• The List of Literal Life-Savers in '09

    Dez 22 2009, 2h49

    I must say that 2009 proved to be another... challenging year for me. If it weren't for these songs and these albums from these artists, I'm sure that I would be alot more... unstable than i am now...

    The ALBUMS:

    "Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel" ~ Mariah Carey
    Fuk the masses. They are sheep. But I am a (tentative) lamb. This album is hands down my favorite MiMi offering since... since... well... since the 90s. Rapperless since the mid-90s. & the first almost-mood album of her career (the dreadful "Obsessed" ruined that flow) proves that this woman is a true artist when she has a THEME that she's working with (see Butterfly or Glitter). Here's to more concept-driven endeavors from Ms. Carey-Cannon.

    "Straight No Chaser" ~ Mr Hudson
    Fuk Kanye. He didn't need to take credit for Mr Hudson's talent. This man still woulda done bad all by himself (see Mr Hudson & The Library). There was really only 1 other album released that year that was as... righteously melancholy as SNC - & it too was filled to the brim with beautifully articulated heartbreak... & that was...

    "Complete Me" ~ Frankmusik
    Fuk LOVE. That's what Hudson & Frank gave me this year. They both expressed that sentiment so beautifully, so melodically, so... RAWly. & I can so relate to the feeling.

    "Kleerup" ~ Kleerup
    Fuk avoiding repetition. Although released overseas in 2008, the U.S. finally saw the domestic release in '09. This album is the perfect complement as background OR forefront muzik to any lounge session, smokeout session, spades/dominoes tournament, fellowshipping experience. Just put on "Repeat All" and the electronic music here will prove any non-believer that electronic music can have more soul than any band of live instrumentation.

    "Pink Elephant" ~ N'Dambi
    Fuk mainstream labels & radio stations. This woman smacked down the Alicias, the Beys, the Keyshias, the Angies with 1 fell swoop of a SOUL record that didn't hafta sound like it was obviously ripping off past divas and pawning the sound off as something new. This album is INDEED neo-SOUL: the samples of the klassix are minimal, but the project is steeped in fresh blood, sweat, & tears. Which is an appropriate segue into...

    "Everything Is New" ~ Jack Peñate
    Fuk Life. The clever anthem "Let's All Die" reminds me (us) that my (our) time here is ephemeral. There're celebrations to be had. Immediately. Because, sure, I (we) can - & do - so easily get caught up in the tumult that a new day can bring. Fuk that shit. LIVE! For, the fear of death - in my case - has proven to be death itself. Sooo...

    "BLACKsummers'night" ~ Maxwell
    FUK! Though I've come to the conclusion that I am a toxin for romance & love & all the traditional trappings that seem to come with this passionate relationshipshit, Maxwell does indeed remind me of what is possible when that REAL experience presents itself. Although I may not have experienced it in my lifetime, I still need reminders like this fukkin' project that real LOVE, real JOY, real CONNECTION is indeed possible. I'm such a pessimist anymore that I tend to forget. Routinely.


    Each 1 of these consecutive moments has done a stellar job of making me feel. No matter which emotion is evoked from these songs, that particular feeling - for a good 3 to 6 minutes - is heightened to an appreciable level. Of course I appreciate feeling happier after a delicious groove. But, I freely admit that it's the masochist in me that also revels in feeling more miserable than I was before the blasted tune commences. In any event, I'm ALIVE. And every one of these songs lulled, cajoled, or beat me over the head with emotion - pulling me out of a monotonous haze that I found myself in most of the calendar year.

