Christmas Doth Approacheth


Nov 29 2011, 12h31

I never usually get into the old song routine until it's too late when I am sitting there in January suddenly craving Santa Baby, but I feel I might want to get into the spirit this year by making a later-deleted Spotify playlist of Christmasness (have to keep the Library pure or I can't use it as a "shuffle all" for rest of the year).

I dread to say, however, that the new Glee Cast Christmas album contains most of my favorite holiday songs so no doubt my questionable tastes are going to suffer further through December, not to mention that Disney acts like Cheetah Girls crapped out some pretty decent Christmas songs which I find myself going back to.

I suppose what I am trying to say is, if you ever wondered if my musical tastes could get worse, you have your answer.


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