• Deftones @ The Palace, Melbourne 31/1/2011

    Fev 1 2011, 5h34

    Mon 31 Jan – Deftones, The Only

    Fucking great gig, They were pretty tight and their live performances seem to be constantly improving in quality, they didn't seem like the same band I saw way back in 2003 at the big day out festival. The sound was good too, perhaps a little too bassy, but overall it was great, Carpenter's guitars sounded fantastic, particularly the eight string. As usual they experimented with the structure and tempo of a lot of their songs and Chino always experiments with his phrasings during live shows, which I personally feel he maybe overdoes a bit. Here is the set list:

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    If you like these guys, make sure you catch them live at least once, 7-8 years ago I wouldn't have felt the same, but their live performances have really started to match the quality of the studio work over the last 3 or 4 years. It will definitely go down as one of my favorite gigs.

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