'Bred Sumashedshego' news #5 (09.04.08)


Abr 9 2008, 10h02

Hello to everyone who want to hear some fresh trance sound! Our humble lable is proud to present you new single produced in collaboration between our precious Ron Ricco and DJ Pragma - Astral & Starlighter. There are two tracks which don't have very much in common. Astral is dark, yet melodic psy trance and Starligter is fast and agressive trance with some techno elements.

Also, there will be new ambient house single from Bred Sumashedshego!

Thanks to all, who listen to our music! We achieved a point of 4,000 plays and 1,500 listeners recently.

Sincerely yours, Andrey Ignatiev (Bred Sumashedshego label and artist).


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