    The SONGS:
    Simian Mobile Disco – Audacity Of Huge
    Janet Jackson – Make Me
    La Roux – In For The Kill
    Jack Peñate – Let's All Die!
    Lisa Shaw – Can You See Him
    Maxwell – Pretty Wings
    Maxwell – Stop The World
    Maxwell – Love You
    Kleerup – History (With Linda Sundblad)
    Kleerup – Forever (feat. Neneh Cherry)
    Frankmusik – Run Away From Trouble
    Frankmusik – Vacant Heart
    Basement Jaxx – Distractionz
    Basement Jaxx – Scars (feat. Kelis, Meleka & Chipmunk)
    Fol Chen – Cable TV (they won my heart over with that Janet sample)
    Christina Aguilera – Falling in Love Again
    Bria Valente – Everytime
    Mariah Carey – It's A Wrap
    Mariah Carey – The Impossible (the reprise)
    Mariah Carey – Candy Bling
    Melanie Fiona – You Stop My Heart
    Kanye West – Paranoid (ft. Mr. Hudson)
    Air – You Can Tell It To Everybody
    Maral Salmassi – My Shit Is On
    Sa-Ra Creative Partners – Spacefruit (my official theme song for the '09)
    Radiohead – Life In A Glasshouse (Full Version)
    Me'Shell Ndegéocello – Love You Down (yes, THAT "Love You Down")
    Brandy – True
    Camera Obscura - James
    Lily Allen – The Fear
    Franz Ferdinand – Feel The Envy
    Franz Ferdinand – Die on The Floor
    Mika – Blue Eyes
    N.A.S.A. – Gifted (Ft. Kanye West, Santogold, & Lykke Li)
    Sally Shapiro – Moonlight Dance
  • My faves of 2008

    Dez 6 2008, 9h48

    "Day & Age" ~ The Killers
    My faves: "I Can't Stay", "Human", "Joy Ride"

    “Santogold” ~ Santogold
    My faves: "Shove It", "Anne", "Unstoppable"

    “Ladyhawke” ~ Ladyhawke
    My faves: "Morning Dreams", "Professional Suicide", "Paris Is Burning"

    “Seventh Tree” ~ Goldfrapp
    My faves: "Cologne Cerrone Houdini", "Road To Somewhere", "Happiness"

    “Evolver” ~ John Legend
    My faves: "It's Over", "Good Morning", "Quickly"

    "Disco Romance", “Remix Romance Vol. 1 & 2” ~ Sally Shapiro
    My faves: Find My Soul (Norweigan Electrojazz Mix), I'll Be By Your Side (Rude 66 808 Remix), He Keeps Me Alive (Skatebard Remix)

    “Some People Have Real Problems” ~ Sia
    My faves: "Acadademia", "Playground", "Day Too Soon"

    “Gossip In The Grain” ~ Ray LaMontagne
    This album is surely the male counterpart to Me’shell N’degeocello's ‘99 classic, Bitter. Both albums skillfully weave folk, blues, and soul into melancholic, yet gorgeous pop tapestries. Despite the myriad of genre influences, there is an unmistakably acoustic quality to both discs that is never undermined.

    Ray’s “I Still Care For You” is akin to Me’Shell’s “Fool Of Me” in theme and quiet delivery. And much like Me’Shell’s “Bitter”, Ray’s “A Falling Through” utilizes country music elements to masterly express a despair that was caused by another individual, and the fact that there exists no hope of reparation for that relationship.

    This project - much like Bitter - will require emotional stability prior to playing it. Otherwise, you run the risk of sinking deeper into whatever depressed mindset you were in prior to listening to it. Sometimes though, albums like these provide the necessary catharsis to cleanse your system of negative emotion.

    “Rockferry” ~ Duffy
    Although her voice may not be pitch perfect, Duffy uses it to great effect with her blues-tinged pop creations, much like Dusty Springfield expertly did. This raw depthness is on display in “Warwick Avenue”, “Hanging On Too Long”, “I’m Scared”, and especially the title track. These songs exemplify what Duffy is a master of: expressing a palpable vulnerability through a legitimately self-assured delivery. If Mary J. Blige can make a thriving career out of bending notes in unintended, yet emotive ways, then I don’t see why Duffy can’t either.

    “Apocalypso” ~ The Presets
    I hesitate in calling this a guilty pleasure album. The dark, ambient techno/house that litters the bulk of this project is most likely best appreciated during the weekend witching hours. When inhibitions have been lowered, there is no way to deny the clean, lush grooves and electronically altered, yet hauntingly effective vocals that have become The Presets’ musical trademarks.

    Between “Anywhere”, “Yippoyo-Ay”, and “Kicking and Screaming”, this album is chock full of party-starters and burners. It’s easy to get lost in the dazed musical bliss of Apocalypso. However, there are revelations on standouts like “This Boy’s In Love” and “If I Know You” that would jolt a casual listener into the realization that these guys aren’t accommodating to the hetero masses with their music. So, nah, I habor no guilt here.

