• U2 - MOFO (Underworld Mix)...

    Ago 26 2009, 19h59

    Seriously, this was recorded but never released! So saith the official U2 site and a few Underworld fan sites (click the words for links). I discovered this information when looking at the information about "Mofo Remixes" on the U2 website; the site has loads of interesting tid-bits of info for sad fans like me who like to know everything. :) When I lay my eyes on the last sentance I was like *....WHAT?!* "Why the hell has this never seen the light of day?"

    It would be really awesome to hear this. Underworld fans have discussed the possibility that the track Moaner from their, brilliant, 1999 album Beaucoup Fish is the result of the MOFO remix sessions from 1997. Indeed, "Moaner" was released in 1997 as a single for the (rather terrible) Batman & Robin movie. The song also has a similair structure to MOFO and it does seem plausible that Moaner evolved from a MOFO remix. So all I can say is, "Let us hear it!" I mean an Underworld remix of a 90's U2 (my favourite U2 period) song from Pop; (one of my favourite albums) MOFO, of all the songs! Yes, this must be amazing and I just can't fathom why it was never released!

    MOFO Remixes

    Moaner (B&R OST)
  • The short tale of why I deleted (some of my) music...

    Ago 25 2009, 14h16

    "2,628 plays in your library" thats how many plays of Akira Yamaoka I have...also, "2,784 plays in your library", thats the amount of Jesper Kyd I have listened to in my library...I am about to delete them because; as I listen to them alot as background music my top tracks have, over the years become dominated by, say, the Hitman 2 soundtrack or the Silent Hill 3 soundtrack and because of this I dont feel my true favourite artists (U2, Underworld, Fluke, David Bowie, Alice in Chains...and so on) are getting a proper representation in the top tracks or whatever. So I am still going to listen to both artists mentioned; I am just, in a way, having a clean slate and to document it I am writting a small journal entry. It is after all a good couple of thousand tracks I am slicing off my grand total plays... :)

    In addition to these two Top Artists, I feel that Rory McFarlane, "380 plays in your library", who scored the UK version of the Cyber City Oedo 808 soundtrack is getting a bit too high to fairly represent all my favourite artists so I am going to delete him from the library as well. Again, it not like I am deleting them from my computer; I am still going to listen to these artists I just think they are holding positions that other better artists in my library deserve.

    So as I bid, a fond, fairwell to 5,792 tracks in my library and remember the good times; listening to Jesper or Akira as I photoshop some new pictures or make a movie in Premier (Adobe) or Rory and going back to 1995 when I first watched Cyber City Oedo 808 on Channel 4 at near midnight...I leave you with this awesome picture I found on the back of the Pump Panel 12" single for their remix of Confusion (Pump Panel Reconstruction mix) from the Blade (1998) soundtrack. Killer tune and awesome picture, its a still from the movie...


    D. S. Terrasidius (25/8/09)
  • NeU2 Stirling gig

    Mar 14 2008, 23h09

    Sun 28 Oct – NeU2

    Lol, they were ok with their 80s stuff and some ninties stuff (a belly dancer appeared during Myserious Ways!) but think the singer needs to be more himself whilst "being Bono" because his performance came over as a tad contrived. Was a fun night.
  • Ego amor...

    Jan 25 2008, 13h23

    The Future Sound of London are arguably the best group next to Orbital and Kraftwerk. My favourite solo dance artist is, by a long shot Aphex Twin, check these artists out if you have any taste in electronica! :) also check out the brilliant Sumergido, his music is free and hes an independant but awesome. Also worthy of note are Passengers, the U2/Brian Eno project from 1995 that released one album called Original Soundtracks 1 and its awesome, pretty much an unofficial U2 album. Listen to it! :)

    My fave composers (in the sense) are Elliot Goldenthal and Jerry Goldsmith, Goldsmith for his outstanding ability to compose infectctiously rousing themes and his brilliant time signatures but Goldenthal is my top because his music simply grabs me and makes me love it; big brass, dripping atmosphere, dark, brooding, gorgeous, anthemic and . .

    Rock artists I highly recommend are the brilliantly crazy Melt-Banana, U2 , Radiohead, David Bowie and Tool.

    Top tracks (in no particular order) that I HIGHLY recommend, srsly these are ALL amazing:
    Papua New Guinea by The Future Sound of London.
    Tha by Aphex Twin.
    We Have Explosive by The Future Sound of London.
    Victorius Titus (Vocal) by Elliot Goldenthal.
    Klingon Battle by Jerry Goldsmith.
    The Girl With the Sun in Her Head by Orbital.
    Lifeforms (Path 5) by The Future Sound of London.
    Last Target on the Last Day by Melt-Banana.
    Cracked Plaster Cast by Melt-Banana.
    Blue Calx by Aphex Twin.
    Bottoms (Watashitachi No Ookina Yume)
    One (live version with orchestra at Modena) by Passengers
    Viva Davidoff by Passengers
    One Minute Warning by Passengers
    Slug by Passengers
    Spanish Key by Miles Davis
    Bitches Brew by Miles Davis
    Breaking Glass by David Bowie
    Sound and Vision by David Bowie
    Subterraneans by David Bowie
    Station to Station by David Bowie

    also as an added extra; Romaby Sumergido is awesome and FREE! And listen to the Miss Sarajevo single by Passengers! :)

    check out these groups too :)
    Addicted to
    Filmscores and Soundtracks
    A Guided Tour Of The Cosmos
    Future Sound Of London
    girls who like girls are fucking indie awesome!
    Encyclopedia Dramatica
    Europeans Against The World
    The Antichristian Phenomenon
    Anti Nazis


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