobody But You
Passed all of the negative clash that Cassie gets, her production is always screaming hot. This song hooked me and like the song above, a Summer Jam that I enjoyed every minute of!

14. Rockin' That Thang
I don't know what it is, maybe its that Prince-esque signature sound, or the fact that his hooks are repeated hundreds of times, The-Dream just speaks to my body through his production. I'm currently in love with this song. I love the change of production, the 808-booming bass, the hook, it's just so easy to move too. Damn him for doing this to me, but I love it lol.

13. Come Over
Best new artist of 08, Estelle has a brilliant album. I was intrigued to listen to the whole album from start to finish, and I was satisfied. This song left an imprint on me, Sold. Its beautifully composed and she sounds great singing... I love its calming tone... Estelle has promise for an interesting career.

12. Street Lights
This is hauntingly familiar and it does paint a picture of a dark street, driving while the street lights pass by, casting shadows and only illuminating things that are seen and tooken for granted. Kanye West always has a gem on every album, and this is one of them.

11. Hello
Beyonce actually came through with this track. It really brings raw emotion to me, because I can relate. I also love how aggressive the whole track is, she happens to be on my list twice.

10. A Capella (Something's Missing)
Ever since I heard "Angel In Disguise", I knew Brandy had a knick at harmony. The whole track is A Capella (hence the song title) and her voice serves as majority of the song's production. It has actually became my favorite track from the album. She pulls it off beautifully, I can only see maybe Beyonce, Tweet or Mariah Carey pulling this off nowadays. It just goes to show Brandy's talent for vocal production.

9. Oh Girl
His album may have been blatant rip-offs from classic motown songs to some, but to me, this album is terrific. It is something different that male R&B artist were not doing, & of course it was from Raphael Saadiq. Now this song had to make my top ten, because it just had that genuine throwback quality. One of those songs that you could reminise too. Flawless production and great vocal performance plus to top it off a remix with Jay-Z, it had to break my top ten!

8. Need U Bad
This woman is BAD, Jazmine Sullivan soulfully expressed the need she had for this guy over a pulsing reggae/ r&b track. Missy Elliott knew she had to scream on this track. This was a great choice for a lead single, and when I heard this I had to do my research on her. I found her cover of "Resentment" absolutely wonderful, and "Chick With Ambition" (sung over Kanye's "Flashing Lights") totally infectious. I hope she makes it to another album and gives alot more soul for 2009.

7. Viva la Vida
Coldplay is genius. Thats all there is that needs to be said.

6. Say
Alright so here is my cheat throughout the list. This song came out in 2007, and apparently I wasn't aware of it until 2008. I heard it in a store and I had to know who it was. It's like one of those "In the moment" songs, its simply amazing what music can do to you. I applaud John Mayer for this, I just learned that he did a cover of my favorite Tom Petty song, "Free Falling".

5. Tender Love
OK the whole top ten was tough but this top 5 was actually real critical. It had to go to Alicia Keys, this song wasn't on the album and I just don't know why. She performed it live at every place she went to, on tour, like it should have been. Anyway her cover of this song was instantly a winner... she took it to the next level, alike most of these songs in the top ten it brought out so much emotion from me. She could perform this at my wedding, and I would be happy for life! (and that will be in the next five years from now... lmao)

4. Smash Into You
I understand this is a version from another song "Smack Into You" from Jon Mclaughlin, and I still yearn to hear that version, but I adore this song. Beyonce sheds some vulnerability in her performance alike "Disappear" & "Satellites" that doesn't have an overbearing production. It's sweet & simple.

3. Hometown Glory
Yes my top 20 has alot more new artists than I thought. This year some of these artist brought something more refreshing to music than the vets. This song is heavy... heavy on my heart... the piano driven song emotes to my heart strings and just pulls from hearing the intro. Adele is amazing, and I couldn't see anybody else nor want anyone to perform this song other then her. It's simply amazing.

2. Make You Feel My Love
Classic. Like I said before, Adele is amazing. I've shed some tears before connecting songs with memories... but this one always has me teary eyed. I can't help it. Adele is my artist of the year... I'm a sucker for love songs!

1. Run
Covers are dominating my top 20! I didn't even pay attention to that until now. This is Snow Patrol's song originally, and their interpretation of it is so much darker and moodier than Leona's. I love both versions of the song, I just love the song its self. Leona Lewis's performance of this at BBC Radio 1's Live Lounge initially captured me. Ever since then I couldn't tear away from this song. It's moving, and the new revamped version of the song is alil' more pop but still good, I still prefer the live version that nearly swept me away. I seen Leona in a new light and I have a lot more appreciation for her as an artist.

Bubbling Under/ Honorary Mention:
Sober - P!nk
Paper Planes - MIA,
Warwick Avenue - Duffy,
Spotlight - Jennifer Hudson,
Rehab - Rihanna
Hero - Nas
Forever - Chris Brown


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