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Mai 18 2009, 14h50

So. Despite my loathing for "the industry" (or The Copyright Mafia) I actually went and bought a spankin' new Nokia 5800 Comes With Music-bundled hi-tec toy. I estimate the CMW / free-access to Nokia Music Store cost me roughly €150 - but goddammit if it wasn't worth it.

Before I actually lost my marbles completely and went and bought it (or ordered it rather, seems hardly any stores actually stock the CMW bundle) I browsed through the 'Store and noticed Front Line Assembly, Chemlab and Diatribe - stuff I've already got, granted, but I had to start somewhere. Had a more thorough look and discovered heaps of industrial/industrial rock/industrial metal/industrial dance type stuff. And was hooked. Major kudos to who-ever stocks the store.

Thought I'd post the industrial-ish stuff I've down'd so far (split into guitar-based and electro-based for convenience). A lot of this I haven't had time to check out properly yet, but I'm getting there.

First the more guitar-oriented/based stuff:

16volt - Best of (for completion really, there were a couple of tracks I didn't have elsewhere already though)
A New January - Cold and Naked (pretty cool industrial rock with hints of break beats/drum'n bass - I will dig deeper into this)
Acumen Nation - Psycho the Rapist / If You Were / Unkind
Bile - Nightmare Before Krztoff (kinda different from Sex Reflex, the one I had previously, need some getting used to)
The Cassandra Complex - Beyond the Wall of Sleep / Sex & Death
Celldweller - Celldweller (at first listen too nu-metally/poppy, but it's a grower it seems)
Christ Analogue - Everyday Is Distortion
The CNK - L'Hymne a la Joie (this brand of industrial metal is something I'm kinda veering away from, but ah well)
The Damage Manual - Limited Edition
Death Ride 69 - Screaming Down the Gravity Well (shows a lot of promise, I will listen more to this!)
Die Krupps - I (Re-release)
DJ? Acucrack - Humanoids From the Deep / Mako vs. Geist
The Dreaming - Etched In Blood (picks up where Stabbing Westward left off, more pop than industrial rock, but still good)
Econoline Crush - Purge / Brand New History (Brand New History seems to be getting a lot of flack for some reason, I don't get it - it's a great album, the only thing is that Nokia Music Store didn't actually have all the tracks for it, so I went and bought it via Amazon instead)
Faster Pussycat - Between the Valley of the Ultra Pussy
Filter - The Amalgamut / Soldiers of Misfortune (Soldiers of Misfortune was quite the let-down, wasn't it?)
God Lives Underwater - Up Off the Floor
Godhead - Non-Stop Ride (I've seen the album cover in bargain bins and second hand CD stores and thought it might be cool - and well, it is kinda)
Imbue - Ritual In Bloom (thanks to Chrome Skin Jesus of for the tip)
Killing Joke - Hosannas From the Basements of Hell / Killing Joke / Pandemonium
Klank - Still Suffering (once I put aside my prejudices against Christian-ish music I could enjoy this, and apparently he isn't quite as Christian as I thought at first)
KMFDM - Boots / Extra Vol. 1-3
Lard - Pure Chewing Satisfaction
Malakwa - Feed the Machine (again with the industrial metal)
MDM - Unified State of Aggression (this was certainly a great find, and something I really didn't expect to find at the Nokia Music Store - I might have to buy their other stuff digitally from CDBaby or something)
Murder Inc. - Corpuscule
New Project - Ultraviolent Light (imagine, if you will, what Throne of Chaos, old In Flames or Kalmah would sound like if they went the industrial metal route - not bad, but a bit plastic)
The Newlydeads - The Newlydeads
Pitchshifter - Desensitized / Industrial
Pop Will Eat Itself - This Is the Day
Red Harvest - A Greater Darkness / Hybreed / The Red Line Archives / There's Beauty in the Purity of Sadness
Replica - [Loneliness+Civilization]
Revolting Cocks - Beers, Steers and Queers / Big Sexy Land / Cocktail Mixxx / Sex-O Olympic-O / You Goddamned Son of a Bitch - Live at the Metro...
Scum Of The Earth - Blah...Blah...Blah...Love Songs for the New Millennium / Sleaze Freak (for your Rob/White Zombie fix...)
Skrew - Angel Seed XXII / Burning In Water, Drowning In Flames / Shadow of Doubt
Sybreed - Antares (Slave Design was better - both are pretty average)
Tamtrum - Elektronic Blakc Mess / Elektronic Bonus Mess (what is it with the French and industrial metal..?)
Techny-Call X - Evolution
Terminal Power Company - Red Skin Eclipse (I seem to be in the minority here - but TPC made some of the best, most atmospheric industrial rock ever!)
Think About Mutation - High Life / Virus (yes, France...)
Treponem Pal - Higher / Weird Machine (I can't quite get into these French industrial metallers, but perhaps it'll grow on me - or I'll just end up removing 'em...)

