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Dez 31 2006, 8h34

Alright its the End of another fast year... and so I put together my top 20 songs....They are basically songs... including singles, album tracks and unreleased tracks. Overall I tried to have one song per artist on the countdown.

20.I Wanna Love You
This song was played on every radio station on the county and my initial response of this song is "How did T-pain get a record deal?" Soon I found out that it was Akon. It eventually grew on me... infectious hook.

19. Stand Up Guy
I love to dance.... and Swizz laid down a nice otherwordly track for T.I. on his cd that I can "wind it up!" on. lol

18. Good Luck Charm
It's Just Something to do with their seductive, but warm and harmonic voices that just run a shiver down my spine everytime I hear them sing! I love JE!

17. Unfaithful
Beautiful music, a strained note here and there but wonderful concept (lyrics in part from Ne-yo), Kind of twisted but great single choice for Rihanna!

16. You're Beautiful
First thought... it was a great backdrop song while drinking coffee at a small latee shop. I Causght and episode of Smallville that influenced my liking to this song, its so

15. Fergalicious
Its annoying at first but after the 12th time hearing it... u start to sing along and forget the whole fact that its just plain silly! I love this song!

14. Sexy Love
Absolutely Seductive.

13. Temperature
Sean Paul always knows how to keep me on my feet! The beat is hott!

12. Blow
Cool & dre's finest production up to date... the beat is just soooo Hard. Rick Ross comes across with his MIA style of flow easy, while Dre tries to get his Marvin gaye on over the hook singing "bloooow" lol.

11. Buttons
I underestimated these girls... this song is so hott.... Nicole sounds so sexy over the song, while Snoop adds a sprinkle pimp over the remix. Cute.

10. Blow the Whistle
All I can say is... " You don't wanna be like me, i come from east oakland where the youngstas get hyphy, BLOW IT!".....

9. Irreplaceable
The golden girl again is blowing up this year...but this track doesn't have her actually screaming or acting a fool in the video... its more laid back and truthful. Let em know the left, to the left!

8. Be Without You
Mary basically broke it down in this song.... it always catches me up in the moment with this song. Like I'm going through that same situation Mary is singing. lol.

7. Touch It
Swizz is on fiyah! The beat is just blazing! Busta owns the club....

6. FutureSex/LoveSounds
The song ooozes funk... its so hot... reminiscent of David Bowie meeting INXS....

5. Crazy
This song shattered across the board from hip hop, pop to adult contemporary... Its just amazing.... this song sounds sooo before its time.. its crazy!

4. Promise
I love Ciara but this formula is so obvious "Janet's sexuality + Aaliyah's Swagger + Prince's beat = Promise"
The song is hott though!

3. Too Little Too Late
Great Breakthrough single... Jojo's vocal ability is raising the bar with each single....

2. Maneater
This song is just amazing...very 80-ish but captivating at the same time.... its consistent boom and transcending instruments twist the song into darkness but yet still Club-oriented. A turn for Nelly.

1. Heartbreaker
This Should have been a single... I played this over and over in the summer! Its one of P!nk greatest B-sides, let alone one of her greatest songs IMO!

Close Cuts- Hurt ~ Christina Aguilera, Say Somethin ~ Mariah Carey, You ~ Lloyd & Trill ~ Clipse


  • stampit

    amen to Justin Timberlake – FutureSex/LoveSounds

    Dez 31 2006, 8h44
  • HE101

    Our year end top 20 are so similar. Not suprising really, since we listen to pretty much the same music. I love your non single choices (Blow, FS/LS, Stand Up Guy).

    Jan 1 2007, 4h43
  • mack2

    Mary J. Bliges albu, came out in 2005. Otherwise Be Without You had made my chart too, and rather high too.

    Jan 1 2007, 19h34
  • Toodalimit

    The only reason BWY made my charts is because it came out in Winter of 2005 and was still having major Video & Radio rotation around the beginning of the year.

    Jan 2 2007, 12h43
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