• Reminiscing My Haste The Day Experience(s)

    Mai 12 2011, 5h27

    I just read Haste The Day's article in HM Magazine (If that magazine is available to you, and you like hard Christian music, buy it. It is great). It was extremely tough to read. I was crying, just like I did the day they announced that they were ending. I'll admit, I'm a big baby when it comes to the subject of Haste the Day. I get all emotional if I sit and just think about them. Also, if anyone talks crap on them you can be sure that the second I find out, I am there to defend them. No one messes with my boys. Haste The Day means the world to me, even after the fact that they are done. Words cannot express the way I feel about this band and their music. I love them. God has used them in my life in a major way (Which I will not go into details, it's too personal). I know that there is absolutely nothing that I could do to bring them back, though I wish I could. It's not that it is hard to accept that they are done, obviously it is inevitable, but it's hard to deal with the hurt that Haste The Day ending causes. I know I will NEVER get over this, I can only get through it. There will always be some hurt there because I know that the band that I have felt such an unexplainable connection will no longer be making music, performing live, etc, etc. I feel as if someone has not just broken my heart, but shattered it, and I'm left all alone to pick up the pieces. If you're reading this and think that I need to get a life because it's not the end of the world, keep your mouth shut please. I know it is not the end of the world and I know my life will go on. Music is a MAJOR part of my life. And like I have said before God has used Haste The Day's music in my life and I feel a connection with their music that I simply cannot explain. I fell in love with Haste The Day the first time I saw them live, previous to that I had already liked them a lot. Seeing them live pushed me over the edge of like and into love (sounds ridiculous I know, just can't think of another way to put it). They were amazing live. They became my new favorite band and they have been since. I remember thinking, I can't wait to see them headline someday. Sure enough the next time I saw them, they were headlining. That show was amazing as well. One thing I will always remember about Haste The Day is that they always gave it their all when they were on stage. The last time I saw Haste The Day was on Monday, February 7th, 2011. I will never forget it. it was at the Chain Reaction in Anaheim, CA. I remember having to endure so many things during that show. During A Plea For Purging's set a girl decided to open her water bottle while they were in the middle of playing a song and of course the water spilled all over me, getting my shirt soaked. It was barely the second or third song of their set, but I left to go change into one of the shirts I had bought at the show. So I missed out on A Plea For Purging's set. Then I had to endure the craziness of the crowd while The Chariot played. There is just something about The Chariot that makes most people go crazy (I'm not one of them). I got lucky and had a guy behind me that acted like my body guard. I like it when I meet nice people at shows. The guy tried his hardest to take care of me. After The Chariot was through and everyone was waiting for MyChildren MyBride to set up and play, the guy's friend brought him a water bottle. The guy offered me a drink first! I was shocked. There are still good people in this world. It is actions like this that make me believe in mankind, I have not lost faith in the goodness people are capable of. Unfortunately during MCMB's we got separated and I lost my "body guard" haha. Throughout the night I had to put up with getting hit in the back of the head by crowd surfers, MCMB was playing and I get hit in the head, My face was going to hit the stand that MCMB brought for Matthew Hasting to stand on. I used my arm to protect my face and scraped my elbow. 2 seconds later another crowd surfer came and I had no time to react my mouth hit the edge of the stand. All I could taste was blood. I started to panic. Someone next to me in the crowd and Matthew Hasting helped me get onto the stage. I went backstage and this nice lady led me to the bathroom and calmed me down. I was so mad that I went through all that so I could be in the front to see Haste The Day for the last and it wasn't even going to happen. The lady said not to worry about, that she would make sure that I got to stay backstage and see Haste The Day perform. It was so great to see how my favorite band acted before they go on stage. I couldn't have asked for a better experience for my last Haste The Day concert. I was standing not 3 feet away from Scotty Whelan during their whole set. That night was the best night of my life. Despite the circumstances that got me backstage, I had an amazing time. If I didn't get hurt I would not have been able to meet the guys in Haste The Day for one last time. I will never forget my experiences with Haste The Day. I will always have that connection with their music even though they won't be making music anymore. I will never forget the effect Haste The Day and their music has had in my life. Thank you, Haste The Day, for 10 years of great music, though I've only known you for the last 6. The most important things that I can take away from Haste The Day is they were all about love. They did not force what they believe upon anyone. All they wanted was to show love, and to let people know that there is someone out there that loves them regardless of what they've done. I think it's safe to say that they accomplished that. The main thing I'll always remember about Haste The Day, the love.........
  • Sick show!

