• What's wrong with this world?

    Nov 10 2009, 19h44

    Now our military has to worry about terrorism from within?

    It's so senseless!

    This known Muslim soldier, that has openly and vocally been sympathetic to terrorist agendas, and has had confirmed ties to two 9/11 hijackers, was not only allowed freedom in our country, but was armed and trained by our military in the name of political correctness, and equality without descrimination.!

    Am I the only one who is appalled by this?
  • I'm Too Sexy For Stick Figure Theater

    Out 28 2009, 5h52

  • Twitterfeed Test, Take 2

    Out 23 2009, 0h53


    This should post to Twitter, and Facebook.
  • testing twitterfeed

    Out 20 2009, 22h59

    This should be posted to Twitter.
  • It's Been a Long Time Since I've Written One of These

    Set 22 2009, 15h44


    It's been since like, forever... since I wrote anything here.

    I know there are a number of people who follow me because they like the way I write, and I've had some people in the last year ask when they might expect to read something new from me.

    The truth is, I have a lot to write about, but I've been holding back. Partly, it's been because I've changed jobs and I've been focusing so much of my time toward pulling myself together for his new gig, but mostly it's been because I've been doing so extremely well with it, that I've been nervous to acknowledge it, in fear of jynxing myself... Even though I don't believe in that crap. Yeah, I know... I'm a paradox, but you can never be too careful with that kind of thing.

    Watch this space, because I intend to fill some pages shortly.

    I want to post more very soon, but mostly I just need to post this teaser.

    This will hopefully accomplish two things; it should put me back into the mood of writing again, and get some creative juices flowing, but more importantly, it speaks my commitment out loud (in a matter of speaking) to do so, which will hopefully make it real for me.

    I want to share about some of my car business experiences, and I believe this to be a very effective way to do so.

    There, I've said it. I made the promise, and now I have to go through with it.

    I'll return shortly--Very shortly.
  • This is just a test...

    Set 22 2009, 10h08

    Testing to see if this brodcasts to Twitter.
  • A Momentary Win For Internet Radio

    Out 2 2008, 22h35

    Via Mac Daily News: Copyright Board decides to leave music royalty rates unchanged

    Full Article From Yahoo Business

    LOS ANGELES (AP) -- The federal Copyright Royalty Board on Thursday left the royalty that songwriters receive on sales of CDs and digital downloads at 9.1 cents per song for the next five years.

    Both songwriters and music sellers applauded the ruling -- but for different reasons. Apple Inc., which had threatened to shutter its iTunes store if the rate increased, appeared to have scored a clear win.

    "We're pleased with the CRB's decision to keep royalty rates stable," Tom Neumayr, an Apple Inc. spokesman.

    The Recording Industry Association of America, representing record labels, was pleased that the rate was frozen for the first time since 1977, meaning that if song prices increase royalties will make up a falling percentage of the companies' costs.

    "No party got everything it wanted, yet at the end of the day, the certainty provided by this ruling is beneficial," said Mitch Bainwol, chief executive of the RIAA.

    The Digital Media Association, which represents online music stores including Apple, Amazon.com and Best Buy, also praised the ruling.

    "Keeping rates where they are will help digital services and retailers continue to innovate and grow for the next several years," said Jonathan Potter, the digital association's executive director.

    The National Music Publishers' Association, which represented songwriters in the case, was happy the fees weren't cut in a declining music market.

    It also preferred the per-song fee structure because the money its members are due won't change if record companies slash song prices to promote products like live concerts, from which songwriters and their publishers do not collect royalties.

    "These events will bring clarity and order to an environment that for the past decade has been hampered by litigation and uncertainty," said David Israelite, president of the publishers' association, in a statement.

    "In the end, songwriters and music publishers will have incentive to create and market music, and music fans will reap the rewards," he said.

    For ringtones, the federal agency set a new rate of 24 cents, roughly in line with industry practice of paying songwriters 10 percent of revenue on each $2.50 ringtone.

    The decision was not immediately made public to give the parties involved the chance to redact confidential information.

    This was the first time in nearly three decades that the recording industry couldn't set a fee on its own for sales of recorded music. The last government hearing to set the so-called mechanical royalty rate was in 1980 and was triggered by a change in federal law.

    The decision capped proceedings that began in January. Part of the disagreement stemmed from the rise of digital downloads -- driven by Apple's iTunes store -- which had never been treated separately from CD sales, which are plummeting.

    Digital downloads grew 38 percent from 2006 to 2007 to become a $1.26 billion business, making up 23 percent of the market for recorded music, according to the RIAA.

    Sales of physical music media such as CDs, cassettes and DVDs declined 19.1 percent to $7.5 billion in the same one-year period.
  • I recently donated a kidney

    Jun 13 2008, 17h59

    To some, it may seem as if I've gone AWOL.

    Actually, I'm still here, but I haven't been as active over the last couple of months, that I had been previously.

    No worries, I haven't moved on to greener pastures.

    I've had requests for new journal entries, and I've had people wondering where I've been. I'm not sure what the inbox limit is, but I must be approaching maximum density. ;)

    Apparently, people like reading what I write. Go figure.

