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The UnguidedUnguided Entity Ontem 12:29
The UnguidedEye Of The Thylacine Ontem 12:24
The UnguidedGranted Ontem 12:19
The UnguidedDefector DCXVI Ontem 12:15
The UnguidedInception Faixa preferida Ontem 12:11
HämatomSäulen des Wahnsinns Faixa preferida Ontem 03:46
DisillusionGloria Faixa preferida Ontem 03:40
Dark TranquillityThereIn Faixa preferida Ontem 03:34
Dark TranquillityThe Mundane and the Magic Faixa preferida Ontem 03:28
JanusKlotz am Bein Faixa preferida Ontem 03:20
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RageBeauty Ontem 03:10
RageBlack Ontem 03:09
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  • LastDinoOnline

    Awh, danke! Der Penis ist wunderschön, damit sei dir verziehen! :DD

    8 Jan 20h44 Responder
  • SweetLilHome

    Haha. Danke. Kann ich nur zuruückgeben. ;-)

    19 Dez 2013 Responder
  • AlexboyCO

    Hallo staubiger Bruder! ;D

    30 Ago 2013 Responder
  • metalprincess6

    That is awesome you were able to go to Wacken since 2007 and thanks for sending me the link for the band line up. I see Amorphis and Nightwish will be there I would love to see them Live. I have seen Whitechapel.... As I lay Dying and Motorhead they are on the list. They were all good Live....Someday I will make it to one I hope.

    15 Jan 2013 Responder
  • metalprincess6

    Cute Avatar, do you watch the show? I see you have alot of nice line ups for events for this year that's awesome....One day I will go to Wacken, have you gone before or will this be your first year and who is playing this year?

    13 Jan 2013 Responder
  • metalprincess6

    I would Love to go to Wacken...The new singer of Kamelot is pretty good he does a descent job....I would love to see them Live.....I see you are going to Wacken again in 2013 what good bands are playing.....Happy New Year....

    3 Jan 2013 Responder
  • metalprincess6

    I have seen alot of bands Live and I see you have also.....You saw Kamelot that's awesome I love them, how were they Live and you probably saw them when Khan was the singer.....How was Moonsorrow and Children Of Bodom?

    21 Dez 2012 Responder
  • Jonesdude666

    Ihre Aussagen sind derart infam, sodass ich als durchaus empört einzustufen bin. Außerdem ist das Trance und kein Techno, du Hodenkobold!

    16 Out 2012 Responder
  • Jonesdude666

    tu ich dich die ganze Zeit :D

    14 Out 2012 Responder
  • AlexboyCO

    Hallo Dago!

    22 Jun 2012 Responder
  • Jonesdude666

    Me Gusta

    10 Mar 2012 Responder
  • Jonesdude666

    nices Profilbild :D

    9 Fev 2012 Responder
  • zwiecha

    Shnitzel serviert sekt schnell und honig eigen Fladenbrot. Bewundere durch besetzt halb frei.

    30 Out 2011 Responder
  • kaiserzeitgeist

    I agree with your shout (2008) on Funker Vogt's "Whenever a Child Dies," underrated and one of FV's best.

    11 Out 2011 Responder
  • AlexboyCO

    Ist das hier die Metaller-Ecke? ;D

    8 Out 2011 Responder
  • calyxos

    dann wärst du auch Frauenschwarm pur.. naja. zumindest für die, die Deathnote gesehn haben^^ aber nur so aussehen reicht ja nicht, L s verhalten ist einfach zu geil. wie er sitzt allein schon *-*

    5 Nov 2010 Responder
  • calyxos


    1 Nov 2010 Responder
  • calyxos

    ~L~ <3

    18 Out 2010 Responder
  • LordPsiduck

    Hey, am 15.10. feiern wir im Römer in Bremen unseren ersten Geburtstag! Guck doch auch mal vorbei, von 20-22 Uhr gibt es Freibier! Bis denne! -Metal4Bremen

    6 Out 2010 Responder
  • Zamboner

    My opinion is that they released the best albums with Dukes on vocals (especially the two Exhibits).. Preeeeettty poser statement

    2 Out 2010 Responder
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since: 17.01.2012 listening to music via Last.FM for Android and for Windows. Anyhow, I still own a mp3-player but these tracks are not submitted to!