    “Discipline” ~ Janet Jackson
    Though first single “Feedback” was a beast of a club track comparable in quality to many of her behemoth uptempo numbers, it still wasn’t my favorite dance song from Discipline. The two follow-up singles “Luv” & “Rock With U” both coaxed even more burn out of my audio devices. Add “So Much Betta” to the mix, and those four tracks alone on a repeated playlist would motivate me during an hour-long workout.

    “Can’t B Good” and “Never Letchu Go” were the satisfying sweet spots of this consistent album. Even my previously cited least favorite song - the album’s minimalist baby-maker of a title track - eventually managed to demand much more of my appreciation. But that was only after experiencing the pulsating, undulating live incarnation of the song during Janet’s whirlwind spectacle that was the 2008 Rock Witchu Tour.

    “Frankisum EP”/Various non-EP tracks ~ Frankmusik
    FrankMusik hasn’t even released a proper studio album yet. Still, his EP and various non-album tracks have made such an impression on me, that I had to include his work in my year-end best-of. In general, he is obviously musically inspired by the electricity of the early 80s new wave movement.

    “Done Done” is hands down my favorite song of the year. Its repetitious chorus of romantic loss is juxtaposed against a brilliantly infectious piece of electropop. “That Much Is True” is similarly dour thematically, but it’s a bit more dancefloor ready than the former. Because of their dream-like sonic quality, both tracks will inevitably draw comparisons to the synthpop of groups like Eurythmics – which I argue is a compliment to Frankmusik’s own production technique.

    “Vacant Heart”, “Run Away From Trouble”, and the Black Gardenia version of “3 Little Words” are less heavily produced affairs that boast his capable vocals. This man is not only a wunderkind producer, but a vocalist who’s able to convincingly croon about the heartbreak that’s a common thread throughout the majority of his music. I can’t wait for the full-length album due in 2009!

    “The Way I See It” ~ Raphael Saadiq
    To be honest, I’ve never been an avid fan of Raphael’s solo material. Both of his previous studio albums were too inconsistent in quality, and each only possessed a handful of decent tracks.

    The Way I See It has bucked that trend for me. Interestingly, I think “Instant Vintage” would have been a perfect title for this album. There is a cohesiveness with the old school 1960s-inspired flavor to this project that lends itself perfectly to such nomenclature. But alas, he’d already wasted the perfect album title on a lesser worthy previous effort.

    “Just One Kiss”, “Callin’”, & “Oh Girl” are great examples of songs that were obviously inspired by a specific musical era in soul music, but that don’t come off as a schlocky ripoff of a specific song or group from that time period.

    “Funhouse” ~ P!nk
    If you assumed that the anthemic first single “So What” was a representation of what the rest of Funhouse is about, then you would be so wrong. Granted, concocting clichéd anthems ala “So What”, “Stupid Girls”, & “Trouble” is P!nk’s speciality, but the majority of the rest of the album is much more… hushed.

    Never before has Ms. Moore been as tender and vulnerable on record. Her failed marriage seems to have unearthed a more contemplative, even melancholy P!nk that you didn’t know existed until now. “I Don’t Believe You” is a torch song to trump all torch songs. The sadness she emotes in songs like that, “Glitter In The Air”, and “Please Don’t Leave Me” are effective because her self-deprecating delivery is so believable. Despite its rebellious aggression, even the aforementioned “So What” contains lyrics that describe a woman in pain following the dissolution of a relationship. At least her sense of humor has remained in tact.

    ”Human” ~ Brandy
    Whereas ‘04’s Afrodisiac was gritty, raw, & dark, this year’s Brandy release is more polished, refined, optimistic. An arguably comparable transition would be Janet’s evolution from ‘97’s The Velvet Rope to ‘01’s All For You. This sentiment in no way diminishes my appreciation of Afro – it’s simply an observation that Ms. Norwood is keeping it moving, in regards to her music career. She’s certainly not resting on her laurels. And she’s infusing more personal - yet universal - themes into this new project that increase my respect for her as an artist.

