KFLA Update 1/6/09 - Bad Manners, Dwarves, Helstar, Dear and the Headlights and…


Jan 6 2009, 20h27

Thursday, January 15th
La Matatena Royal Club, La Banda Skalavera, Rudo Movimento, Los Arambula, Nine 5 One, Chanclaso 78
7:00 PM, $20
Al Borde review of La Banda Skalavera: “Although this is only the band’s sophomore album in their entire ten-year run as an Angeleno ska band, it just may be the band’s musical resume- on CD that is. Cumbias, boleros, ska, rock, vallenato, requinto and reggae is all fused in this 13-track album. “Miercoles de Ceniza” exemplifies and incorporates the various elements that this band dominates. Beginning with hardcore rock guitar riffs before transitioning into a volume-bearing trumpet solo, the song also incorporates Bolero-ish tunes that transcends the listener from a dainty garage gig to the romantic eras of the 1930’s when boleros were first introduced to the US.”

Saturday, January 17th
Bad Manners, Chase Long Beach, The Sheds
7:30 PM, $17 advance, $20 day of show
From Allmusic.com: “Bad Manners were one of the many bands to take their inspiration from the Specials and the ska revival movement in England in the late '70s. They quickly became the novelty favorites of the fad through Buster Bloodvessel’s silly on-stage antics, earning early exposure through 2-Tone Records package tours and an appearance in the live documentary Dance Craze. In the early '80s, they managed several U.K. hits including "Ne-Ne Na-Na Na-Na Nu-Nu," "Lip Up Fatty," "Special Brew," and "Can Can." By the mid-'80s, the ska craze was over and the band retired temporarily after the release of 1985's Mental Notes, only to return in 1989 with Return of the Ugly, remaining a live attraction despite a lack of recent hits. By the mid-'90s, a third wave ska revival renewed interest in the band. Eat the Beat was released in 1996 and Uneasy Listening followed in 1997, as well as several collections from the band's peak years.”

Sunday, January 18th
Dwarves, The Uprising
7:00 PM, $12
Arguably America's most offensive and tasteless band, band leader Blag Dahlia has nonetheless become quite a savvy record producer. He regularly incorporates elements of hip hop, electronica, wild digital editing, and a Zappa-esque leaning towards both lyrical satire and musical surprises. "The Dwarves Must Die" continues in the Dwarves tradition, capable of offending those with seemingly thick skin. A few lines on the new album so enraged Queens of the Stone Age Josh Homme that he greeted Blag with his fist at an L.A venue. Along the way the band upset the seemingly unshakable SubPop to the point that the label gave the band their walking papers (Dwarves had issued a false press release claiming their guitarist had died and carried the gag to the point of releasing a CD-tribute to the musician). Who knows what hi-jinks they'll pull here at the Knit, but as it's their first L.A. show in nearly a year, I'm sure their bad behavior won't disappoint.

Thursday, January 29th
Church of the 8th Day present Helstar, Avenger of Blood, Taking Over, Phalanx
7:00 PM, $12 advance, $15 day of show
Formed in 1984, Helstar has recorded for Combat, Metal Blade, Massacre and most recently AFM Records. They are masters of a highly technical branch of speed metal, and over the years have issued vampire-concept LP Nosferatu, and more recently a re-recording of early hits called Sins of the Past. Their latest, The King of Hell, has won praise throughout the metal community and is being touted as one of the genre’s best of 2008.

Saturday, February 21st
Fight Fair, School Boy Humor, See You Soon
7:00 PM, $10
Spawned from the infamous San Diego State University party scene, Fight Fair's members came together with a wide range of influences from pop-punk, hip-hop, hardcore, emo, and more. Says Alternative Press about their debut, Settle the Score: "Fight Fair's sound is mostly melodic with memorable gang vocal choruses built in...the band never lose site of their harder roots."

Tuesday, February 24th
Dear and the Headlights, Reubens Accomplice, Miniature Tigers
7:00 PM, $10
Since releasing their debut, Small Steps, Heavy Hooves, to much critical praise in February 2007, Dear and the Headlights have toured the country over and again with a wider variety of bands (Circa Survive to Dredg, Plain White T's to Fear Before The March Of Flames) than most acts will play with in their entire career, let alone a single year. Currently, the band is on a U.S. tour opening for emo powerhouses (and fellow Arizonians) Jimmy Eat World and pop-punk royalty du jour Paramore-a bill that is opening up a whole new legion of fans to Dear and The Headlights' introspective, catchy, piano-laced, country-tinged rock.


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