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Jun 6 2007, 8h26

Sun 27 May – Voxtrot, Au Revoir Simone

I didn't get around to writing about this concert because I've been away on vacation for a very long time. But be ye assured that this concert kicked some ass.
I saw Modest Mouse earlier on this same trip. And though that concert was very good, I found this one to be much, much better.
These guys way exceeded my expectations. I really enjoyed Voxtrot before, but I think they were even better in concert. They had so much energy. Or at least the lead singer, Ramesh, had a shitload of energy. You couldn't help but get caught up in the music. Seriously, you had no choice.
Also, got to see Au Revoir Simone. I had only heard a few of their tracks prior, but I did enjoy them. These guys, or gals more accurately, were so freakin' cute. They were also one of the first to hit the dance floor once Voxtrot started rocking.



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