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Welcome to the first monthly edition of the under 100 listeners magazine. I have a great pleasure in introducing some of the most unique, talented and gifted artists in our free 100 listeners group for the month June and July.

We have some guest reviews from users that have volunteered for this month’s magazine and they have done some reviews for us and secondly, advertisers who have made them known to us, to be shown in our magazine as well. If you want to take part in either please contact myself at anytime during the month. The month deadline is usually the 26th of that month and the review deadline is the 28th of that particular month. The earlier you come in the more choice you have to review the artists you want to review.

I would like to round up my welcome notes by saying have a great read of this month’s edition and if you have any suggestions or feedback please do not hesitate to contact us on either one of the contacts below.

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What do you get if you cross metal and hip hop? Been producing instrumental music since 2008, Antlason achieves the fusion by growling over the electronic hip hop beats. When you hear the production of these electronic beats, you may think that he could be a bedroom artist, producing these tracks with compilations of samples and loops from music production softwares. That may not necessarily be true but the music does not sound like something that comes out of...let's say EMI. Often the tunes has a cheerless and morbid vibe and sometimes the distorted growls sound like Taz having one of his fits. Things do calm down a bit with the warmth of Sun and the colder Beat of Ice. In these modern times, anyone has the opportunity to make good music themselves and name them however unconventionally they like too I.e 'O (Demo)'. Written by Dr-Doctor

, ,
Macé uses music and audio to accent his visual/video art. Most musicians do this the other way around. They create visuals to accent the song i.e. . Macé describes his music as: “interludes tinged with dark electro grooves and a dream pop ambience.” There is definitely an ambient trance-like feel happening within the minimal sounds and video that could be described as a Zenith Spectrum. The listener should appreciate the use of vocals layering itself within the sounds as if it were already there, just hanging out. Sirrius Ocean best demonstrates this.

The combination of audio/video as one creates an atmosphere of surroundings, as if there were more things going on other than you watching and listening to Macé. For instance, fate delivers a creepiness only to be combined with a subtle sense of hopefulness. Make sure you take your time with each song and video as you will find in the beginning this is a background atmospheric experience that calls to be viewed in the front row. I also suggest Birth of March. Written by silverlage

, ,
When you first look at a picture of By Dawn Cursed, you may have the impression that his body of work may contain fast, edgy, menacing songs with demonic or violent lyrics. Well, the music does literally fit the grotesque image. Sadly currently in hiatus, the one man metal band from Australia produces at first glance, could be something sacrilegious. For example, the album Confront The Dead seems like a concept of the process of hunting something or someone. This can make one wonder what actually goes through one's mind in the process of killing. It probably wouldn't be continuously fierce all the way through like the album does manage to retain throughout but the guitars reverberate nicely. By Dawn Cursed definitely shows what one person can do in music these days, provided there's the equipment and creativity. Written by Dr-Doctor

Leonardo Stravinsky

With a name like Leonardo Stravinsky it is no surprise that this artist enjoys covering other’s music as well as originals. You can expect a somewhat “dreamgaze” sound that delivers a touch of glam leaving the listener slightly apathetic with a laid back curiosity. Expect that most of her originals are inspired by her one and only muse.

The Consolidated Hand Mouth and Ear Institute

Their most recent album Condensory is close in comparison to the sounds of Mazzy Star. Just like their name their music is lazily complex.
Written by silverlage

, ,
Peter Fearnley is no newcomer. He has been writing songs for over 30 years and you probably have never heard of all the bands he was involved in. However, his experience shows through the songs he puts on LastFM. On hearing his two albums available, you will find that the majority of his songs are pleasant folk songs. The Journey's End album is entirely made up of these folk songs that can transform your surroundings like a lazy, sunny afternoon suitable for cotching. Picking up from his experience, Fearnley does stray away from sometimes with the funky This Is The Night, and especially with the more professionally sounding Saint Peter's Gate album. In Saint Peter's Gate, the style remains but elements of , and plays into the tracks. The former becomes more prominent in the beautiful Interlude and 'The Cold War Is Over?' where the synthesizer plays gorgeously to the ear.

One sad gripe about this artist is the only way to hear his songs is to play it directly from LastFM. This is a little tragic because I am sure some would like to have these albums on their MP3 player.Written by Dr-Doctor

, ,
Reichstag Motel aka Jim Aguayo is a South American artist who does mainly , droning type of music. A fitting representation of his work would be the series of Untitled tracks on the self- named album, Reichstag Motel. These Untitled tracks sound like a soundtrack for many cult sci-fi thrillers of the 1960s or 70s with the whooshing of the soundwaves generated by synthesizers and the continuous droning of the ghastly, monotous noise. The mood you may experience while listening is almost like sitting beside a power generator in a , enclosed room; with a red wall light providing the only lighting in the room; colouring the enclosed, dim space redder; and only hearing the power generator working. Not an ideal situation to be in for some, but can be relaxing when in the right frame of mind. There is also a joint album with Fibroma. The Fibroma track More Dead Cartoon Characters is full of custom made sounds that would please any sound fetishist and the Reichstag Motel tracks features the familiar drone mentioned already.

If you are looking for some undistracting background music for playing whilst doing work (I'm actually having Untitled IV playing as I'm typing this) or if you're just looking for some , then you should give Reichstag Motel a look.Written by Dr-Doctor

Projectile Vomit

Song: Everyday

Nu wave come along in places like Finland, Sweden and other old school fortresses from the eighties. This one formed in 2009 in finland, and with a harsh growling along with fast riffs and a blend of mid paced to drums fits the mood of the , despite the name.

Momentary Trouble

Song: Experiment_1

A self descriptive alternative christian electronic minimalist music, and basically that is along the lines of what you have here. A simplistic but good enough beat that mixes traditional electronic with more alternative sounds within.

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  • HowardPlace

    Congrats - concise enough to not put you off actually listening to some of the featured acts. Look forward to the next edition.

    Ago 1 2010, 12h15
  • Antlason

    Thank u all on UNDER 100 LISTENERS MAGAZINE! God Bless Peace Out

    Ago 1 2010, 15h27
  • deebeedee

    Thanks. Very good issue, enough info to get us interested! I'll be checking some of these out asap. Cheers, Dave

    Ago 2 2010, 0h40
  • sedk

    awesome magazine, i'll be sure to check everyone out! :D

    Ago 3 2010, 13h44
  • whatiactuallyam

    What you are doing is extremely admirable. Please, keep it up and find joy in the labor.

    Ago 3 2010, 17h36
  • AimsterSkitz0rz

    This is great I shall be checking out these artists :))))

    Ago 5 2010, 19h33
  • bebop401

    Many thanks to Dr-Doctor for his kind words about my music (at http://www.last.fm/music/Peter+Fearnley ) . This is just to let you know that in response to his suggestion, ALL the tracks on my most recent collections (Journey's End and Saint Peter's Gate) are now available as FREE DOWNLOADS. I'd much rather people are able to hear my music the way they want to, than be put off by having to stream it off this or any other site. But if you do download my recordings, then I'd really appreciate some feedback - but be kind!!!!

    Ago 12 2010, 17h45
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