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  • tripouts

    not yet, therefore i'm ready to die

    1 hora atrás Responder
  • tripouts

    thanks for your sincere intentions. de la garza type is the kind of dude i try to forever stay away from by 10 meters or more, so i think i am safe. also i am not fond of this super particular drawing challenge, but drawing animals is fun so i'll do it for sure.

    7 Out 19h03 Responder
  • tripouts

    hehe yes the covert operation with the general bit was really amusing. that javier cercas book sounds really interesting btw.

    6 Out 21h58 Responder
  • tripouts

    also yeah the marias thread reception was very reserved lol

    6 Out 18h15 Responder
  • tripouts

    i wonder how much the experience of marias's father influenced the inclusion of the spanish civil war element into the novel - though even there his anglophilia shines thru and we more see it from ~oxonian spy perspective than anything else. the lengthy interpretation of propaganda posters was amazing, too.

    6 Out 18h14 Responder
  • tripouts

    i'd imagine the tone and stupidity of de la garza would be lost in translation :c but i think the custardoy/de la garza analogy is somewhat correct, although the latter is The representative of the spanish character in your face tomorrow, while custardoy is surrounded by other spaniard characters, like the protagonist's father himself. also funny thing: toby rylands appears in all souls, just a one-sentence mention, but it made me think how there's a continuity of characters throughout the novels. imo thats definitely true for the protagonist of all the marias books i've read so far.

    4 Out 18h02 Responder
  • tripouts

    it was a great soundtrack to watching gloomy clouds pass by

    4 Out 15h21 Responder
  • tripouts

    update: the sighs are not my cup of tea

    3 Out 17h36 Responder
  • tripouts

    lolz de la garza's embarrassing encounter with the american woman was recorded masterfully, and doubled as a study of a national character marias seems to distance himself from (with the very openly demonstrated fascination with british/oxford academia culture). also i got this feeling reading fever but even after couple of pages of all souls, as well, that marias intends to write about very abstract subjects (memory, the neccessity to relate your story to someone, telling and not telling of something) as a lawyer, like every clause needs to be covered. 'the person recounting here and now what he saw and what happened to him then is not the same person who saw those things and to whom those things happened; neither is he a prolongation of that person, his shadow, his heir or his usurper'.

    2 Out 16h01 Responder
  • tripouts

    thanks for your input. i think a heart so white affected me in a similar way + the mysterious but welcome appearances of his other books wherever i went. NOW TO TODAS LAS ALMAS. as i understand, you have the entire yr face tomorrow trilogy in one place?

    2 Out 15h50 Responder
  • tripouts

    i need to know your thoughts on Your Face Tomorrow.

    27 Set 16h39 Responder
  • tripouts

    hm my initial suggestion was some continuation/story telling in the drawings but that might scare many people off and result in a failure. i guess it should be kept to the most democratic level possible. i'l get back with (hopefully) more ideas

    17 Set 5h36 Responder
  • tripouts

    secretly hoping for pygmalion in its entirety x_x also that drawing challenge thread needs to happen! and i'm not saying you should be solely responsible

    16 Set 18h29 Responder
  • tripouts

    that'd be pushing the limits of current reality

    15 Set 22h30 Responder
  • tripouts

    yeah the show is pretty close but first: slowdive...........

    15 Set 15h33 Responder
  • tripouts

    lol yes our compatibility bar has nowhere to expand at this point

    14 Set 15h47 Responder
  • tripouts

    yeah the people on the stairs looked slightly embarrassed? and the concierge kicked everyone out as i understand? i really love how the way 'the road' is filmed makes it look like that staircase is haunted by her. now really hyped up for the show

    14 Set 15h46 Responder
  • tripouts if you haven't seen already

    13 Set 4h50 Responder
  • tripouts

    i absolutely <3 spooky soundtracks. i think the little thing/love detective transition works so well, melodically. the first 4 songs are really groovy and then the transcendence of material life/spookiness sets in. also i think that this kinda theme can not do without this song imo

    10 Set 19h03 Responder
  • tripouts

    aw thanks the track list for spooky soundtracks already looks fantastic. i'll listen to it first and then catch up with the peruvian playlist, did it have the same theme??

    10 Set 16h09 Responder
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i got one lyric pointed at your heart for a start
and another one pointed at your weak ass heart

my attack is purely mental and its nature's not hate
it's meant to wake ya up out of ya brainwashed state

but have it your way, raw no foreplay
that's you if you want a dude who wear a mask all day

i'm the one-man army, Ason
i've never been tooken out, I keep MC's lookin out

my momma did her part
but it ain't her fault that I was born with out a heart
in other words I'm heartless dude
i don't love me, how the fuck I'mma love you?

now, what kind of life is that for a fucking child?

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