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  • Markus-TR

    Do you listen to Rammstein? If you do, check out Till Lindemann's solo project 'Skills in Pills'.. crazy as fuck lyrics (sung in English) but great tunes..

    27 Jun 14h51 Responder
  • JohnHawk

    nice charts, dude

    18 Jun 16h50 Responder
  • Stefanszz

    PS: You're tearing me apart, Lisa!

    16 Jun 1h04 Responder
  • Stefanszz

    hey we kinda-sorta look alike!

    16 Jun 1h03 Responder
  • Markus-TR

    Sorry to hear you've been feeling down again, hope everything is OK. Yeah OK I admit Dream Theater are good, quite good ;).. I preferred 'Images and Words' a bit more the second time around. Yeah the new Lost album has been getting very good reviews overall, probably their best since their early days although I don't really mind their Depeche Mode-esque phase. Speaking of which, DM's 'Songs of Fath and Devotion' is excellent yeah, haven't heard 'Black Celebration' yet but will get round to it. Yeah well I've been working through Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden's "best" stuff so thought I'd may as well work on JP as I haven't really listened to them properly before. 'Stained Class' seems like their strongest so far but am getting to those other two you mentioned. Am about to Watch 'Spring'.. noticed Boki is back on the horror board. I suspected that LEP-IN-DA-Hood was him or Dorian as their behaviour was getting more like them. Fucking clown.

    5 Jun 21h15 Responder
  • machine_head_72

    And thanks for the add!

    1 Jun 18h20 Responder
  • Markus-TR

    I really like 'Somewhere In TIme', I know what you mean - it's probably one of most melodic metal albums I've heard. Unfortunately we have one of those 'Death Magnetic' moments here (I presume you've heard about the loudness wars). It's been remastered to death - zero dynamics and really fatiguing to listen to that I've had to turn it down. Didn't notice it quite so much with the other Maiden albums. Such a shame, wish the original master was out there somewhere but I doubt it is..

    30 Mai 21h58 Responder
  • Markus-TR

    Not sure if you listen to Paradise Lost (if not, why not) but their new album 'The Plague Within' is worth checking out!

    30 Mai 15h14 Responder
  • Markus-TR

    The last time I listend to Maiden was probably 10-15 years ago at least. I only had their first few albums so haven't listened to 'Somewhere in Time' yet - coming up though! I think 'Powerslave' is their most musically accomplished - the musicianship is incredible on that album but maybe lacks the tunes of 'Number of the Beast'. Wasn't a huge fan of Maiden but it's good to revist them and work my way through their earlier albums (the latter albums after 'Seventh Son..' are supposed to be a bit shit except 'Brave New World' I believe). Same for Metallica who I need to revisit, although again was never the biggest fan. Yeah yeah 'Dream Theater'.. will listen to more.. they're not TOO bad ;)

    30 Mai 9h36 Responder
  • ThePisikak

    Hi, man! What do you think about new album from Helloween? P.S. Сongratulations on the victory of the Canadian hockey team))

    30 Mai 7h42 Responder
  • Markus-TR

    Yeah so I gave in.. Really enjoying Amorphis although for melodeath they're not that "heavy" really, especially jumping from your two recs to their later stuff (the growling is practically out). Lots of albums to check out though.. Now I really need to stop with the discovering new metal bands thing for a while :)

    28 Mai 21h50 Responder
  • migoy_

    Nice music dude, thx for add me

    28 Mai 17h14 Responder
  • Markus-TR

    I'm shouting on my own shoutbox again :D Cool, I will add Edge of Sanity and Amorphis to the list. Taking a break from discovering new bands for a week or two though I think. Too many albums that I've only heard once that I need to revist :) Glad you found Soraya M was worth watching. Though to sit through at the end and yeah a mixed feeling of anger and pity for these women. Seeing her broken body all hunched over at the end and still barely alive was truly gut wrenching. I'd have trouble watching it again despite it being a good movie.. Although I felt the same about Irreversible when I first saw it and have seen it subsequent times..

    28 Mai 11h25 Responder
  • machine_head_72

    Very agreeable charts. Very surprising and refreshing to see Luna Sea there/

    27 Mai 22h45 Responder
  • Markus-TR

    I think you need to watch Soraya M as some sort of "punishment" for Pitch Perfect 2 :D. Yeah hopefully I'll be adding more loved Dream Theater (I cant put DT as its stands for Dark Tranquility as well!) tracks as they grow on me.. who knows. Yeah 'Fiction' is just one awesome track after the other.. can't remember the last metal album I listened to where that happened. Yeah I think I will stop with melodic death metal after Dark Tranquility, At The Gates and In Flames, I think they are the only three worth listening to (if you dont include early Opeth who probably also fit the genre to a degree, although more progressive of course).

    27 Mai 22h18 Responder
  • Markus-TR

    Oh and you should be proud of me really, Dream Theater are up to 20 on my most played! :D

    27 Mai 19h55 Responder
  • Markus-TR

    Cool, I will check those movies out as you recommended them AS SOON AS you watch The Stoning of Soraya M'. Come on man, watch something bleak! :D OK, so I liked 'Scenes from a Memory' significantly more (remember this are first listens) than the other two. As anticipated the best one is the last one, again, although the sound fx are a bit annoying. I understand it's a concept/story album though. I still feel the weakest aspect of DT is their slower ballads and they are much better at the heavier, dynamic stuff. But give it a bit more time.. Not writing them off after just one listen of course.

    27 Mai 19h53 Responder
  • Markus-TR

    Troma gave me a rec today (check out my post on the horror board :)..) Have you heard Draconian? Pretty damn good what I have heard so far!

    24 Mai 21h57 Responder
  • Markus-TR

    Seems DT always leave the best song to last (or at least the only one I like).. :) You should take up the guitar again! I wish I'd have learnt. I have a couple but lack of motivation to pick them up and learn properly too..

    24 Mai 11h56 Responder
  • Markus-TR

    Yeah maybe the "progressive" music I've listened to so far isn't all that "progressive" when compared to DT, I dont know. But the likes of Opeth, Tool, Porcupine Tree still have a level of coherent structure to their songs. You're right though I can't really comment until I have listened to them some more.. The album has picked up a bit in the last song anyway :)

    23 Mai 22h20 Responder
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Yes most of my top artists are metal bands but that doesn't mean that I'm a stupid tr00 metalhead, I'm not. Metal is and will always be my favorite music genre because it's the most diverse music genre (something that most people don't know because they're too close-minded to check the genre properly), but I also listen to rock (classic, hard, progressive, folk, alternative, glam, stoner, psychedelic, space, art, kraut, gothic, death, industrial, noise, post, experimental, etc...), punk, post-punk, pop (mostly 80s), new wave, electronic, idm, ambient, dark ambient, industrial, ebm, aggrotech, trip-hop, techno, trance, darkwave, folk, neofolk, hip-hop, jazz, country (probaby my least favorite genre though), disco, soul, blues, funk, grunge, reggae, r&b, ska, drone, shoegaze, classical, minimalism, musique concrète, avant-garde/experimental, noise, power electronics, weird shit, etc... Anyway, how is your sex life?