    Dez 6 2010, 10h50

    Sun 5 Dec – A Very Metal Christmas Tour
    This show was so awesome. I was disappointed that the Showdown couldn't make it but it still was a good show. This was the third or fourth time seeing Living Sacrifice. I have to say that this was the best I've seen them do. My first time seeing Becoming The Archetype and it was so awesome. I can't wait to see them again. Same with To Speak Of Wolves and As They Sleep. To Speak Of Wolves was so awesome. I wish they could've played more but oh well. This tour has a great line up. I'm so glad I didn't miss out
  • Music Questionnare

    Set 21 2010, 0h56

    This is what happens when I get bored... (I copied and pasted these questions and added a few of my own)

    What was the last concert you attended?
    As I Lay Dying, Demon Hunter, blessthefall, and War of Ages at Soma in San Diego on May 21st 2010

    What bands have you seen in concert the most, and how many times?
    Probably Kutless, I like them but not that much, mainly my mom's doing. Seen them over 20 times, lost count

    Do you have any setlists? From what bands?
    I have Oh, Sleeper's setlist written down somewhere and I think I got a picture of Haste The Day's setlist but I dont have the actual papers

    What band are you in the mood to see live right this second?
    Haste The Day

    Have you ever been on a tour bus?
    I wish, but no

    How many states/provinces have you been to concerts in?
    None other than CA

    What bands did you see live the month of May?
    Ironically, AILD and it's the only concert I've been to this year

    What CD are you addicted to at the moment?
    Attack of the Wolf King by Haste The Day
    and Imperial by In Fear And Faith

    Who is one band that you used to like, but now you cant stand?
    Um, idk

    Last band person that you got a picture with?
    Haha yeah! Stephen Keech!

    Do you consider yourself a groupie?
    Idk, I buy band merch and go to shows and keep myself updated on the bands I really listen to. If that makes me one then yes.

    How old were you when you went to your first concert?
    Umm like 13 I think

    Who was it?
    Umm Kutless I think, big surprise

    Which artists havent you seen yet that you want to see?
    The Devil Wears Prada, all three shows out here werre sold out!

    Are you wearing a band shirt right now?

    What band do you own the most merch of?
    Haste The Day at the moment, they finally passed up Demon Hunter. DH was on top for a while which is weird cuz they were never my number 1 favorite band.

    Do you ever do anything crazy at shows?
    How can I not

    What are your favourite venues to go to shows at?
    The Chain Reaction is great, its small but good audio there. I've only been there onve though

    What band do you have the most performance pictures of?
    Maybe Haste The Day, no wait Demon Hunter. Not sure

    Would you ever get a tattoo representing a band?
    Most Definately! I intend to get quite a few right now actually.

    How many concerts do you average a year?
    About 5 or 6 i thought. This year was a dud though

    Upcoming shows?
    Oh sure, plenty of them which I can't go to!

