• Stop by-passing Brisbane!!

    Out 16 2008, 13h19

    So I'm REALLY getting sick of bands by-passing Brisbane. Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Why come all the way to Australia just to skip major cities!?!

    Brisbane needs a really good medium sized venue to replace the destruction of Festival Hall, granted - but there are STILL venues. This isn't a small town.

    Maybe the population needs to be more vocal!?! I went to Ladytron two weeks ago and it was only a small crowd. That's SO bad!! The concert was fantastic by the way - so sucked in to all of you who missed out by not going.

    Anyway I thought of making a little list of artists who I have MISSED seeing this year. Some have toured Brisbane, some have by-passed Brisbane - I just thought I needed to list them. Some I wasn't a big enough fan of until AFTER they had toured here. Some are artists who ARE touring here but have had tickets sold out - a minute after going on sale... I'm looking at YOU MGMT. Others have toured for festivals but have not played side shows - which just sucks enormously - especially when either they are the ONLY artist you wanted to see at a particular festival and you couldn't justify the price of an entire festival ticket to see a cut-down version of their live show... this time I'm looking at Goldfrapp.

    Andrew Bird Discovered them after they had toured
    Beirut Discovered them after they had toured
    Iron And Wine Discovered them after they had toured
    The Polyphonic Spree Discovered them after they had toured
    Goldfrapp Only played Festival - no side show in Brisbane
    Lisa Gerrard Played on the same night as Lou Rhodes
    MGMT Sold out in 1 minute
    Feist I actually lost my ticket to the whole festival, found out later people got in who didn't have tickets.
    Explosions in the Sky Discovered them after they had toured
    Final Fantasy Not playing any shows in Brisbane - THIS is one artist I'm REALLY annoyed that is not coming to Brisbane.
    Coco Rosie Played in Brisbane the same night as Cyndi Lauper who I already had tickets to.

  • The Paradise Motel are REFORMING!!

    Jul 31 2008, 16h57

    OMG! OMG! I just went to shout in the shout box for The Paradise Motel's song Watch Illuminum, and I saw a shout to say that The Paradise Motel are reforming!!

    Thanks to Grimnebulin for the message left in The Paradise Motel's page!

    They've got an announcement on their Myspace page - Click Here!.

    They've even got a new song up there called The Flags of Strangers. It sounds great! (Edit: I've already listened to it 5 times! Pity doesn't scrobble Myspace tracks.)

    This is going to be awesome! I've been waiting for them to reform for about 10 years now!

    They are also going to be touring!

    So all you PM fans out there... get the word out!
  • Music In The Car - This Week

    Abr 27 2008, 3h42

    Well I listen to a lot of music in the car - and It can't be scrobbled so I thought i'd make a list here of roughly what I listen to in the car.

    Generally it's entire albums over and over.

    Lately it has been:

    Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness


  • Where my top 20 artists are from.

    Abr 25 2008, 16h50

    1. Tori Amos USA
    2. Björk Iceland
    3. Feist Canada
    4. Arcade Fire Canada
    5. Howard Shore Canada (it's LotR so also New Zealand)
    6. Sigur Rós Iceland
    7. Kate Bush England
    8. Enya Ireland
    9. Sufjan Stevens USA
    10.Loreena McKennitt Canada
    11.Róisín Murphy Ireland via England
    12.Bat for Lashes England
    13.Dead Can Dance Australia
    14.Joanna Newsom USA
    15.The Paradise Motel Australia
    16.Moloko England
    17.Cirque Du Soleil Canada
    18.Philip Glass USA
    19.Beirut USA
    20.Vangelis Greece
  • Music In The Car

    Dez 12 2007, 4h15

    As we all know - doesn't scrobble what is played in your car - and I play a lot of music in my car. I wish there was a way to scrobble it - but alas, there is not! :D

    Anyway I'm trying to think of what albums I've been playing lately in my car. Usually they stay in there playing over and over a lot more than on my computer.

    Some albums I can remember:

    Fur and Gold
    White Chalk
    An Ancient Muse
    The Red Shoes

    These albums and their tracks would probably push their way to the top of my charts if the number of times they were played, was included on here.
  • Travel the Solar System from your seat! Holst's "The Planets" Op.32 Performance by…

    Out 27 2007, 4h27

    Fri 26 Oct – The Planets

    I just half wrote a review - but I lost it. :(

    Anyway, I'll try again.

    The Queensland Orchestra performed:

    Mendelssohn's "The Hebrides" Op.26
    Mahler's "Rückert lieder"
    and finally Holst's The Planets" Op.32
    An amazing night, one that I won't forget any time soon. I was so privileged to be able to see two of my favourite orchestral works performed on the one night - "The Hebrides" and "The Planets". I have been waiting for years to see "The Planets" performed live.

    The first half of the performance consisted of "The Hebrides" and "Rückert Lieder". The second I had not heard before. Featuring the beautiful Mezzo Soprano Pamela Helen Stephen - I thoroughly enjoyed it. Two highlights for me in this piece was of course the singing (I really liked the 5th movement) and the delicious Cor Anglais. "The Hebrides" went off without a hitch and was very lovely to hear.

