• Ok

    Nov 15 2008, 17h57

    So, I love music. I often spent many a myspace blog talking about music.
    I've recently discovered that I loathe myspace. At the same time, I just remembered that I had a Last.Fm account. I can't say what exactly it is about this site, yes, it's a step up from Audioscrobbler, but it still feels very plain; then, I actually take a look at the media set up and the formatting tools for the journal and man, this site isn't so bad.

    With that, I've decided to migrate any and all of my musical interests over to this website we like to call Last.Fm. Expect a 2008 year-end list sometime :).
  • wow...

    Set 20 2006, 21h09

    You know what I really hate? Buying albums and not listening to them until a few months after release. A great example would be Return to the Sea since it has been collecting dust for so so so long. I finally decided to unwrap it and play some of the tracks and HOLY SHIT...I'm in love. As you can see, I ripped the album onto my PC, and I can't stop listening to like two tracks most specifically. I'll probably end up posting my Top 10 of 2006 sometime soon, and this is definitely looking like a strong contender.
  • I'm digging

    Ago 14 2005, 15h35

    Loveless is quite a step up from audioscrobbler.