    The majority of the songs here are deftly crafted, lyrically and sonically, especially “Warm It Up (With Love)” and “A Capella (Something’s Missing)”. The layered vocalizing on both of these remind me again of Janet. Some of both of these ladies’ best moments on record have been in songs where self-harmonizing was a focus. But with the latter track, Brandy manages to one-up Miss Jackson by using her own vocal effects for the track’s instrumentation. And she does it beautifully.

    “The Definition” is perhaps the most ‘urban’ of the songs here, which makes it stand out as another favorite of mine. It provides just enough balance to an otherwise non-urban, pop album. And because most of her projects have skewed more r&b, crafting this type of project was a risk – that paid off.

    “Sam Sparro” ~ Sam Sparro
    Sam Sparro single-handedly became my musical solo superhero in 2008. He is a 20something Australian with the pristine vocal clarity and soul of Al Green in his 1970s heyday. Yet, he uses his vocal instrument to ride early 80s p-funk and soul inspired beats that are mashed up alongside the contemporary clubland dj’ing circuit's output. If Parliament and early Prince procreated with Daft Punk and Basement Jaxx, then Sam would be their soulful, funky, clubkid seed.

    Though “Black & Gold” was (quite understandably) his breakout hit earlier this year, Sam’s self-titled debut includes wildly addictive tracks like “Sally”, “Sick”, and “Pocket”. These songs cemented his status not only as a wicked groovemeister, but also as an elevated lyricist who can compose songs of substance while still filling the dancefloor.

    And, the fact that he covered Estelle’s own “American Boy” more convincingly than she is yet another reason why the S on Sam’s chest is more than a reference to his last name.

    “SugaRush Beat Company” ~ SugaRush Beat Company
    Comprised of three disparate artists who have each achieved an appreciable measure of solo success, SugaRush Beat Company - the group - proves that, indeed, the whole can be so much greater than the sum of its parts. The synergy of Rahsaan Patterson’s soulfully (and androgynously) nimble Chaka Khan-like alto, Ida Corr's distinctly feminine rasp, and Jaz Rogers’ futuristic - yet familiar - brand of funk music production work.

    The preceding sentence feels like an understatement to me. The synthesis of these three individuals’ talents has created a masterpiece of an electrosoul dance/funk/pop album. Kinetic energy sonically pops and crackles throughout the project’s dozen+ tracks. There are so many standout songs in SBC’s eponymous album that to cite only one or two highlights is impossible for me. “Love Breed”, “Ladies n’ Gents”, “Sugarush”, and “No Parking” provide adrenaline-inducing moments that ultimately carry heavy replay value. Even the more subdued tracks like “The End”, “The Number One”, and “All Of A Suddenly” are sublime thanks to passionate, inspired contributions from each member of this talented motley crew of a triumvirate.
  • The Rock Witchu Tour presents... The Reason.

    Out 30 2008, 23h23

    Fri 24 Oct – Janet Jackson's 2008 Rock Witchu Tour

    Although the KC date was mohawkless (& GIOM-less), I thoroughly enjoyed the Rockwitchu Tour's Show-Me State pitstop on 24 October 2008 at Kansas City, Missouri's Sprint Center. Of course!

    The ticket prices were inexplicably more expensive than the DC date, but it's Janet. And at least she doesn't outprice her fanbase like many other female icons are doing.

    But, my seats were Golden Circle: right in front of the catwalk that extends out into the first 15 rows of the arena. So, getting doused with random flopsweat from said diva and her soppable (predominantly) male dance troupe was an appreciated compensation - and perquisite.

    Anywayz, I am so proud of Janet Jackson. As a lifelong fan, even I was impressed with the juxtaposition of musical magic that she blesses fans with this tour go 'round. It's hard to fathom all the discipline required to nightly pack almost 3 dozen songs spanning 3 decades worth of catalog into more than 2 hours worth of live performance. Whew. Some audience flock couldn't even muster standing for 2+ hours.

