My Dream Festival


Mai 27 2009, 8h54

pick 7 bands to play at your dream festival.
- The first act plays 5 songs.
- The second act plays 5 songs.
- The third act plays 7 songs.
- The fourth act plays 7 songs.
- The fifth act plays 10 songs.
- The sixth act plays 10 songs.
- The seventh act plays 14 Songs

First Act: Blood Red Shoes
1. It's Getting Boring By The Sea
2. You Bring Me Down
3. Doesn't Matter Much
4. I Wish I Was Someone Better
5. Hope You're Holding Up

To gain enough energy for the rest of the day, and to have a fucking good time!

Second Act: Late of the Pier
1. Space and the Woods
2. Focker
3. Random Firl
4. The Bears Are Coming
5. Bathroom Gurgle

Woooh! Do your craziest dancemoves, jump around like a maniac, put your hands on your waistline and move your body to the bassline! What a party. Time for something less exhausting:

Third Act: Death Cab for Cutie
1. Bixby Canyon Bridge
2. Crooked Teeth
3. We Looked Like Giants
4. A Movie Script Ending
5. Grapevine Fires
6. Soul Meets Body
7. I Will Follow You Into The Dark

Amazing opener, two upbeat songs, two slow relaxing songs, one magical song in which you lose yourself and then a nice acoustic little song.

Fourth Act: Kasabian
1. Processed Beats
2. Shoot the Runner
3. Underdog
4. Cut Off
5. The Doberman
6. Vlad the Impaler
7. Thick as Thieves

Simply all my favorite songs of Kasabian. Especially 'The Doberman' would be spectaculair live.. I think.

Fifth Act: Franz Ferdinand
1. Do You Want To
2. Take Me Out
3. No You Girls
4. The Dark of the Matinee
5. Eleanor Put Your Boots On
6. Bite Hard
7. Ulysses
8. This Fire
9. 40'
10. Lucid Dreams

Yeahhh this would be awesome, some party you have with the hits like 'Do You Want To' and 'This Fire'. 'Eleanor Put Your Boots On' would be beautiful, no doubt. And then finish with the electro mess of Lucid Dreams. Wow I think everybody is going to be high after that.

Sixth Act: The White Stripes
1. Fell in Love With a Girl
2. Seven Nation Army
3. Effect & Cause
4. The Denial Twist
5. Bone Broke
6. Take, Take, Take
7. Blue Orchid
8. Catch Hell Blues
9. Instinct Blues
10. A Martyr for My Love for You

Jack White is a genious, I have to experience him one day, I MUST. Maybe... if I don't ask too much, he can play a few songs with the next act, from their group The Dead Weather?! Jamie Hince can play the guitar(s) :)

Seventh Act: The Kills
1. No Wow
2. Last Day of Magic
3. U.R.A. Fever
4. Superpowerless
5. Wait
6. The Good Ones
7. Tape Song
8. Black Balloon
9. I Call It Art
10. Night Train

11. Cheap and Cheerfull
12. At the Back of the Shell
13. Cat Claw
14. Goodnight Bad Morning

Wow what a freaking good set would that be! What a fucking amazing festival would this be! I think I don't even dare to dream about it ;)



  • asdkeke

    i'd like to go to this festival ;)

    Jun 22 2009, 17h16
  • maxrabl

    me too!!!! ;)

    Ago 16 2009, 6h34
  • camieliej

    jezus, die set van the kills is echt heaven!

    Ago 28 2009, 16h24
  • Pacjack

    Count me in ;)

    Mar 14 2010, 14h25
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