A Slow Process


Dez 8 2007, 21h24

You know what a slow process is? Adding your entire CD collection, one by one to your computer. But, before you can add the next one, you MUST listen to every track on the CD you're adding.

I've been doing this since September and I'd say I'm about halfway right now to adding everything. My motivation for this second half might not be as strong as it has been so far though. I made sure to start at the good end of my collection so all that I have left mainly is stuff I've grown out of/loss interest in or weaker albums by bands I like.

Also the fact that I keep buying more CDs doesn't help to lower the time it takes to do this.


  • TheMetalMallet

    What's the point of adding a CD if you don't actually listen to it? I like to listen to music as a body of work, sure sometimes I might only like a few of the songs on the CD, but usually the CD is worth listening to entirely just to hear those few songs. That, and I felt it would be an interesting little project to try out. I still have some excellent CDs coming up soon as well.

    Dez 8 2007, 21h36
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