• The Big "One"

    Jul 18 2006, 6h04

    The Big “One”

    This is supposedly my one year centennial for my account, so I guess I ought to make a speech thanking my agent and so on.

    There are several things that I have noticed on my One example would be trends, I have noticed that my music taste is often more extensive than I usually think it is. I am pretty appreciative of that since recommends new artists for you to listen frequently. I have seen my music jump from Vince Guaraldi Trio, Miles Davis, and Dizzy Gillespie, to Yukihiro Takahashi, and Haruomi Hosono.

    One more thing I enjoy of is the “Overall Top Artists”, in which I have The Velvet Underground at number one with 1147 plays. This allows me to keep track of my obsessive music taste. Thank you so much god for making such a wonderful creation. You will truly be in the grace of every dinner I have.

    Before I do something non-constructive with my life, I must thank my wounderful girl friend (Emma M.) for recommending several artists to me.

    Thanks for listening to my cander,
    Your lovely Seth.