    During the last week of March, I donated a kidney to my father-in-law. It wasn't as frightening as some might think though; I was no stranger to kidney donation.

    Exactly one year previously, in the very same week of the month, my wife actually donated a kidney to her mother. In what must be one of the strangest coincidences in the universe, her parents were both suffering from kidney failure at the same time, and were even undergoing dialysis treatments together!

    It's amazing how easily I got over this. I recommend that more people open up to the idea, as it could save so very many lives, and results have shown over the years, that there is really very little risk involved for the donor.

    Anyway, I didn't post ahead of time about this, because at the time, I wanted to wait until after the procedure.

    For the next week, I was under heavy narcotics, and for the next few weeks after that, I was very tired. 10 days after the surgery, I went back to work. In my job, I sometimes work long hours, and it took all of my strength going to work, and coming home. I wasn't really in pain too badly, I actually stopped taking Vicodin after just a few days--That stuff is nasty! Honestly, I hated the way it made me feel.

    The healing process does take six to eight weeks though, and this is a big drain on your energy level. I would go to work, come home, eat dinner (sometimes), and go straight to bed.

    I didn't feel up to posting online for a while. I read a bit, but I didn't write anything.

    On top of that, just before my surgery, I bought a new house, and that has also kept me busy--moving, working in the yard, etc.

    This got me out of the habit, and I haven't really gotten my groove back.

    So, as I said, no worries, I'm still here, and I'll be around. :)

    I hope to have some new journal entries posted very soon. I'm just waiting now, for inspiration to strike. ;)
  • Guttermouth--Capitalizing From Plump Mistakes

    Dez 19 2007, 16h11

    I've just discovered an anomaly...

    Guttermouth's album, Shave The Planet, lists the second track as Capitalizing From Plump Mistakes in some places, which is how I've always known it, and Burn It Down in others.

    For example, Last FM and iTunes both have it listed as Burn It Down, but Pandora and Amazon lists it as Capitalizing From Plump Mistakes.

    To make matters even more confusing, it is streamable on Last FM in either case!

    I don't have the physical CD in front of me, so I can't check it. What's the deal?
  • iTunes Feature Requests

    Dez 13 2007, 6h37

    There are a few things that I would like to see added to iTunes. From time to time, I drop Apple a note, and request them.

    I've even seen some of these features come to fruition. For example, I requested a scroll window for smart playlists that have a lot of rules. In other words, the list of rules no longer goes off screen, as it used to.

    I'm sure that I wasn't the only person requesting that feature, and I have just been struck with an idea... I will post those ideas here that I would still like to see added.

    I will also post a link to Apple's iTunes feedback page.

    If you like these ideas, please submit feedback to Apple to support them! This way, instead of a few small voices, perhaps Apple will hear it as one large voice, and take more notice. :) If you think of any other great ideas, post them in this thread, and I will update the original post, in order to keep them all together. These are listed in the order of my own priority. ;)

    1. First off, I would like to see a "track merger." In other words, if I have multiple copies of the same version, of the same track, from multiple albums, I would like to have just one copy of this file, in order to save space, but without losing the reference to the track from within the other albums.

    For example, if I have a song that is on a particular album, that also appears in a compilation CD, a 'best of' album, and a soundtrack, I may have four identical versions of the same song all taking space on my hard drive/iPod/iPhone. I would like to reduce this to just one, but I still want to keep the song listed for each album. I would like to be able to replace all instances of the identical track, with the one copy of that track that is the best quality. This would also help to keep a more true playcount of that particular song, rather than continue to have the need to add them all together.

    2. Second, I would like to have the ability to make "rule sets." In other words, I want a smart playlist, that has multiple sets of rules, rather than just multiple rules.

    For example, if I want to create a playlist that consists of, "Artist A," "Artist B," and Artist C," but limit this playlist to five star tracks that have only been played in the last 30 Days, I would create a smart playlist consisting of these two rule sets. And then if I want to also add to this list, any track from "Artist D," regardless of rating and the last time it was played, I would create a third rule set. This would look like this:

    (((Rule 1) or (Rule 2 & Rule 3))
    (Rule 4)) or (Rule 5)

    3. Finally, I would like to have the ability to create a "Disappearing Playlist." We have regular playlists, and smart playlists now. This would be a third, distinct type of playlists, in addition to those two.

    In other words, I can create a playlist that I definitely want to listen to in its entirety one time. As each track is played, it would then delete itself from the list. This way, if you know that you don't have time to listen completely, in one listening session, you could do so in multiple listening sessions, and each time you fire it up again, you continue from where you left off! To add even more advanced functionality, the number of listens before the track is deleted could be user definable.

    Once this playlist is completed, if it reaches the point to where it contains no more tracks, the empty list then would disappear from your library, hence, "Disappearing Playlist." :)

    If you like these ideas, please submit them to Apple!

    As I mentioned, if you have other ideas, that you would like to see implemented, share them here, and I will request those too, in exchange for your support of my ideas! If this list gets long, I will also include with these requests, a link to this thread. :)