Bonnie Pink and The Girl Who Always Gets Sick On TV


Jul 29 2007, 10h00

So, I just started listening to BONNIE PINK's stuff after remembering I had one song of hers - It's Gonna Rain. I like her stuff. It's definitely on the mellow side, but it's definitely my kind of music. I like it.

I found out that Sawajiri Erika released her debut album as herself (her last one was released under Kaoru Amane) months ago and felt totally out of the loop. I checked it out, and I'm a bit disappointed. FANTASY is just some crap with some distorted vocal tracks. The namesake track, FREE, is good. The last track, Time to go home is okay. Generally, all the tracks pale in comparison to Taiyou no Uta, though. They aren't the musical awesomeness that I was expecting from Sawajiri Erika. I seriously think she got that oricon #1 by riding on the "OMG, SAWAJIRI ERIKA DEBUT ALBUM" and not "THIS IS AN AWESOME SINGLE" :/

I found that The Pillows aren't doing a USA tour this year, but are hoping to do one next year. That kinda sucks :/ But I guess I'll be making plans to take a road trip up to Seattle next year to attend their Croc stop they usually take :P Speaking of the pillows, I'm looking forward to Ladybird girl. It's been around the rumor mills for the past year or so and has just been revealed on the pillows official site for an August 15 release. Woo.

EDIT: So, obviously, I've been living under a rock for the past few billion years. The Ladybird Girl PV was released a while ago (I should have realized this should have happened) and I just watched it on Youtube (>_<). It's a standard song for them. It's good, but standard. I love their videos. Very quirky, very creative, very awesome.

EDIT2: Also, the pillows syndrome. After a few plays, Ladybird Girl is growing on me.


  • SereneDaBest

    I like Free alot, and Time to go home is decent in my opinion. Fantasy is sorta crappy though :< Taiyou no Uta is a good song too though =]

    Out 26 2007, 0h57
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