The Mariner's Musical Voyage: 10/21 - 10/27 (Dead mans Party: Night of the Ass…


Out 29 2007, 19h47

Sat 27 Oct – Dead Mans Party, Manganista

This may have been my 4th time seeing Dead Mans Party (aka Oingo Boingo tribute band) this year but it was certainly the best. Last years DMP halloween party at Canes was somewhat of a blur for me (who knew booze could do that). This time we got our moneys worth though, they went on from about 10:30 to 1:30am with a costume contest in between. The winners:

Spaceballs! (click for larger)

In the end I had my ass slapped by the reno 911 guy:

and my friend had his ass grabbed by a drunken male little bo-peep:

action shot just after the grab:

ahhhh what a night


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