    The opening set (which included "The Pleasure Principle", "Feedback", "Control", & more) and the RWU set (which included "So Much Betta", "Rock With U", "Nasty", & still more) were my favorite moments. I just wish she woulda performed "Get It Out Me"... surely, it would fit seamlessly in that RWU/SMB set. Oh well... still, she FINALLY gave select pre-Control era gems the live treatment, including the supremely underappreciated "Don't Stand Another Chance". I am SICED that, at last, she's recognizing these eras. Listen up, mainstream, surface-level Janet fans: DIG DEEPER. And how great is it that she lithley cooed the non-U.S. single "Funny How Time Flies (When You're Having Fun)"? Even the live interpretation of the Discipline project title track - which has previously been cited as my least fave album track - crackled with undeniably undulating energy, thereby renewing my interest in the studio version of this minimalist muzikal production.

    Hence, the power of Janet, the performer, is reaffirmed. with a bolded exclamation point at the end of that sentence.

    She is my reason for luvving muzik. She. Does. Not. Disappoint!
  • Hype List (18 October - 25 October) : The Estrogen Edition

    Out 19 2008, 21h49

  • FYI: listening data re-set 17 October 2008 - peruse my top 300 since 8 April 2006

    Out 17 2008, 21h49

    Well, I bit the bullet and re-set my listening data at almost 120,000 tracks played. So, for posterity's sake, here were my top 300 artists and their corresponding # of plays for the last 2.5+ years:

    1 Janet Jackson 10,049
    2 Madonna 1,627
    3 Rahsaan Patterson 1,467
    4 Mary J. Blige 1,330
    5 Me'Shell Ndegéocello 1,197
    6 Goldfrapp 1,195
    7 Mariah Carey 1,194
    8 Amy Winehouse 1,130
    9 Jamiroquai 1,117
    10 Kelis 1,087
    11 Kylie Minogue 1,080
    12 Clara Hill 1,058
    13 Amel Larrieux 1,036
    14 Brandy 1,002
    15 Nelly Furtado 962
    16 George Michael 930
    16 Erykah Badu 930
    18 Peven Everett 921
    19 Chaka Khan 910
    20 Jill Scott 903
    21 Aaliyah 855
    22 Sia 835
    23 Hot Chip 824
    24 Róisín Murphy 806
    25 Janelle Monáe 798
    26 Sade 779
    27 Eric Roberson 771
    28 Esthero 751
    29 Björk 736
    30 Tori Fixx 722
    31 Lewis Taylor 710
    32 Robin Thicke 709
    33 Sam Sparro 695
    34 Musiq 693
    35 Corinne Bailey Rae 658
    36 Air 647
    37 The Presets 634
    38 Prince 630
    39 M.I.A. 619
    40 Jody Watley 591
    41 Tweet 585
    42 Jay-Jay Johanson 572
    43 Faith Evans 563
    44 Moloko 559
    45 Röyksopp 554
    46 D'Sound 548
    47 Floetry 547
    48 Zero 7 542
    49 Britney Spears 523
    50 Kelly Clarkson 517
    51 Common 516
    52 Beyoncé 514
    53 Heavy 512
    54 Joi 498
    55 Beck 486
    55 Toni Braxton 486
    57 Luther Vandross 482
    58 Omar 479
    59 Missy Elliott 472
    60 Emma Bunton 471
    61 Macy Gray 468
    62 Deee-Lite 465
    63 Gwen Stefani 464
    64 Bilal 462
    65 Monica 461
    66 Dwele 457
    67 Maxwell 450
    68 Janita 449
    69 Vikter Duplaix 444
    70 P!nk 420
    71 Pink 418
    72 Whitney Houston 416
    73 Duffy 408
    74 Michael Jackson 407
    74 Teena Marie 407
    76 Killers 398
    77 Bonobo 397
    77 Koop 397
    79 Gnarls Barkley 390
    80 Adriana Evans 384
    81 Christina Aguilera 382
    82 Ra-Re Valverde 380
    83 Darien Brockington 378
    84 John Mayer 374
    85 Destiny's Child 370
    86 Van Hunt 362
    87 Scissor Sisters 346
    88 Morcheeba 343
    89 PJ Morton 341
    90 Craig David 336
    91 Robbie Williams 330
    92 Ciara 329
    92 Jamie Cullum 329
    94 D'Angelo 328
    95 Bebel Gilberto 327
    96 Nas 325
    97 Lauryn Hill 322
    97 Natalie Gardiner 322
    99 Télépopmusik 320
    100 Basement Jaxx 319
    101 Anthony Hamilton 317
    102 Calvin Harris 312
    103 Chanté Moore 311
    104 Donnie 310
    105 India.Arie 306
    106 Chrisette Michele 301
    107 Dannii Minogue 300
    108 Mya 299
    109 Cee-Lo 297
    110 Jay-Z 294
    111 John Legend 287
    111 Glenn Lewis 287
    113 Thief 284
    114 Carl Thomas 283
    114 Liquid Spirits 283
    114 Teedra Moses 283
    117 Joss Stone 281
    118 Jack Herrera 278
    119 Amerie 277
    120 Fiona Apple 274
    121 Miguel Migs 273
    122 Lil' Kim 268
    123 Digable Planets 267
    124 Lalah Hathaway 266
    125 Nikka Costa 265
    126 Justin Timberfake 261
    126 Fantasia 261
    128 Timbaland 256
    129 Olu 255
    130 Rufus 246
    130 Sophie Ellis-Bextor 246
    132 Ledisi 245
    133 Tevin Campbell 242
    133 Angie Stone 242
    135 The Brand New Heavies 241
    136 Georg Levin 239
    137 Carol Riddick 238
    138 TLC 234
    139 Mint Condition 231
    140 Mark Ronson 230
    141 Lisa Shaw 229
    142 Daft Punk 227
    143 Lil' Mo 225
    143 Madeleine Peyroux 225
    145 Radiohead 223
    146 Kelly Price 222
    147 Raphael Saadiq 219
    147 Lily Allen 219
    147 Steve Spacek 219
    150 OutKast 216
    151 Kenna 215
    152 Alicia Keys 214
    152 AYA 214
    154 Hil St. Soul 212
    155 Minnie Riperton 211
    156 Portishead 210
    157 Blue Six 208
    157 Donna Summer 208
    159 Cree Summer 203
    159 Groove Theory 203
    161 Cut Copy 201
    162 Kanye West 197
    162 Stephen Simmonds 197
    164 Laurneá 196
    165 Goapele 195
    165 Diana Ross 195
    167 Jungle Brothers 194
    168 Pharrell & The Yessirs 193
    168 Hilary Duff 193
    168 Norah Jones 193
    171 Phyllis Hyman 192
    172 JC Chasez 191
    172 The Jacksons 191
    174 Bahamadia 188
    175 Cherrelle 187
    175 Diddy 187
    175 Johnny Gill 187
    178 Res 185
    178 Zhané 185
    180 Anita Baker 183
    180 Ruben Studdard 183
    180 Regina Spektor 183
    183 Pharrell 181
    183 Jon B 181
    185 Lisa Stansfield 178
    185 Eric Gadd 178
    187 Peaches 175
    187 Sergio Mendes 175
    189 Mozez 174
    190 Usher 173
    191 Donny Hathaway 172
    191 Lizz Wright 172
    191 Fergie 172
    194 V 170
    195 Q-Tip 168
    195 Gaelle 168
    195 W. Ellington Felton 168
    198 Maroon 5 167
    198 Cassandra Wilson 167
    200 Santogold 165
    200 Supreme Beings of Leisure 165
    202 Ne-Yo 164
    203 Mr Hudson & The Library 163
    204 Keyshia Cole 162
    205 Natalie Cole 161
    206 N*E*R*D 159
    207 Lina 157
    208 Lyfe Jennings 156
    209 No Doubt 155
    209 Mika 155
    209 4hero 155
    212 Guru 154
    212 Jazmine Sullivan 154
    214 Emily King 153
    214 Patrice Rushen 153
    214 Talib Kweli 153
    214 Rachid 153
    218 Anthony David 152
    218 Raheem DeVaughn 152
    220 Paula Abdul 151
    220 SWV 151
    222 Client 149
    223 Julie Dexter & Khari Simmons 148
    224 Rihanna 147
    225 Bitter:Sweet 146
    226 Young Love 145
    226 Groove Armada 145
    228 Jimmy Scott 143
    228 Kim Hill 143
    230 Neneh Cherry 141
    231 Kelly Rowland 139
    231 Skye Edwards 139
    233 N'Dea Davenport 136
    233 k-os 136
    235 Adele 135
    236 Foxy Brown 133
    236 Feist 133
    236 Astrud Gilberto 133
    239 Lady GaGa 132
    239 Havana 132
    241 SugaRush Beat Company 131
    242 Bent 129
    242 Imogen Heap 129
    244 En Vogue 128
    244 Ce Ce Peniston 128
    244 S.O.S. Band 128
    247 Solange 124
    247 Trina Broussard 124
    249 Salt-N-Pepa 123
    249 Choklate 123
    251 Ginuwine 121
    252 Black Eyed Peas 120
    253 Sheryl Crow 119
    254 Jaguar Wright 117
    254 Amp Fiddler 117
    254 Rilo Kiley 117
    257 Kindred (The Family Soul) 116
    257 Duran Duran 116
    257 Shanice 116
    260 Nicole Wray 115
    260 Annie 115
    260 Cold War Kids 115
    260 N'Dambi 115
    260 will.i.am 115
    265 JoJo 114
    265 Paris Hilton 114
    265 Franz Ferdinand 114
    268 Deborah Bond 113
    269 Yahzarah 112
    269 Mos Def 112
    269 Jully Black 112
    272 Lucy Pearl 110
    273 Maysa 109
    273 Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes 109
    275 Sally Shapiro 107
    276 Avril Lavigne 106
    277 J*Davey 105
    278 Megan Livingston 104
    278 Rachelle Ferrell 104
    280 Jodeci 103
    281 Valencia Robinson 102
    281 Cody ChesnuTT 102
    283 Grace Jones 101
    284 Joy Denalane 100
    285 Ashanti 99
    285 Mario 99
    285 Sa-Ra Creative Partners 99
    288 Playa 98
    289 Tracey Thorn 97
    289 Tony Toni Toné 97
    289 Da Brat 97
    292 Jennifer Lopez 96
    293 Les Nubians 95
    294 Omarion 94
    294 Tricky 94
    294 Dionne Warwick 94
    297 Aretha Franklin 92
    297 Muhsinah 92
    297 Dru Hill 92
    300 Crossrhodes 91
    300 Vanessa Daou 91
    300 Gwen Guthrie 91
    300 Propellerheads 91
    300 Lenny Kravitz 91
  • Hype List (27 September - 4 October) : The Testosterone Edition