    What are you listening to right now?
    No Escape - The Showdown

    What song makes you sad?
    The Road to Hell Is Paved with Good Intentions - In Fear And Faith
    song has a special yet sad meaning to me

    What is the most annoying song in the world?
    Anything by Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, or Family Force 5

    Your all time favorite band?
    Haste The Day

    Your newly discovered band is?
    I Am Alpha and Omega

    Best female vocalist?
    Lacey Mosely - Flyleaf

    Best male vocalist?
    Mike Hranica - The Devil Wears Prada (screams)
    Stephen Keech - Haste The Day (screams and vox)
    Jake Luhrs - August Burns Red
    Ryan Clark - Demon Hunter

    Music genres you find yourself listening to most?
    Metal/Hardcore those kind of genres mainly Christian stuff

    What do you listen to, to get pumped up?
    Haste The Day
    The Devil Wears Prada
    August Burns Red
    As I Lay Dying

    What do you listen to, to calm down?
    Worship like Phil Wickham

    Band you find yourself listening to most right now?
    Haste The Day and In Fear And Faith

    Most hated artist?
    Justin Bieber
    Miley Cyrus
    Family Force 5

    Song that makes you think?
    Travesty - Haste The Day

    Band that you think the world should know about?
    Haste The Day and The Devil Wears Prada

    Coolest music video?
    Oh, Sleeper's Son of the Morning and The Finisher videos are pretty cool

    Can you play a musical instrument?
    No, but would like to learn guitar

    Ever been in a mosh pit?
    Yes! Not entirely by choice many times lol

    Are you in a band?
    Psh, I wish!

    Ever dated a musician?
    Again... I wish

    Do you wish yourself that you were a musician?

    Best chick band you know of?
    None, i don't listen to "chick" bands

    Last song that you heard on the radio?
    The Sound of Truth - As I Lay Dying

    What do you think of classical music?
    Bores me to tears

    What do you think of country music?
    Get rid of it!

    What do you think of death metal?
    Its kool I guess

    Last BIG band that you saw live?
    As I Lay Dying, their big in my book

    Do you listen to music in foreign languages?
    Nope, i wouldn't understand it

    Do you listen to bands from foreign countries?
    If it's in english and I like it, yes!

    Best local act you can think of?
    Impending Doom from Riverside Ca or Sleeping Giant from Redlands Ca. ID is more local

    If you were a musical instrument, what would you be?
    Guitar, with the hopes of Stephen Keech playing me haha. (He knows how to play guitar and how to sing, so hot!)

    Do you listen to the radio?
    Yup, online radio especially

    Do you follow the music charts, like the top 40?

    Have you ever met any famous musicians?
    In my book, yes

    If so, last famous musician you've met?
    Stephen Keech, baby!!!! haha

    Are any of your friends/family etc. musicians?

    Song that best describes your feelings right now?
    Merit For Sadness. Especially the chorus

    Song that describes your life?
    Dont got one that I can think of

    Do you know the names of all the bands members that you listen to?
    Not ALL but a lot of them haha

    Does a musician's physical attractiveness play a role in the music that you listen to?
    No not really, but hey, if there are some hotties in the band that's just a plus.

    What famous musician do you want to marry?
    Stephen Albert Joseph Keech! Then my life would be perfect haha. That would fulfill more than one dream

    Any musician pet peeves?
    When the vocalist runs in place making himself look like an idiot

    What are you listening to right now?
    Blue 42 (Live in Auckland, New Zealand) - Haste The Day
    "This ones about American football. Blue 42 hut hut hike!"

    Do you wear band T-shirts?
    Almost everyday, well like 4 days out of the week

    What do you think of people that do?
    Awesome! Show support and rock that band tee!

    What music sub-culture do you feel like you beling to?
    What?! I dont know!

    What song is stuck in your head right now?
    Meet Me Half Way (Cover) - Haste The Day

    Do you sing in the shower?
    Oh yeah!

    If so, what? If not, why not?
    Whatever is in my head or whatever I have playing on my phone at the time

    Would you rather marry a musician or be one yourself?
    Why can't I have both?! If I have to pick I'd marry, preferrably Stephen Keech haha

    How important is your partner's taste in music to you?
    Very important. Music is a very important part of my life, i couldn't picture myself being with someone that couldn't appreciate or stand what I listen to. It might sound lame but that's how important music is to me. The most important thing would be God though. The person would have to share my beliefs in God first and foremost and like at least some stuff that I listen to.