Toodalimit's Lyric Game (Vol. 8)


Dez 16 2007, 19h40

Guess The Song, From the Lyrics.

1) She needs my love, She said I'm like the air without me She'll die. She Needs My Love
2) And I know inside I'll never let you go, cause I'm sure you're the one.
3) Things just ain't the same, he could never be you, he should know the pain I feel,Things Just Ain't The Same
4) Showing off your ass cause you think that its a trend, girlfriend, Doo Wop (That Thing)
5) He can only hold her for so long, the lights are on but no one's home. He Can Only Hold Her
6) I need a light (light), so I can smoke away this pain, I need a drink (drink),I Need A Light
7) Somebody told me, they got trouble at home, cause we never talk alot,
8) Well sometimes I go out by myself and I look across the water. Valerie
9) You You You want the lavish crib the fancy cars, You want the face on that rolex shining like the stars. Lavish
10) You're the reason Why I'm thinking I don't wanna smoke on these ciggarettes no more. Rehab
11) I need you boo, gotta see you boo, and the hearts all over the world tonight,With You
12) She's gentle to the touch, she's everything and plus, so happy to be caused the trouble. She's Too Much
13) On your mark ready, get set go... Jump Jump Jump Jump Jump Jump....
14) What is this, numbers in your pockets I remember when you used to throw those things away,It's Over Now
15) Hey how ya doin, yeah I'm doing mighty fine, last time I seen you, its been a long time So Good
16) My world it moves so fast today, the past it seems so far away, and life squeezes so tight that i can't breathe.The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill
17) Hey you out there, fat ass good hair, help with my homies, I wanna kick it with you
18) Talking late on the phone, everynight you've been calling, private moments alone, Girlfriend
19) Its just the day that brings it all about, just another day nothings any good.King of Sorrow
20) Guess who's bizzack, no it ain't him though, LA Dodger fitted cap with the brim low,I'm Chillin
21) Looking over the skylights of the city, loud quiet nights in the midst of crime,Gotham City
22) Unsure what the balance held, I touched my belly overwhelmed, By what I been chosen to perform To Zion
23) Like an angel in disguise you make my bed feel heavenly.Can't Get Right
24) She stays alone, never sheds a single tear, she stays in the coolest moods, Lives In My Lap
25) If you just please, open up please, let me watch please. let me watch you
26) I had a change of heart, don't where to start, what I'm about to say may surprise you,Coming for You
27) You're always on my mind, when you come around I get shy, baby when I see youWhen I See You
28) Now the skies could fall, not even if my boss should call, the world it seems so very small Nothing Even Matters
29) Started out talking right here, putting it down like a mother fukkin mack, sellin candy all up in my ear, Falsetto
30) Tell me what you're name is, ooh yeah it fits you girl, anywhere you're headed,
31) Baby it breaks my heart, to think that loving me is not easy to do,Breaks My Heart
32) You just don't understand, you got to be there for me, you hold my heart in your hand,Got to Be There
33) Come and go with me, theres so mcuh you can see, get high with me, come fly with me
34) Ooh boy you lookin like you like what you see, won't you come over and check up on it, Check On It
35) It could all be so simple, but you rather make it hard, loving you is like a battleEx-Factor
36) Now you can never ever say I ain't gave my love, and never say that you don't care
37) and I really wanna make it work, but i can't stop messing round I'm here doing dirt cause these girls are my KryptoniteKryptonite
38) Tell me baby why, why you wanna hide, what you feel inside cause I feel it,
39) These are days I pick and run, in the stream with everyone these are moments of our lives The Valley
40) I'm gonna take my time, she gon get hers before I, I'm gonna take it slow, I'm not gonna rush the strokeSexual Eruption
41) Love is this marathon I'm running for you baby, and you don't know it yet but faith is all I'm asking and I'm gonna win this race.Marathon
42) Keep it up, we gon show you how we party Up Jumps da Boogie
43) Its not your situation I just need contemplation over you (over you),Georgy porgy
44) I don't wanna step out tonight, what you think about that does it sound like a plan?
45) It's serious, I don't care if you are in your car, I don't care if you are on the dance floor.I Proceed
46) The things you told me had me open I gave you something I gave nobody else,
47) Say my name, say my name, if noone is around you say baby I love you if you ain't running game. Say My Name
48) Now I don't, I used to love him, Now I don't Now I don't, I Used to Love Him
49) With so much drama in the LBC its kinda hard being Snoop D-O double G, Gin & Juice
50) I've had my way, and I've had my share of ups and downs, I been in trouble and I couldn't tell my ups and downs.Roses

Taio Cruz
Bobby Valentino
Deborah Cox
Chris Brown
John Legend
Elephant Man


  • capricarius

    4. Lauryn Hill - Doo Wop (That Thing) 5. Amy Winehouse - He Can Only Hold Her 8. Mark Ronson (feat Amy Winehouse) - Valerie [I know, you don't have Mark Ronson listed, but thats who the song is by :) ] Originally by The Zutons. 34. Beyonce - Check On It 49. Snoop Dogg - Gin and Juice

    Dez 17 2007, 18h25
  • Jenifur07

    10. Rihanna-Rehab 26.Jojo-Coming for You 42.Timbaland & Magoo- Up Jumps Da' Boogie 45.Ciara-I Proceed

    Dez 18 2007, 1h53
  • Make-It-Hot

    23. Jagged Edge - Can't Get Right 41. Kelis - Marathon 37. Mario - Kryptonite 31. Monica - Breaks My Heart My song!

    Dez 19 2007, 7h22
  • pipedreamz

    6. Warren G (feat. Nate Dogg) - I Need A Light 11. Chris Brown - With You 14. 112 - It's Over Now 15. Destiny's Child - So Good 19. Sade - King Of Sorrow 20. The Game (feat. Fergie) - I'm Chillin' 22. Lauryn Hill - To Zion 27. Fantasia - When I See You 28. Lauryn Hill (feat. D'Angelo) - Nothing Even Matters 32. Amerie - Got To Be There 35. Lauryn Hill - Ex-Factor 40. Snoop Dogg - Sexual Eruption 43. Eric Benet (feat. Faith Evans) - Georgy Porgy 48. Lauryn Hill (feat. Mary J. Blige) - I Used To Love Him

    Dez 21 2007, 10h51
  • Make-It-Hot

    1. The-Dream - She Needs My Love 3. Deborah Cox - Things Just Ain't The Same 24. OutKast - She Lives In My Lap 21. R. Kelly - Gotham City

    Dez 22 2007, 13h26
  • pipedreamz

    50. Mary J. Blige - Roses

    Dez 26 2007, 3h12
  • Keaf

    9. Twista f/ Pharrell - Lavish 29. The-Dream - Falsetto

    Dez 29 2007, 6h55
  • irie86

    16. Lauryn Hill - The miseducation... 18. Alicia Keys - Girlfriend

    Jan 29 2008, 15h22
  • lmnmusiconline

    33. John Legend - Let's Get Lifted Again ?

    Mai 16 2008, 15h27
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