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MgłaWith Hearts Toward None VI 31 minutos atrás
MgłaWith Hearts Toward None V 36 minutos atrás
MgłaWith Hearts Toward None IV 42 minutos atrás
MgłaWith Hearts Toward None III Faixa preferida 50 minutos atrás
MgłaWith Hearts Toward None II 55 minutos atrás
MgłaWith Hearts Toward None I 1 hora atrás
DuskYearning for Eternity Faixa preferida 7 horas atrás
DuskThe Transfiguration (And It Was So) 7 horas atrás
DuskThe Bitter Woe Faixa preferida 7 horas atrás
DuskPaled Faixa preferida 7 horas atrás
Dusk...Majestic Thou In Ruin Faixa preferida 7 horas atrás
VulpeculaSeven Layers of Light 7 horas atrás
VulpeculaThe First Point of Aries 7 horas atrás
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  • hyperincest

    the return of the ark was great but way too short.

    Ontem 06:21 Responder
  • hyperincest

    i've been meaning to find myself a new rip of fons immortalis as well 'cause the one i most recently had to get skips twice. also, i have no idea why it wouldn't let you browse. the same thing happened to me while trying to get stuff from somebody else and i just gave up. i'll check out the italian catacomb, thanks. reminds that i need to get a hold of the french one's stuff again.

    29 Mar 6h39 Responder
  • extrememetal999

    yo check out another real melodeath band called moaning wind's full length and demo#2 if you havent already...i'd heard and liked the latter long time ago before forgetting about it and even had uploaded it in the forum so might have reccoed it to you back then, but checking out the full length this week and shit pretty much nails it for me, even has a few brief but solid melodic death/doomy moments..

    26 Mar 15h10 Responder
  • hyperincest

    for sure, glad you liked it. mine's 320 so i'll shoot you a link in a few once it uploads.

    25 Mar 4h21 Responder
  • extrememetal999

    yeah it's good shit, listened to it only twice or thrice so far though, need more listens to form a more solid opinion...

    24 Mar 17h20 Responder
  • Petya_Venikov

    Great taste!

    20 Mar 20h22 Responder
  • extrememetal999

    yo, just reminding about linking hypocrite sometime.

    20 Mar 14h53 Responder
  • Mya_Kvlta

    I mean most people like those albums the most. Especially Diabolical Conquest. like the vast majority of Incantation fans think of that as their best album. Ever listen to the german band Beyond?

    20 Mar 7h35 Responder
  • Mya_Kvlta

    Yea Here in After and Diabolical Conquest were the bands at the height of their game. Not a big fan of either band now I stick to their old stuff.

    17 Mar 3h34 Responder
  • Mya_Kvlta

    Dying question of darkness: Dawn of Possession or Onward to Golgotha? o_O

    16 Mar 15h22 Responder
  • hyperincest

    yeah, that's some pretty sick stuff. it's hard to find for a reason, i guess.

    8 Mar 11h53 Responder
  • hyperincest

    thanks, i prefer those promo tracks to the demo i have. sorta reminded me of some of evol's stuff in a way. and yeah, i usually cut stuff made earlier on in the nineties a break but that one's difficult. i haven't been able to get themgoroth's second album. any chance you have that?

    8 Mar 10h06 Responder
  • hyperincest

    could only get a hold of the second release but i liked it, thanks. funny that they went on to be associated with theatres des vampires. you should check out withering divinity if you haven't but you probably have.

    8 Mar 7h52 Responder
  • extrememetal999

    indeed, proper greek melodic black/death stuff, at least the first album that i have listened to so much and told you about...the second album is also pretty good, just has more black metal than their first which clearly is very close to dm...although i am yet to really get into varathron and other standard greek bm, i do like that sound a lot...

    5 Mar 15h02 Responder
  • extrememetal999

    yeah both amorbital and excess of cruelty are pretty good shit..the former has quite a few rather unfitting funky moments though haha which take some goodness away...the latter is probably a bit more to my liking...hearing amorbital i feel like i have heard one or two much lesser known demo level band long time ago that sounded very much like that, cant of course recall the name or even the country though...

    26 Fev 18h16 Responder
  • extrememetal999

    i supply links to hypocrite at some links available in the net.

    24 Fev 12h45 Responder
  • extrememetal999

    well, there does exist a bit of melodic black/death tunes in anarchos too, haha....gotta check out amorbital and hypocrite then...

    23 Fev 22h40 Responder
  • extrememetal999

    the demo is good stuff, but the full length nails it for me..not sure if you have ever checked out this finland band called august moon, very similar sound and style as anarchos minus the guitar leads...eucharist is of course very much in the same vein but was never too much into them and anarchos is much more to my liking..

    23 Fev 14h33 Responder
  • extrememetal999

    damn, this a mind confused nails it...telling you this coz i think you insisted i give them a serious try some months ago on the topic of real melodic death...very finnish..

    22 Fev 21h51 Responder
  • extrememetal999

    yeah been a long long time i last listened to it, not sure i remember the sound even but i think i liked it...gotta check it out again.

    8 Fev 11h26 Responder
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