1st track: Cryonic Temple - Shark Attack
5000th track: Alice Cooper - Somewhere in the Jungle
10000th track: Six Feet Under - Waiting for Decay
15000th track: Die Apokalyptischen Reiter - Himmelskind
20000th track: Heaven Shall Burn - Armia
25000th track: Die Apokalyptischen Reiter - We will never die
30000th track: Eisregen - Eisenkreuzkrieger
35000th track: Deathstars - Death in Vogue
40000th track: Communic - Waves of visual Decay
45000th track: Billy Joel - We didn't start the Fire
50000th track: Dew-Scented - Never to return
55000th track: Nachtmahr - Ich glaube
60000th track: The Dust of Basement - Babylon
65000th track: Edguy - 9-2-9
70000th track: Morbid Angel - Praise the Strength
75000th track: Epica - The divine Conspiracy
80000th track: Roadrunner United - Army of the Sun
85000th track: Dew-Scented - Global Hysteria
90000th track: Behemoth - Hekau 718
95000th track: Legion of the Damned - Death is my Master (Slay for Kali)
100000th track: Steel Panther - Eatin' ain't cheatin'
105000th track: Digimon - Leb deinen Traum
110000th track: Dark Tranquillity - The Mundane and the Magic
115000th track: Catamenia - Forest enthroned
120000th track: Primal Fear - Silver & Gold
125000th track: Dark Tranquillity - The Mundane and the Magic
130000th track: Turisas - Greek Fire
135000th track: Funker Vogt - Date of Expiration

Bands, die schonmal Platz 1 der Overall-Charts waren:

Grave Digger
L'Âme Immortelle
Böhse Onkelz

seen live:

1x - Anti-Flag, Saga, Truckfighters, Mannhai, Grailknights, Disbelief, End of Green, Kingdom of Salvation, One Man Army and the undead Quartet, Savage Circus, Synasthasia, Darzamat, Hatesphere, Stratovarius, God Dethroned, Inactive Messiah, Moonsorrow, Job for a Cowboy, The Haunted, Exodus, Obituary, At the Gates, Mnemic, Within Temptation, Metallica, Mina Harker, All Ends, Oomph!, Airbourne, Delain, Keep of Kalessin, Torture Killer, Stigma, Trashmonkeys, Millencolin, Running Wild, Heaven & Hell, Tristania, Cathedral, Onslaught, Alight, Combichrist, Metalium, Omega Lithium, Screwballs, Despondency, Candlemass, Steelwing, ReVamp, Kells, J.B.O., Undertow, Helliön, PsyCodia, Headbanger's Nightmare, Misconceived, Soave, Rotten Sky, Try in Vain, Dystopolis, Gun Barrel, Dunkelschön, Letzte Instanz, Paid in Pain, Nightmare, Motorjesus, Akrea, Turisas, Tankard, Destruction, Cradle of Filth, Arafel, Helrunar, The Amenta, Hour of Penance, Judas Priest, Weena Morloch, As I Lay Dying, Septic Flesh, Lahannya, Omnium Gatherum, Gurd, Mercenary, Scar of the Sun, Battle Beast, Moonspell, WassBass, Neurotic Mass Movement, [x]-Rx, Haujobb, Deadlock, Engel, Circle II Circle, Kamelot, Axel Rudi Pell, Scorpions, The Rotted, Mystic Prophecy, The Unguided, Wisdom, Junius, Katatonia, Dawn of Destiny, Dunderbeist, Threshold, Freedom Call, Deep Purple, Neaera, Nachtblut, Eisenfunk, Mono Inc., Gothminister, HIM, Staubkind, Betontod, Anthrax, Killswitch Engage, Lost Area, Die Vorboten, Jovian Spin, A Tale of Amity, Eskimo Callboy, Enter and Fall, Deserted Fear, Dying Fetus, Veritas Maximus, Frei.Wild, Into Salvation, Cripper, Crowbar, Limp Bizkit, Böhse Onkelz, Iron Savior, Hämatom
2x - Disillusion, Ensiferum, Fractera Eden, Vader, Nevermore, Bolt Thrower, Severe Torture, Grave Digger, Iron Maiden, Arch Enemy, Ctulu, Gamma Ray, Scar Symmetry, Belphegor, Deicide, Van Canto, Kataklysm, Communic, Týr, Edguy, Pride Shall Fall, Dimmu Borgir, In Flames, Opeth, Machine Head, Behemoth, Deathstars, Hypocrisy, Naglfar, Soilwork, Alice Cooper, Saltatio Mortis, Nachtmahr, [:SITD:], Caliban, Trivium, Bullet for my Valentine, Solitary Experiments, Schwarzer Engel, Debauchery, Blutengel, Rhapsody of Fire, Amorphis, Children of Bodom, Sonic Syndicate, Powerwolf
3x - Korpiklaani, Subway to Sally, Legion of the Damned, Blind Guardian, HammerFall, Graveworm, Iced Earth, Dark Tranquillity, Alcest, Axxis, Mob Rules, Avantasia, Der W, Six Feet Under, Wintersun, Ektomorf, Rammstein, Slayer, Samsas Traum, Lord of the Lost, Helloween, Primal Fear, Knorkator
4x - Donots, Kreator, Hackneyed, Amon Amarth, Dew-Scented, Varg, Nightwish, Fear Factory, ASP, In Extremo
5x - Sorrowfield, Epica, Die Apokalyptischen Reiter, Eluveitie, Rage, Heaven Shall Burn, Sodom, Sabaton, Equilibrium, Eisregen
6x Endstille, Callejon
7x - Die Toten Hosen


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