    Set 30 2008, 21h44

  • Rah calls Amy out in recent myspace blog

    Ago 21 2008, 18h56

    Here's Rahsaan Patterson's most recent myspace blog post regarding Amy Winehouse:

    i love Amy!..........:grrr:


    to think that she has no one around her who will at least force her to take a BATH.......
    is absolutely insane.

    i adore her gift and talent.
    and understand a human's right to do what they want.
    and understand addictive nature....indeed.
    but to see that she has no one on her side to at least make her take a BATH .........?

    it hurt to witness such a thing.

    I'm in the Uk at the moment.
    here performing at the V Festival.
    Amy performed today.......as well
    as countless other artists and bands

    it's one thing to watch her on the news or on YOUTUBE and another to witness up close and personal.



    i have never seen an ARTIST take the stage so FILTHY!!!!!!!!

    it hurt my heart to know that nobody gave enough of a SHIT to at least tell that baby to get in the shower!!!!!

    i don't care!!!!!!!

    be as in the zone as you need to be, get ur life on.......but please, have someone who cares enough to say..........'bitch........get in the shower'.

    a manager, a friend, a cousin, an assistant, a parent, a boyfriend, a girlfriend...........

    i swear, my mouth was open...........the whole time.

    i pray for her deliverance
    i pray for her strength
    and i pray that she comes out of this alive.

    she is gifted...
    she is destined to live out her fate
    she is an artist
    she is young
    she is 'touched'
    she is in the dark

    i know
    i relate....
    i wish her the best....

    but most,

    i'm grateful for family and loved ones who actually
    CARE and give a shit!

    it means the world.


