New Audioscrobbler plug-in for QMP


Nov 6 2007, 8h57

I have finished my work on a new Audioscrobbler plug-in for Quintessential Media Player.

This plug-in uses the AS 1.2 protocol and only runs under QMP b119+.


Source code can be found here:

If you have bug's or suggestions, please report them in the below thread or I might not see them:
Envios aceitos


  • lazylittle page incorrectly states that your plug-in is for QCD, not QMP... And all this time, I was trying to make it work...

    Set 3 2008, 21h01
  • MichuNeo

    quinnware site is not working :/

    Nov 21 2008, 17h47
  • Tokelil

    The page is apparently having issues atm. It should be back "soon". The latest version can be downloaded from here:

    Nov 21 2008, 17h49
  • ganjamann

    I got QMP b119 and instal that plug-in. Player asked me about nick and password, I wrote it but music isn't scrobbing Sory for BAD English

    Dez 4 2008, 14h01
  • Tokelil

    Please enable logging in preferences for the plug-in and send a log file from start of player and including scrobling of a few songs to: toke 'at'

    Dez 4 2008, 14h46
  • ganjamann

    Which is it that log file and where is he

    Dez 4 2008, 15h36
  • ganjamann

    lazzylittle wrote about QCD and QMP, but QCD version is 4.51 so it must be QMP 119 but what is that '+'

    Dez 4 2008, 15h56
  • ganjamann

    lazylittle wrote something about QCD and QMP so which is correct

    Dez 4 2008, 15h59
  • Tokelil

    The plugin only works with QMP b119 and b120. So if you use b119 it should work. If you go into preferences for Audioscrobbler plug-in, set the Debug option to File. After you have restarted QMP, a file named "Audioscrobbler.log" will be created in either the QMP program folder (F.ex. C:\Program Files\Quintessential Media Player\) or in %appdata%\Quintessential Media Player. (F.ex. C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Quintessential Media Player on Vista or C:\Documents and Settings\<usernam>\Application Data\Quintessential Media Player on XP.) Those folders are hidden, so the easiest way to find them is to just type %appdata% in the Run box.

    Dez 4 2008, 16h23
  • ganjamann

    OK I've got it, so how do i send too yuo

    Dez 4 2008, 16h38
  • ganjamann

    Man it isn't problem with your plugin but with my profile. I change password and everything is allright Bless

    Dez 8 2008, 13h04
  • Tokelil

    Good to know. I wonder why the server didn't complain though...

    Dez 8 2008, 14h38
  • streeetspirit

    Thank you for this plug-in!

    Set 25 2011, 14h02
  • ENpromo

    great plugin!

    Set 30 2011, 19h05
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