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Nov 2 2010, 0h28

You know a song is good when everybody starts doing their own rendition. I can't say much about The Rescues except for the fact that they're an American pop/rock band, but what I can tell you is that they've decided to cover Katy Perry's recent hit Teenage Dream. Is it good? Well.. it's a very stripped down version of the song which is not a compliment considering that at some point I was expecting to hear the guitar and bass riffs from the original. And aside from the over-the-top harmonizing, you could say it's "Just Ok", meaning, it's certainly not better than the original but it's worth a couple of listens.

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  • soullessmate

    I thought it was actually brilliant. Better then the original? Definitely. They took a pop electro mainstream garbage of a song and created a thing of beauty and I am thankful for that...

    Jan 18 2011, 4h42
  • TheTMJCharts

    That is an awesome opinion actually!

    Jan 18 2011, 23h34
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