  • My Top 25 Favorite Janet songs of the noughties (00's)

    Jul 30 2008, 21h18

    "All For You"

    "Damita Jo"



    1. Get It Out Me (20YO, 2006)
    2. Put Your Hands On (Damita Jo bonus, 2004)
    3. LUV (Discipline, 2008)
    4. Strawberry Bounce (Damita Jo, 2004)
    5. Island Life (Damita Jo, 2004)
    6. Feedback (Discipline, 2008)
    7. Take Care (20 YO, 2006)
    8. So Excited (20YO, 2006)
    9. Rock With U (Discipline, 2008)
    10. Trust A Try (All For You, 2001)
    11. Just A Little While (Just Blaze Remix) (Damita Jo era, 2004)
    12. Better Days (All For You, 2001)
    13. SloLove (Damita Jo, 2004)
    14. Enjoy (20YO, 2006)
    15. Someone To Call My Lover (All For You, 2001)
    16. So Much Betta (Discipline, 2008)
    17. China Love (All For You, 2001)
    18. Spending Time With You (Damita Jo, 2004)
    19. Moist (Damita Jo, 2004)
    20. Call On Me (Extended Mix)(20YO era, 2006)
    21. Let Me Know (Discipline, 2008)
    22. This Body (20YO, 2006)
    23. Like You Don’t Love Me (Damita Jo, 2004)
    24. Can’t B Good (Discipline, 2008)
    25. Weekend (20YO era, 2006)

    Honorable Mention:
    2Nite (Discipline, 2008)
  • Mid-year report: my top 10 albums o' the year (so far)... What are yoUrs?

    Jul 10 2008, 18h02

    Since we just crossed mid-year mark, I figured it was an appropriate time to list my favorite albums of the year thus far. Feel free to add yours as well!

    Here are mine:

    10. "Hard Candy" ~ Madonna

    9. "Made In The Dark" ~ Hot Chip

    8. "Seventh Tree" ~ Goldfrapp

    7. "New Amerykah" ~ Erykah Badu

    6. "Some People Have Real Problems" ~ Sia

    5. "Sketches Of A Man" ~ Dwele

    4. "Rockferry" ~ Duffy

    3. "Santogold" ~ Santogold

    2. "Discipline" ~ Janet Jackson

    1. "Sam Sparro" ~ Sam Sparro

    Honorable Mentions:

    "Self-Portrait" ~ Lalah Hathaway

    "A Tale Of Two Cities" ~ Mr Hudson & The Library (technically released in 2007, but I was a latecomer to the appreciation of this one...)
  • Underrated Album Recommendations (post yoUrs here, too)

    Mai 2 2008, 16h14

    For every mammothly successful or acclaimed album/lp, there are at least 5x as many projects that go unnoticed or unheralded. Therefore, I've created this space is to celebrate those albums that were unpopular, unnoticed, or underrated. Feel free to post yoUrs as well. Here's my first contribution:

    "Love In Stereo" ~ Rahsaan Patterson, 1999

    In my humble opinion, Rahsaan Patterson is the premier male vocalist o' the day. The versatility and range of his voice has earned him a fan nickname of Rahsaan Khan, a nod to his obvious vocal similarities to the awesome Chaka Khan. And with his sophomore effort, Love In Stereo, the versatility and range was not only evident in his voice, but also in his music and lyrics.

    Love In Stereo is easily the magnum opus of his four-lp catalog thus far. The hooks in standouts like "Sure Boy" and "The Day" are undeniably, infectiously buouyant, reminiscent of Stevie Wonder in his jubilant '70s heyday.

    Although it was never officially released as a single, "It's Alright Now" is a slow jam classic that radio stations still play in heavy rotation during the quiet storm/midnight love hour.

    For listeners with a discerning ear, "Friend Of Mine" provides the earliest hints at Rah's sexuality, a whole eight years prior to him publicly coming out. A gutsy move indeed in the homophobic world of soul/r&b music.

    "Get Here", the album's closer, is a great compromise between the uptempo and downbeat, which are all present here. It's a mid-tempo groove that at once sparks early 80s r&b nostalgia with its sweet synths.

    Overall, there's a balance to this lp that is refreshing to me every time I play it. The song sequencing, lyrics, music, and vocals all coalesce seamlessly within this project, creating the perfect contemporary soul album.