And then the more electro-oriented/based stuff:

Aghast View - Carsinopest / Truthead (aggressive, angry, abrasive...)
Ayria - Flicker / Hearts for Bullets / Planet Parkin (I saw Hearts for Bullets at a Media Markt store a while back and thought it looked neat - good thing I didn't go on impulse there - not bad, but highly generic)
Cesium:137 - Elemental / Intelligent Design
Client - Command / Untitled Remix (it's funny, I like Client quite a bit, but I very rarely feel the urge to listen to them...)
Collide - Some Kind of Strange / Vortex
Cruciform Injection - Aftermath
C-Tec - Cut
Download - Charlie's Family (I should listen to this one I guess, but I feel I ought to get into the two actual discs of Download I've got first...)
Ego Likeness - The Order of the Reptile / Water to the Dead (yeah, not really industrial at all, but I figured if I included Collide I might as well include this bunch - fairly generic electro-goth-pop which I might end up deleting)
FGFC820 - Law & Ordnance (this, however, was a great find - again, somewhat generic, but I love the catchiness of the choruses and the samples!)
Front 242 - Angels Versus Animal / Moments... / Mut@ge.Mix@ge
Front Line Assembly - Fatalist (for completion really, this is another release I've had troubles downloading - time outs and what not)
Goteki - Robots Ninjas Pornstars Warfare - The Best of Goteki (imagine my surprise when I stumble across both Goteki and Sneaky Bat Machine at the 'Store!)
Haujobb - Penetration / Polarity
Homicide Division - No Tears to War
Iambia - Anasynthesis / Prometheus
In Strict Confidence - The Serpent's Kiss
Information Society - Hack / InSoc Recombinant / Synthesizer (only listened a bit to Hack so far - more synth pop but still pretty neat, I think this'll grow on me)
Manufactura - In the Company of Wolves (aggrotech/TBM/hellectro - take your pick, but in small doses this is pretty ok)
Mentallo and The Fixer - Where Angels Fear to Tread
Modulate - Detonation (again with the generic-but-good-in-small-doses hellectro)
Moev - Suffer
Mona Mur & En Esch - 120 Tage (for my KMFDM obsession)
Nachtmahr - Katharsis / Kunst Ist Krieg (turns out Feuer Frei! was really the only Nachtmahr-disc I needed, at least so far...)
Nitzer Ebb - That Total Age / Showtime
Noise Unit - Drill / Voyeur
Ohgr - Devil's In My Details / Welt
PreEmptive Strike 0.1 - Extinction Reprogrammed / Lethal Defence Systems
Project Pitchfork - Dream, Tiresias! (I have a feeling I will like this album, if I can just find the time to digest it properly)
Pro>Tech - Orbiting Cathedrals
Razed in Black - Damaged / Oh My Goth! / Overflow / Sacrificed / Shrieks, Laments and Anguished Cries
Red Cell - Lead or Follow (this is one of those albums I downloaded "just because I could")
[:SITD:] - Bestie:Mensch
Sneaky Bat Machine - Disco 4 The Dead 2: Another Dementia
Spahn Ranch - Blackmail Starters Kit / Closure / In Parts Assembled Solely / Retrofit / The Coiled One
Standeg - Ultra High Tech Violet
Television Overdose - Terrestrial Broadcast V2 (as mentioned in the shoutbox for T.H.D. this should be of interest to fans of them - cool industro-electro atmospheric type stuff)
Transmutator - Take Over / The Colony of Sluts (Razed In Black's more trance-y output)
:Wumpscut: - Fuckit

These I had some trouble putting in either group above...

Birmingham 6 - Assassinate / Error of Judgment / Policestate
Fetish 69 - Dysfunctions and Drones / Geek (trippy, twisted, dark - trip-hoppy/industrial Waits? this is cool stuff)
Psychopomps - Assassins DK United / In the Skin / Pro-Death Ravers / Six Six Six Nights In Hell
X Marks the Pedwalk - Drawback / Freaks / Meshwork

It was cool to see that they seem to have secured deals with both Cleopatra and Metropolis for distribution rights. I'm guessing Invisible as well...

All in all, I've managed to download a ton of stuff, and it'll probably take me forever to try and digest it all. For a while there I put a self-imposed embargo or ban or whatever you wanna call it on myself. But I couldn't resist exploring and downloading even more. At the moment I've got 23+ gigabytes in my Nokia Music Store download folder... but I imagine I will have managed to vacuum the store for everything I want pretty soon.


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