Old School

An 8 track theme of older hip hop and more modern indie hip hop.

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Experimenting with 8tracks: Songs Predating to Postdating Metal

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Mix Cd 09-04-20 (Two Rock Novellas)

More just an all rock playlist built for my Dad's classic rock ipod and to play with the mighty guitar gods. The end of the first is Who Are You. We have a punk themed short from Fuckin in the...

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Mix Cd 09-05-08 (Fresh for '09)

Trying to quantify my taste in hip hop. That's what it is i guess, a weird mixture of older gangsta and more underground MC's. If there's a theme, it's more fully built production and good lyrical...

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Mix CD 08-08-10 (Begin)

Probably the magnum opus as far as the mix cd's I've made up to this point. More than any of the others it has a flow, it has acts and fits very well upon multiple listens. I don't expect most of...

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