    The highlight, though was definately "The Planets". Mind blowing. "Mars - The Bringer of War" Blew you out of your seats. It was very tight and is not an easy piece to perform - but TQO did an admiral job. Only qualm was the entrance of the brass in a few sections, the tubas had some enteries that were a little fluffed. Can't have it all though.

    "Venus, The Bring of Peace" was sublime, no issues. Infact there were no real issues - and all I can think of are the positives for all of them. "Mercury - The Winged Messenger" was a highlight - they really brought this movement alive - and it was wonderful to hear the main theme jump all over the orchestra - just something about it you can't appreciate when on a recording.

    "Jupiter, The Bringer of Jollity" - WOW. Just, WOW. I actually got a tear to my eye in the middle section that is also known as "I Vow To Thee My Country" - such rich emotion.

    This work was written WAY before it's time. Next to nothing was known about the Planets back in 1914, when Holst started composing this epic, yet he captures the mood of each planet or the general feeling and vastness of space. Jupiter with it's roiling atmosphere and Guardian of our solar system to the grandness and majesty of Saturn's rings, to the topsy-turvy lie of Uranus and finally the distant, crystalline Neptune at out solar system's edge.

    The bold brass and long arches that encompass "Saturn, The Bring of Old Age" were awe-inspiring. To hear this live is something else. Broad sweeps of chords eminate from the orchestra in this movement. Maybe the 'angry' interruptions towards the end could have been more dominant - but I'm not complaining. I had chills, I still do. The end of some of the movements were amazing - the conductor letting the sound escape into the upper reaches of the Concert Hall was fantastic.

    The brash and upstartedness of "Uranus, The Magician" was welcomed after the stoicness of Saturn. WOW They had the pipe-organ cranked and ready for the run up to the end of "Uranus". First time I've seen it in action - personally! The principal violin's solos in this movement were sublime as well. Infact extreme kudos goes to the Queensland Orchestra's string section. An astounding job. Principal cello's solo was delightful too. And again the Cor Anglais was a highlight. What is also amazing and brilliant about "The Planets" is how Holst gives solos or delightful passages of music to some of the lesser 'highlighted' members of the orchestra. Double Basses did a great job, they really did I had no idea they played such a cruical part in the "melody" of these work, while at the same time being the skeleton of the orchestra like in "Mars".

    I must also acknowledge the harps - two in this piece, they also play a very integral part to this work. In places it was these instruments that held sections together - which is very unusual - well to me at least. Wonderfully played!

    Then we move onto "Neptune, The Mystic". Wow. All I can say. Simply beautiful. Where are the voices coming from? Where are they!?! Where is the choir?? I finally realised - they were outside. In the wings - with the doors shut. In this piece no instrument - rises above pianissimo, yet there are some who have incredibly important and complex parts in this movement. So the voices - well when it was performed either initially or in earlier days - I can't remember - the choir also stood off stage and to have them drift off while the rest of the orchestra had finished - i think there is an indication for the a door to be gradually shut. What and experience! I THINK from what I could tell - the choir stood in the wings with the doors to the stage shut. Then I THINK they walked away out the back of the stage and down the hall - because they gradually got softer and then you could hear the voices in the very distance... the conductor still with his baton raised until their voices simply floated off into the void of... space? :) Scintillating stuff! That was worth the entire thing. Such an understated movement with such a complex execution.

    I wish I could see it again - and maybe in the future I will. I wanted to give them a standing ovation - but I don't like to be the only one standing.

    Thanks TQO! Keep up the fantastic work.


    P.S. I hope somebody read this far - if at all because I really want to convey how awesome the performance was.


    P.P.S. If anyone can find me a link to a recording of this concert - supposedly it was simulcast on ABC classic FM - I'd be very appreciative.


  • Obsessed Much?

    Out 19 2007, 14h41

    I'm totally obsessed with I was just thinking that I've barely scratched the surface with scrobbling my music. I wonder how long it'll take for everything that I like to listen to to appear on here and when I'll get a TRUE representation of what I listen to!?! :) One thing I wish there was - was a way to document what you listen to in other places away from the computer - i.e. other CD players, in the Car and on my phone (has a built in mp3 player etc.) There are some things that I listen to heaps more in the car than i do infront of the computer and vice versa.

    Yours in obsessive goodness.

  • Feel the Female Singer/Songwriter love!

    Out 13 2007, 10h54

    So I just got some new CDs!!

    1. The Reminder - Feist
    2. White Chalk - PJ Harvey and
    3. Fur And Gold - Bat for Lashes

    Oh and for anyone who was in the know - I put off listening to Amnesiac by Radiohead for a number of years - last week was my first time - it was time to listen to it. :) I HAD the album I just didn't find the right time to listen to it. :)

  • The Memory of Trees

    Out 8 2007, 4h30

    Wow! I haven't listened to Enya's The Memory of Trees in AGES! It is brilliant and I love it!

    Breath-taking music!

  • The Paradise Motel

    Out 2 2007, 1h17

    I miss this group. They were around in the 1990's - an Australian band formed in Hobart and centered in Melbourne. I had the fortune to witness them in concert twice in Brisbane. Their shows were simply something else. A wall of sound and music - something akin to Sigur Rós.

    Amazing stuff.